Subject: Transportation
Issue: Asset Market is a Canadian tech firm which helps communities to accelerate the delivery of critical infrastructure such as electric vehicle chargers, wireless antennas and IoT devices. We do this through an online B2B SaaS platform that optimizes what devices are needed where, and then connects organizations needing to install devices with public and private landowners that own the land, buildings and structures that host those devices. Through our software, we can reduce the capital cost of deploying EV chargers and wireless antennas by 30%. We then cut the time and cost of site acquisition - which often takes 6-12 months - by 80% and $1000's per site. Communities benefit from better infrastructure sooner whilst earning additional revenue by hosting equipment on their property. We are seeking an exploratory conversation with the City to determine whether we can work together to improve access to EV charging across the City where it is most needed, sooner at lower cost.


Jeff Davis


House, Mitchell
Project Mgr, Environmental Program (T)