April 04 - 06:00

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

Notices and meeting information for meeting participants and the public
Notices and meeting information are attached to the agenda and minutes, including: availability of simultaneous interpretation and accessibility accommodations; in camera meeting procedures; information items not subject to discussion; personal information disclaimer for correspondents and public speakers; notices regarding minutes; and remote participation details. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request. Except where otherwise indicated, reports requiring Counc... (cont)
Declarations of Interest
Confirmation of Minutes
ARAC Minutes 11 - Thursday, March 7, 2024 
Responses to Inquiries
ARAC-2024-01 -Warranted Traffic Signals & Funding
Rural Summit 2024 Update
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department
Rural Community-Building Grant Program – Grant Application Review
ACS2024-PRE-EDP-0034 - Rideau-Jock (21) Orléans South-Navan (19) West Carleton-March (5) Osgoode (20) Report recommendation(s) That the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approve the recommendations on the Rural Community-Building Grants Program applications as detailed in Document 1.  
In Camera Items
Information Previously Distributed
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department 2023 Delegated Authority Report
Open Mic Session
Notices of Motions (For Consideration at Subsequent Meeting)
Other Business
Next Meeting Thursday, May 2, 2024.