May 14 - 09:00

Committee of Adjustment - Panel 2

2335 Baseline (Ward 8 - College)
D08-02-23/A-00280 Minor Variance Application (1000447098 Ontario Inc.) To permit the conversion of a detached dwelling to a two-story rooming house with an increased number of rooming units and a reduced number of parking spaces. (Agent: J. Hamel)
213 Pine Hill (Ward 23 - Kanata South)
D08-0-23/A-00305 Minor Variance Application (Laura Grant) To permit a reduced rear yard setback for the construction of a one-storey sunroom addition. (Agent: S. Khapare)
154 Sanford (Ward 16 - River)
3.1  D08-01-24/B-00057 - 00058 3.2  D08-02-24/A-00079 - 00080 Consent & Minor Variance Applications (Jennifer Sarumi and Mary Sarumi) To subdivide the property into two parcels of land with reduced lot widths and reduced parking for the construction of two detached dwellings, each containing two additional dwelling units.  (Agent: M. Reid)
183 Woodroffe (Ward 7 - Bay)
4.1  D08-01-24/B-00065 - 00066 4.2  D08-02-24/A-00089 - 00090 Consent & Minor Variance Applications (Roberto Campagna) To sever the property into two lots for the construction of two long semi-detached dwellings with reduced front yard setbacks and increased building heights. (Agent: A. Soor)
10A Ashburn (Ward 9 - Knoxdale-Merivale)
D08-01-24/B-00071 Consent Application (Sylvia Marcoux) To sever the property into two separate parcels for the construction of a new detached dwelling. (Agent: A. Marcoux)
1545A Merivale (Ward 9 - Knoxdale-Merivale)
D08-02-24/A-00091 Minor Variance Application (1545A Merivale Inc.) To construct a one-storey medical imaging facility with reduced parking and vehicle loading spaces, and a reduced landscape buffer for a parking lot. (Agent: P. Whyte)
274 Compton (Ward 7 - Bay)
7.1  D08-01-24/B-00072 - 00073 7.2  D08-02-24/A-00092 - 00093 Consent & Minor Variance Applications (Sherbrooke Urban Developments Ltd.) To subdivide the property into two parcels for construction of a two-storey, semi-detached dwelling with reduced lot widths, areas and interior side yards, and front facing garages. (Agent: M. Reid)
1302 Aurele (Ward 11 - Beacon Hill-Cyrville)
8.1  D08-01-24/B-00060 - 00061 8.2  D08-01-24/A-00082 Consent & Minor Variance Applications (Urbanworx Developments Ltd.) To sever the property for the construction of a semi-detached dwelling and a long semi-detached dwelling, with parking in a corner side yard and a reduced lot area. (Agent: J. Paoloni)
1485 Upper Canada (Ward 4 - Kanata North)
D08-02-24/A-00099 Minor Variance Application (12784033 Canada Inc.) To permit an increased floor area for an accessory display and sales are of a proposed one-storey warehouse building. (Agent: A. Thompson)
1872 Arizona (Ward 18 - Alta Vista)
D08-02-24/A-00097 Minor Variance Application (Emma Tibbo and Sam Tiller) To permit a reduced rear yard setback and rear yard area for the construction of a one storey addition at the rear of the existing dwelling.  (Agent: C. Mulholland)
33 Maplegrove (Ward 23 - Kanata South)
D08-01-24/B-00069 Consent Application (MG4 Investments Inc.) To subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land and establish easements for the construction of two, three-storey low-rise apartment buildings. (Agent: S. Zakhour)