July 16 - 14:00

Committee of Adjustment - Panel 2

1202 Clyde (Ward 8 - College)
D08-01-24/B-00102 Consent Application Applicant(s): Bernard and Jean FinnertyAgent: M. McElligott To subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to establish separate ownership for each half of the existing semi-detached dwelling.
2094 Boyer (Ward 2 - Orléans West-Innes)
D08-01-24/B-00106 Consent Application Applicant(s): Talen Homes Inc,Agent: P. Hume To subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land for the construction of a semi-detached dwelling and a long semi-detached dwelling, all with two additional dwelling units.
2336 Shanegal (Ward 10 - Gloucester-Southgate)
D08-02-24/A-00156 Minor Variance Application Applicant(s): Xinyan YangAgent: D. Stone To permit a reduced rear yard setback for the construction of a sunroom at the rear of the existing semi-detached dwelling. 
623 Kochar (Ward 16 - River)
D08-02-24/A-00155 Minor Variance Application Applicant(s): Tony CampanaleAgent: T. Campanale To permit the construction of a two-storey dwelling and three-car garage with increased building height and driveway width.
162 Anwatin (Ward 8 - College)
D08-01-24/B00109 Consent Application Applicant(s): Gsterhldgs Inc.Agent: C. McCuaig To subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to create one new lot for a proposed dwelling.  The existing dwelling will remain.
3 Miriam (Ward 9 - Knoxdale-Merivale)
D08-02-24/A-00154 Minor Variance Application Applicant(s): Jason and Sandra Ryan To permit an increased lot coverage for the construction of a one-storey addition at the rear of the existing dwelling.
2140 Baseline (Ward 8 - College)
7.1  D08-01-24/B-00107 7.2  D08-02-24/A-00153 Consent & Minor Variance Applications Applicant(s): 2140 Baseline Ltd.Agent: E. Saunders To convey a portion of land to the abutting property to the west known municipally as 1 Centrepointe Drive and permit a reduced setback from Gemini Way for refuse collection. 
1 Centrepointe (Ward 8 - College)
D08-01-24/B-00108 Consent Application Applicant(s): Centurion Appelt (Ranger Portfolio) GP INC.Agent: T. Freeman To convey a portion of land to the abutting property to the east known municipally as 2140 Baseline Road 
1128 Maisonneuve (Ward 1 - Orléans East-Cumberland)
D08-02-24/A-00148 Minor Variance Application Applicant(s): 15835682 Canada Inc.Agent: J. Murrary To permit a reduced lot width for the construction of a four-storey low-rise apartment building with 10 units. 
1542 Chatelain (Ward 16 - River)
D08-02-24/A-00160 Permission Application Applicant(s): Reservoir Properties Ltd.Agent: T. Freeman To permit an automobile service station in the existing industrial/commercial building.
9 Mayo (Ward 9 - Knoxdale-Merivale)
D08-02-24/A-00098 Minor Variance Application Adjourned from June 4, 2024 Applicant(s): Marco and Kimberley Scapillati To permit an increased driveway width.
1944, 1946 Lenester (Ward 7 - Bay)
D08-01-20/B-00034 - 00035 Cancellation Certificate Applicant(s): 1944 Lenester Avenue Inc.Agent: A. Mihailescu