Upcoming Meetings

Committee of Adjustment - Panel 3
Committee of Adjustment - Panel 2
Ottawa Investment Board
Committee of Adjustment - Panel 1
Ottawa Police Service Board


Announcements are OttWatch's bread and butter. OttWatch scans ottawa.ca for new information so you don't have to.

The DevApps area is center stage for all development applications in the city. If someone is building something you can comment on it to staff before it goes to Committee for approval, and this section is where you can find all details about what people are planning to do.

Commmittee meetings are where it's at for influencing the city around you. Yes, you'll have more trouble having influence at the Ottawa Policy Board than at city committes, but an opportunity still exists. Don't wait to hear about a city decision after it's been made: attend a meeting today and have your say.

To track influence, our lobbying database provides easy access to the city's Lobbyist Registry. Corporate intersests are always trying to influence the city, so it's good to know who's up to what, so we can influence right back.

In the less-politics-more-transit department, we have a Next Bus section. Very simple. No frills. But I personally like it that way. Google "BusBuddy" for a full featured system, which I also use.

There's a shop where you can buy a mug. Catch the old-school RSS feed: you know what to do.