Delegating to a City Committee

Someone asked me how they can go about delegating to a committee. Here's my email reply, which time permitting, I may fix up and make less ad-hoc over time.

Delegating to a committee is one of the best things about local government. You can just walk over, plunk yourself in a chair, and do your best to grab councillors' ears for a five minutes to make a point.

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... kevin cut and pastes from an email reply ...

The procedure for delegating to a city committee is pretty simple - show up to the meeting (preferably at the start) and sign up to speak.

- the chair will call your name when the item comes up
- you get 5 minutes
- committee members then might ask you more questions (in addition to the 5 minutes)
- that's it!

You can also email comments to the meeting coordinator (email is in the agenda) and they will be part of the public record. But I usually CC the committee members at the same time. I'm not sure how long it takes the staff person to CC it over. I recommend doing both.

You can bring a powerpoint presentation. Staff will put it on the screen for you. I've never done this myself. Likely email the coordinator (email in agenda) in advance to sort that out, maybe give them an early sample to make sure it opens properly, etc. If you are doing this I'd recommend bringing PAPER copies for the committee and yourself to avoid any problems. Worst case you go through the pages, leaving only the public out of the loop.


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2016-02-03 14:11

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