August 15 - 18:00

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Notices and meeting information for meeting participants and the public
Members of Committee and Council, City staff, media and the general public may join the meeting with this link: Zoom meeting no. 82859002711 Notices and meeting information are attached to the agenda and minutes, including: availability of simultaneous interpretation and accessibility accommodations; personal information disclaimer for correspondents and public speakers; notices regarding minutes; and remote participation details. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon ... (cont)
Declarations of Interest
Confirmation of Minutes
AAC Minutes 4 – June 6, 2023
AAC Minutes 5 - June 20, 2023
Responses to Inquiries
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department
Update on Lansdowne Park
That the Accessibility Advisory Committee receive the presentation and provide feedback as appropriate.
Office of the City Clerk
Update on Advisory Bodies Review and adoption of new Mandatory Policies and Procedures for Advisory Committees
RECOMMENDATIONS That the Accessibility Advisory Committee adopt the following provisions as set out in Document 3, Appendix A of the Advisory Bodies Report (ACS2023-OCC-GEN-0008) approved by City Council on July 12, 2023: A. Procedure By-law B. Policies for Sale and Disposition of Land, Hiring of Employees and Procurement of Goods and Services C. Rules and procedures regarding the use of resources during the election campaign period
Notices of Motions (For Consideration at Subsequent Meeting)
Other Business
Next Meeting September 19, 2023