Information Tickle Trunk

In addition to the already public data that OttWatch collects simply to make it easier to access, from time to time I ask for unique data either by media inquiries or by MFIPPA requests.

I've decided to collect these odds-and-sods here so I don't lose track of them.

Property Tax Revenue, by ward and by property class

It can be interesting to look at many conversations about city services through a revenue lense.

For example, a few years ago a rural councillor (I can't remember which) asked the City Treasurer to compare how much their ward received in road building vs. how much their ward contributed in property taxes, stemming from residents' complaints that they were being underserved (they weren't). If anyone has a link to that story I'd love to get a copy again - repeated google attempts have failed; I can't even remember which news organization it was.

I asked the city to provide a breakdown of property tax revenue, by ward, by property class. I have a specific purpose for this in mind, but the data is relevant to all sorts of issues.

There can be only one!

So yeah, there's only this one bit of data in the tickle trunk at the moment. More to come.

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2016-02-28 22:48

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