Development Applications

D02-02-16-0114 Zoning By-law Amendment: Plan of subdividion for apx 435 dwellings.

D02-02-20-0050 Zoning By-law Amendment: The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment application to construct an apartment building with a maximum height of 9 storeys with commercial space on the ground floor..

D07-12-20-0089 Site Plan Control: The City of Ottawa has received a concurrent Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control application to permit a commercial development including two restaurants, a gas bar and a retail store..

D02-02-20-0058 Zoning By-law Amendment: City initiated Ottawa Community Housing file for rezoning to permit townhouse dwellings on the subject property.

D07-12-20-0115 Site Plan Control: Planned unit development (condo) of 112 stacked townhomes. 2 different buidling types each with 16 or 20 unit blocks. Unit types will allow for home-based business in the 16-unit blocks.

D07-12-21-0109 Site Plan Control: Proposed 53 unit low-rise apartment building.

D07-16-19-0014 Plan of Subdivision: The development of 250 Dwelling Units.

D07-12-21-0022 Site Plan Control: PUD comprising 10 blocks of stacked units (x total) with surface parking. Access is from Putney Crescent..

D07-16-18-0010 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a concurrent Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit the development of a 196-unit subdivision comprised of 57 single-detached dwellings, 101 townhomes and 38 back-to-back townhomes..

D07-16-16-0024 Plan of Subdivision: Plan of subdvision for apx 435 dwellings.