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(won't be perfect):
Details 3 the City 0 Ottawa s legal cnsls incurred wim regards to litigation and other steps taken by the City of Ottawa conoeming the properties munidpally knawn as 287 Cumhariand Sweet. 207409 Murray Slreel, and 75 30 Batten street.

Get This Data

OttWatch does not have a copy of this information, but you can ask for a copy of it by making your own MFIPPA request to the City of Ottawa, referencing A-2013-00572.

I haven't tried to do this yet, but something along the lines of "Please provide a copy of the MFIPPA requests for A-2013-00572" should suffice.

If you do grab a copy, please let me know ( and I'll upload it here. There's a good chance someone else will want it too. Drop a note in the Disqus comments if you are making the request (to avoid doubling up).


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