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(won't be perfect):
How many compaints have been made to 311 regarding the Laurier Avenue bike lanes since July 10, 2011. Top 5 list of nature of compaints, and method used to register phone, e mail, etc. . Copies of all complaints, excluding personal info of complainants.

Get This Data

OttWatch does not have a copy of this information, but you can ask for a copy of it by making your own MFIPPA request to the City of Ottawa, referencing A-2012-00433.

I haven't tried to do this yet, but something along the lines of "Please provide a copy of the MFIPPA requests for A-2012-00433" should suffice.

If you do grab a copy, please let me know ( and I'll upload it here. There's a good chance someone else will want it too. Drop a note in the Disqus comments if you are making the request (to avoid doubling up).


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