Development Applications

D07-16-18-0034 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment by Richcraft Homes for the purpose of developing a mix of residential and commercial blocks with new streets and a public park. A Plan of Subdivision is necessary in order to create multiple development blocks, internal streets, and to convey a block to the City of Ottawa for parkland purposes. The Zoning By-law Amendment seeks to re-zone the lands from 'Development Reserve' (DR) and 'Mixed- Use Centre' (MC[187] H(20)) to 'Mixed-Use Centre' (MC[xxxx] and MC[xxxy]) and 'Parks and Open Space' (O1), with a site-specific amendments to establish medium density residential and commercial uses..

D07-12-17-0179 Site Plan Control: New 3 storey + mezzanine low rise apartment building 25 units.

D02-02-16-0114 Zoning By-law Amendment: Plan of subdividion for apx 435 dwellings.

D07-16-18-0010 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a concurrent Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit the development of a 196-unit subdivision comprised of 57 single-detached dwellings, 101 townhomes and 38 back-to-back townhomes..

D07-16-16-0024 Plan of Subdivision: Plan of subdvision for apx 435 dwellings.

D07-12-18-0044 Site Plan Control: New 7-storey mixed-use building in place of the existing two-storey office building..

D07-12-18-0001 Site Plan Control: Construction of a new 10,000 sq ft (930sq m) warehouse building.

D07-05-18-0002 Demolition Control: The two-storey detached dwelling is proposed to be demolished due to its derelict state. The City of Ottawa issued an Order under the Property Standards Bylaw on May 11, 2017, instructing the owners to obtain a building permit in order to do the required repairs. The Order identifies evidence of deterioration and damage to walls, settlement of walls as well as broken windows, and requires that the owner provide a report by a licenced professional structural engineer as to the structural integrity of the entire building. Due to the eventuality of the site being redeveloped, the owner prefers to demolish the building..

D02-02-17-0049 Zoning By-law Amendment: The City of Ottawa has received an Official Plan Amendment, a Site Plan Control Application, and a Zoning By-Law Amendment to accommodate the phased development of a retirement home and a hotel on the subject properties in two separate buildings. While the retirement home is intended for development following the approval of the applications, the hotel building is anticipated for development in the future..

D07-16-19-0010 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision application to rezone the lands from Development Reserve (DR) to Residential Third Density Subzone Z (R3Z) to develop 2 semi-detached dwellings and 64 townhouse dwellings..