Digitizing the 2014-Q1 MFIPPA disclosure list

UPDATE July 2014.

Many thanks to the anonymous contributors who completed the data-entry task. "Team Citizens" (as I like to think of you all) digitized all 143 records based on the meta-MFIPPA I performed. This morning the City's MFIPPA office released the 2014Q1 proactive disclosure list so I thought it would be a good time to review the results.

Of the 102 requests that were granted in full or in part, the MFIPPA office proactively disclosed 31% of them. They also disclosed a "nothing discosed (exemption)" request, bringing the total up to 33 or 103 requested disclosed, or 32%.

I've added a filter to OttWatch's MFIPPA listing so you can see only the "granted" requests. I haven't had a chance to go through it myself yet to (subjectively? objectively?) decide if any of the undisclosed requests should have also appeared on the city's website.

A quibble: while adding the 2014Q1 proactive disclosures the MFIPPA office removed the previous disclosure list. It would be better to just keep appending to that page so an official and permanent record of the disclosures is maintained. Since the data is already primed and clean, it is also an obvious candidate for the City's opendata files.

That's just a small quibble though. I am pleased the MFIPPA office has provided this additional transparency!

Original Post: The City of Ottawa has started proactively disclosing MFIPPA requests that are in the "public interest" each quarter. This is a good thing, and is to be encouraged, but begs the question: how do they determine what is in the public interest?

So OttWatch requested the full list of MFIPPA requests completed in Q1 2014. But I'm a little bit busy running a provincial campaign, so I need your help to digitize the PDF scan of the print out of got from the MFIPPA office (via a meta-MFIPPA).

It's simple to help: open this PDF document and then this Google spreadsheet (no login required) and just fill in the request number (ie: A-2013-00580) and summary text (ie: "Maintenance records, incident reports, and any other documentation regarding OC Transpo bus 8017").

When all 20 pages are scanned in it will be easy for me (even in the throws of a provincial election) to import them into the OttWatch database. We can then compare which requests make the cut when the MFIPPA offices publishes their own list.

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2014-07-04 09:29

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