March 28 - 09:30

Transportation Committee

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Notices and meeting information are attached to the agenda and minutes, including: availability of simultaneous interpretation and accessibility accommodations; in camera meeting procedures; information items not subject to discussion; personal information disclaimer for correspondents and public speakers; notices regarding minutes; and hybrid participation details. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request. Except where otherwise indicated, reports requiring Counc... (cont)
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Confirmation of Minutes
TRC Minutes 10 – Thursday, 22 February 2024
Responses to Inquiries
OCC-2023-11- Reasonable and Affordable Cost Structure for Traffic Calming Measures
In Camera Items
Information Previously Distributed
Report on the use of Delegated Authority during 2023 by the Department of Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development
File No. ACS2024-PRE-TP-0003 - Citywide
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department 2023 Delegated Authority Report
File No. ACS2024-PRE-GEN-0003
Motions of Which Notice has been Previously Given
Councillor C. Kitts (for Councillor M. Carr) - Paid Parking on Lynda Lane
File No. ACS2024-OCC-CCS-0027 - Alta Vista (18) Withdrawn
Councillor W. Lo – Curbside Weeds
File No. ACS2024-OCC-CCS-0028 - Citywide Motion THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Transportation Committee recommend to Council that Public Works staff undertake a municipal scan to understand if and how other Canadian municipalities address weeds along concrete curbs; and  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that staff determine the feasibility of a program to cut and/or remove weeds along street edges and curbs, including the staffing, equipment, and budget requirements, as well as a proposed pilot proj... (cont)
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