Committee of Adjustment: Panel Agendas

Photo: Richard Akerman

The City of Ottawa plans to put Committee of Adjustment meeting agendas into the public e-Agenda system sometime soon (e-Agenda is the system that currently tracks Council and Committee meetings). When that happens OttWatch should automatically scape it like any other meeting. Until then I've asked to be cc'ed on the manual email distribution that goes to council members and media. 

OttWatch is now cc'ed along with the media! Existential discussion of what OttWatch actually is goes here. Blog? Media? Anyway...

The first package arrived today for the CoA meetings on February 5th. There are three meetings on that day since meetings are distributed around the city.

I've only had time to quickly format the documents, so please forgive any errors. In time I'll put each CoA application into a database to provide the same features as the "devapps" have now. Until then here is a spreadsheet of all the applications, by panel (area of city?), with address, and links to the PDF agenda that has the details.

If you just want to jump in, here are direct links to the PDFs:

I imagine this will be a monthly thing. And just for fun, I'm going to link to the PDFs again but include the application number so that the robots will find this page in case someone is searching down the line.

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2014-01-20 10:02

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