2014 Winners Donation Index and Audit Application Instructions

I just realized that the donation database can be pretty unwieldy if you try and start from the main search page.

To help people get started I've collected links to just the donations, by winning candidate, for the 2014 council and mayoral race. From each of their pages you can keep click through for more details on donor names and postal codes, etc. The entire thing is a real click-hole!

If you spot any errors (comparing the database data to the original PDF that is shown on each individual donation page - click on the amount to see) please let me know by leaving a comment on the donation page. Or here, or by email to kevino@kevino.net. You can also fix them yourself on the spot if you don't mind logging in with twitter or facebook.

All eligible electors in Ottawa have the right to request an audit of a candidate's financial return if they believe something isn't right. Elections Ottawa has instructions on how to do that. I've confirmed that no matter where you live in the city, you can challenge any candidate's return; you aren't limited to only challenging candidates who ran in the ward you live in.

Something to keep in mind while you're browsing

No person, corporation, or group of "associated corporations" is allowed to donate more than $750 to a candidate, or more than $5000 in total.

2014 Winning Candidates

Blais, Stephen
Brockington, Riley
Chernushenko, David
Chiarelli, Rick
Cloutier, Jean
Darouze, George
Deans, Diane
Egli, Keith
El-Chantiry, Eli
Fleury, Mathieu
Harder, Jan
Hubley, Allan
Leiper, Jeff
McKenney, Catherine
Mitic, Jody
Moffatt, Scott
Monette, Bob
Nussbaum, Tobi
Qadri, Shad
Qaqish, Michael
Taylor, Mark
Tierney, Tim
Watson, Jim
Wilkinson, Marianne



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2015-04-17 08:25

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