Traffic cameras and a MFIPPA request

I've always been curious about the requests for traffic camera videos that regularly appear in the list of MFIPPA requests. How good is the video? Is it better than the still-frames anyone can get from the online map of traffic cameras?

Why be curious when you can find out?

I happened to be on Bank a few weeks ago when a pedestrian was hit by a taxi while crossing Laurier. I didn't see it happen, but looked up when he helled "#$% you hit me!", and saw him with hands on the hood. He walked off, the taxi rolled away, and life goes on.

I thought to myself "well, now I have my reason for asking for some traffic cam video."

I filed an MFIPPA request for 10 minutes of video from Bank and Laurier. The text of the request is simple: "Copy of the LOCATION traffic camera from DATE/TIME to DATE/TIME on CD".

The filing fee is $5. The fee for the CD is $10 (the minimum). The request was processed quickly. The result is a 600MB AVI file. The camera was pointing towards Kent the entire time so is useless when it comes to my reason for asking for the video in the first place.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, 10 minutes of weekday lunchtime video in downtown Ottawa. The camera was pointed towards Kent (and Lyon in the background) so right away I know the ped/driver incident won't be on it.

Yet for some reason I still sat and watched all ten minutes. You know you also want to sit and watch traffic, am I right?

On mobile? Here's the direct youtube link.

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2015-06-18 10:56

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