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Kevin O'Donnell
2015-04-13 14:27

As part of reviewing all donations to the 2014 municipal campaign I have been purchasing Corporate Profile Reports. This is important in order to determine if any two corporations are "associated" as per a definition in the Income Tax Act. If they are, they are treated as one corporation for the purpose of donation limits.

I don't see any point in more than one person coughing up hard earned money to do this, so see below for PDFs of the profiles I've ordered.

If you've done any, please drop a comment in the Disqus area so nobody else orders the same thing (including me!) and if you could send me the PDF I'll publish it here to - with attribution and thanks.

There is no single government agency responsible for enforcing municipal donations - unlike Elections Canada or Elections Ontario. It's up to us. Let's make it count.

To order reports yourself:

Via Elections Ottawa:

Corporation Profile Reports

PDF files are available on this Google Drive (no sign-in required).

  • 171008410 Riverstone Oakpark Limited Partnership
    • (This appears to be a partnership with only one partner?)
    • (Thanks anonymous contributor of PDF!)

DCR Phoenix

Riverstone Oakpark Inc/1823174

  • Investigating....



  • Two companies. See 2014 donations.
  • 1823174 Ontario Inc
    • ANAND AGGARWAL, Director
    • ANAND AGGARWAL, Secretary
    • GURJIT SOHAL, Director
    • GURJIT SOHAL, President
    • TEJINDER  SOHAL, Director
    • TEJINDER  SOHAL, Treasurer
  • Linden Developments Inc
    • TEJINDER  SOHAL, Director
    • TEJINDER  SOHAL, President
    • ANUPINDER  SOHAL, Secretary
    • ANUPINDER  SOHAL, Treasurer
    • ANUPINDER  SOHAL, Director


  • Three companies (potentially more). See 2014 donations.
  • 1781637_Ontario_Limited
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, President
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Treasurer
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Director
  • 1781638_Ontario_Limited
    • NEIL MALHOTRA, Vice President
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, President
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Secretary
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Treasurer
    • SHAWN MALHOTRA, Vice President
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Director
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Secretary
    • SUBHASH MALHOTRA, Treasurer

Searches that are in-flight but not uploaded yet, or someone in the comments says they already have it, or will.

  • TBD

Associated corporations (Municipal Elections Act)
72. For the purposes of sections 66 to 82, corporations that are associated with one another under section 256 of the Income Tax Act (Canada) shall be deemed to be a single corporation. 1996, c. 32, Sched., s. 72.

Associated corporations (Income Tax Act)

(1) For the purposes of this Act, one corporation is associated with another in a taxation year if, at any time in the year,

(a) one of the corporations controlled, directly or indirectly in any manner whatever, the other;

(b) both of the corporations were controlled, directly or indirectly in any manner whatever, by the same person or group of persons;

(c) each of the corporations was controlled, directly or indirectly in any manner whatever, by a person and the person who so controlled one of the corporations was related to the person who so controlled the other, and either of those persons owned, in respect of each corporation, not less than 25% of the issued shares of any class, other than a specified class, of the capital stock thereof;

(d) one of the corporations was controlled, directly or indirectly in any manner whatever, by a person and that person was related to each member of a group of persons that so controlled the other corporation, and that person owned, in respect of the other corporation, not less than 25% of the issued shares of any class, other than a specified class, of the capital stock thereof; or

(e) each of the corporations was controlled, directly or indirectly in any manner whatever, by a related group and each of the members of one of the related groups was related to all of the members of the other related group, and one or more persons who were members of both related groups, either alone or together, owned, in respect of each corporation, not less than 25% of the issued shares of any class, other than a specified class, of the capital stock thereof.

(and more... it's a big section...)

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