Development Applications

D02-02-16-0114 Zoning By-law Amendment: Plan of subdividion for apx 435 dwellings.

D02-02-16-0081 Zoning By-law Amendment: To demolish existing two storey Royal Thai Embassy and to construct new two storey embassy building.

D07-12-16-0074 Site Plan Control: The property is located on the south side of McArthur Avenue, east of North River Road in the Rideau-Vanier ward. The site is currently occupied by a surface parking lot. It is proposed to construct a three-storey residential building containing eight residential units. Each unit is proposed to have four bedrooms. The total gross floor area of the building is 706.3 square metres. Amenity space is proposed on the rooftop as well as in the rear yard. A total of 16 bicycle parking spaces are proposed..

D07-05-15-0008 Demolition Control: An application for Demolition Control for the property located at 163-167 Parkdale Avenue. The site is currently occupied by two vacant residential and commercial buildings. The total site area is approximately 1,373.6 square metres..

D07-04-16-0002 Plan of Condominium: 15 residential, mcondo units, within a new 3 storey apt building.

D07-12-16-0150 Site Plan Control: A Site Plan Control Application to permit a four-storey low-rise apartment dwelling with 16 dwelling units. Two parking spaces are proposed off Fountain Place..

D02-02-16-0113 Zoning By-law Amendment: Zoning By-Law Amendment proposal to permit the construction of 16 new dwellings adjacent to the existing Institut Jeanne d'Arc building, which will remain..

D01-01-16-0022 Official Plan Amendment: City - NOTE: This is a false application file that is created to allow easy public access to documents related to KNL development post registration..

D07-16-17-0001 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received three applications, including an Official Plan Amendment, a Zoning By-law Amendment, and a Plan of Subdivision. These applications propose the development of a medium to high-density residential neighbourhood, which includes: a variety of townhouse types, high-rise condominium buildings, a parkette, and a district park.

D02-02-16-0090 Zoning By-law Amendment: To establish a temporary surface parking lot on the site.