Ottawa Vanier by-election: live-stream November 10th, 7pm

UPDATE: If you're wondering what happened to the stream, I had to end it as scheduled at 9:00. John Turmel burned up time so they kept the meeting open till 9:20, but I couldn't stay that long. Sorry! Turmel, what a dumpster fire.

Ottwatch will be live-streaming the Ottawa-Vanier by-election debate on Thursday November 10th. If you're on mobile, visit this link to watch it in youtube. If you're on desktop you can use that link too, or watch from the embedded video below.

Tip-of-the-hat to the many volunteers who are organizing the debate. It's a lot of work. More details available from Ecology Ottawa's post about the debate.

Video is licensed Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).

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2016-11-10 20:53

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