February 22 - 09:30

Transportation Committee

Notices and meeting information for meeting participants and the public
Notices and meeting information are attached to the agenda and minutes, including: availability of simultaneous interpretation and accessibility accommodations; in camera meeting procedures; information items not subject to discussion; personal information disclaimer for correspondents and public speakers; notices regarding minutes; and hybrid participation details. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request. Except where otherwise indicated, reports requiring Counc... (cont)
Declarations of Interest
Confirmation of Minutes
TRC Minutes 9 – Thursday, 16 November 2023.
Responses to Inquiries
TRC 2023-07 Pedestrian Accessibility at All-Way Stop Controlled Intersections and Pedestrian Crossovers
OCC 2023-12 - Guardrail option along stretch near 3183 McCarthy Road
Motion – Councillor R. Brockington - Relocation of ASE Camera in Ward 16
File No. ACS2024-OCC-CCS-0012 - Ward 16 The following Motion had been moved by Councillor R. Brockington and seconded by Councillor J. Bradley at the City Council meeting of 06 December 2023: WHEREAS Budget 2024 provides capital funding to design and implement the City’s portion of the physical infrastructure required to implement automated speed enforcement cameras at 20 sites in 2024 (Capital Project 911183 - 2024 Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Installation); and WHEREAS one of the prop... (cont)
Public Works Department
Wellington Street Transportation Study Update
File No. ACS2024-PWD-TRF-0001 - City Wide Report Recommendation(s) That Transportation Committee receive this report for information.
Office of the City Clerk
Status Update - Transportation Committee Inquiries and Motions for the period ending February 9, 2024
File No. ACS2024-OCC-CCS-0013 - City Wide Report Recommendation(s)That Transportation Committee receive this report for information.
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PAINT IT UP! 2023 Program results
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Next Meeting: March 28, 2024.