Tiny Zoning Tour

A brief tour of odd things you can find in the zoning layer.

Where might the smallest country in the world put a diplomatic mission in the Nation's Capital? Small countries have small budgets. They would probably want to find the tiniest spot available - preferably one already zoned for diplomatic uses.

What luck! Ottawa has thoughtfully zoned a small plot of O1 open-space to have exemption 316, adding "diplomatic mission" to the list of permitted uses. Unfortunately this open space appears to permanently underwater. 

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Living in an apartment building that is right next to a major transit station is an attractive option for many. It looks like the City of Ottawa expropriated a small piece of land surrounding the Bayshore transit station - but thoughtfully left it zoned for an apartment building.

Unfortunately it looks like the mandatory set-backs exceed the size of the plot. Unless they are planning SoHo Tardis, this looks like a non-starter.

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When the Department of National Defence begins moving staff to the old Nortel campus people might want to move closer. Crystal Beach is a nice, established neighbourhood. If nothing is available in the waterfront department, poeple may want to look into this R1E zoned land below the water line.

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Are you a resident with a storage shed and would like to have it project to within 0.4 m of your rear lot line? There is only one place for you. Bonus pack: legal two-car parking in the front yard, courtesy of exemption 519 - available in the R1O subzone only.

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Alternatively, if you're in the market for no parking spaces special exemption 845 is what you want. Supply is limited however, so act fast.

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The City of Ottawa's geoOttawa mapping system is a fantastic resource for discovering public information about your city. The last oddity in the list - no mandatory parking - does not seem odd on its face. But I found it interesting because that property's zoning, "R4S with exemption 845", is unique in Ottawa. Other properties have other exemptions of course. But a few kilobytes of space on the city's server is dedicated to tracking this one special rule for that one special property.

For fun, here are links to 100 of Ottawa's smallest zoning definitions. After you click on one, click just below the marker, then click "Get Zoning Information", then click a second time in the same spot as before.

EP3 O1 O1 RU RU O1 O1[1763] S256 O1 O1 R4S[963] S214 O1 O1 RU RU O1 MC[1696] F(2.0)-h RU O1 *_MD2 S74 R4T[880] O1 EP O1 RU[714r] O1 O1 *_R1AA[947] EP3 EP RU O1 EP3 EP3 O1 RU O1 DR O1 O1 EP3 R5B[1195] H(19) EP O1 EP RU O1 O1 O1 O1A O1[121] O1 O1 RU O1 O1 ^_R3P[1460] RU O1 RU V1Q[736r] DR R5D H(25) O1P RU RU AM O1 EP O1 RU VM O1 EP3 O1 O1 O1 EP3 R4T[879] ^_EP EP ^_EP O1 EP3 MC16 H(20) O1P ^_R5C[138] H(18) GM AG3 RU O1 ^_R3P[1460] O1 L1 ^_R3P[1460] O1 O1 EP[305r] R4T[1666] L1 L1

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2013-11-07 09:04

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