Kitchissippi All Candidates Debate Livestream

The livestream worked! Below is the resulting 2.5 hour livestream. Here is an index of where specific questions were asked.

0h18m30s Opening Statements

Questions from Community Associations

  • 0h29m30s What is your #1 goal for improvement in K and how will you measure progress on achieving that goal?
  • 0h37m18s Traffic Calming: What will you do to help champion traffic calming and overcoming bureaucratic roadblocks?
  • 0h45m00s Transportation and Western LRT: How will you ensure that precious green space is preserved and remains accessible?
  • 0h53m05s Development: What would you do, if anything, to require developers hold regular meetings with residents during construction projects?

Questions from Residents

  • 1h05m10s What is your commitment to ensure forestry services reports on, and enforces, the tree by-laws?
  • 1h07m10s Air Pollution (livestream died, sadface)
  • 1h11m04s Western LRT (sorry, livestream died again)
  • 1h14m00s Arts: Ottawa School of Speech and Drama.
  • 1h18m10s Taxation and Services
  • 1h22m12s Western LRT and burying the Dominion to Cleary?
  • 1h28m12s Ranked Choice Voting (see for details)
  • 1h31m35s Development and protection for 3rd party damage during construction
  • 1h37m10s LRT Construction and baseline vibration/noise/pollution assessments
  • 1h44m00s Buses on parkway during LRT construction?
  • 1h48m24s Protecting trees. How will you protect trees and mature trees during development?
  • 1h51m38s Corporate and Union donations, are you accepting them?
  • 1h58m22s Traffic calming on north-south streets and offloading traffic from street to street.
  • 2h04m53s Public transit costs. Extending low-cost passes to low-income cutoff families?
  • 2h12m10s Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan
  • 2h16m10s Campaign donations: support proactive disclosure prior to election day?
  • 2h21m10s Re-zoning and property valuations. How would you enforce official plans?
  • 2h28m25s URBAN CHICKENS

2h31m20s Closing Statements

You can also try watching it directly inside youtube here:

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2014-10-09 11:38

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