MFIPPA Requests

A list of all Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requests to the City of Ottawa for the period 2013-Jan to 2013-Jun.

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A-2014-00684 Record of increase in mortgage of 10,000 in 2004. The increase was about 382.000 to 592.000 approx. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00673 ZvD1 2015 30 12 2014 lion ner Clo Glnette Be Ioyee or con rac or7 If c east salary range . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00665 All repcns bylaw complaints made by me resident at 21 Loyer Street in Vanier, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00659 Request complete by law me for New U Body Bar located at B424 Queen Street. Ottawa ON K1R 5A8 from November 1. 2010 to May 31. 2011. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00656 mum Please provide me with traffic camera footage for me Interseclion of Woodroffe Avenue at Knoxdale Road and Medhurst Drive between 2 am. to 3 30 am. on August 30, 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00653 aso . A cces5Pro Reports GencrateRepon.aspx RequcslTypeIDs l SQL,File Complcte... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00652 Camera du stationnement de la piscine Francois Dupuis pour le 9 novembre entre 9h at 10h le matin. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00645 Any copies of complaints to the City of Ottawa Property Standards or other departments regarding bed bug complaints regarding 1722 Ambrose Drive, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00644 2015-03-11
A-2014-00641 Vldeo loolage from all cameras traf c cams located near Somerset and Bronson Intersection. between 12 15 and 12 45 pm. on November 29. 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00640 Video footage taken on July 23rd, 2014 around 12 30 pm. at or near the intersection of Bronson Avenue and Somerset Street. Additionally, information about the light sequencing and any othev iraf c light data, etc 2015-03-11
A-2014-00639 Please provide a full and complele copy of the re department s report with respect ta relating to a motor vehicle accident that occurred on October 5. 2013 at approximately 2 15 pm 2015-03-11
A-2014-00638 Copy 01 of cer Susan Sadlers notes, reports and all records held by the City at Ottawa pertaining to the dog attack on on Octubar 29th, 2014 at 11 30 am across irom the residence of 49 Shearer 2015-03-11
A-2014-00635 Oblenir copie complel de tout document lncluanl stallstiques ou autres donneees que deetlenl la ville d 0ttawa ou son service de police at me permeltant de voir tomes les recetteslrevenus des paroometres, etc, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00631 Record re Water levels and flow monitoring. Requesting of monitoring data collected along waterways in StiItsviIIe Gou boum. including Goulbourn Creek Flowing Creek. Hobbs Dmin Jenskinson Drain, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00629 Copy of order issued to from Julie Easton. Order sent on October 31. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00626 Details surrounding re at4 153 Lavergne Avneue. Ref, 14 77694 November 23. 2014 at vaso Acccs5Pro Rsports CmncmIeRepon.aspx ZRcquesffypelDs I SQLFilc Camp cle... 2015 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00624 Fire services records for motor vehicle accident that accurred on August 5. 2010. s.14 1 s.14 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00620 Copy of the Ontario Works Service Plan submitted by the City of Ottawa to the Province of Ontario for the years 2011 to 2014 inclusive. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00619 Request re report on me cause of re at 153 Lavergne Street No. 4A. November 23. 201 4. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00617 All complaints made by or against ior the last 7 years. 6585 Legault Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00616 Consult from Transport Canada pan of a responsive package Rall Associatinn Correspondence from September 1, 2013 December 31. 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00613 Ontario Works le for s.14 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00612 All requests or complaints made lo the City with respect to s.14 1 2082 Kinburn Side Road between 2000 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00610 Iwould Ilke to have everything attached to my name and numbers . Clari cation Worked for O0 Tlanspo. looking for customer complaints. supervisor reports. transit law reports. Police reports. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00609 Claim le L0a4 7 14 36714. Including incident reports and other documemation relating to this incident. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00607 All video surveillance recordings by closed clrcuit television cameras at City Hall on Wednesday. October 22. 2014 between the hours of 9 30 am. and 10 30 a.m. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00606 asn Accessl ro Reports GenerateRepon.aspx RcquesLTypeIDs l SQLFi e Complcte... 2015 Feb IS 2015-03-11
A-2014-00605 By law infractions and permits for 324 Cambridge Street North, Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00604 By law infractions and permits for 201 221 Bell Street North Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00603 All brie ng and communication material including brie ng notes. media lines. speaking notes, backgmund informalion. brie ng memos. etc produced by City of Ottawa employees related to the company Uber 2015-03-11
A-2014-00602 a Copies of any records on le for 1545 Woodroffe Avenue that are of environmental concern i.e complain slspills 2015-03-11
A-2014-00601 A complaint has been led regarding the ditchlculvert fronting the property of 3780 Armitage Avenue. Seeking details of all available Information pertaining to this complaint, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00600 All property standards complaintslrecords on 1596 Pullen Avenue 2015-03-11
A-2014-00597 Ontario Works le for s 2015-03-11
A-2014-00596 Business registration lrom he City of Ottawa for 1172256 Ontario Inc. c.o.b. Buffet Ying Ming as of 2004 and as of 2009, if it is different. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00595 All information re costs of bylaw enforcement action against unlicensed taxi services by the City of Ottawa between October 3rd and October 5th and night of November 5, 2014 at Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata. All salary and overtime costs should be disc 2015-03-11
A-2014-00594 All documents reganiing passenger elevator at 18 Burnside Avenue. Including any photos. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00592 Complete Ontario Works File for s.14 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00591 Fire Report November 3. 2014 29 Rockway Crescent Unit 7 2015-03-11
A-2014-00590 Fire report July 23 2013 506 Rideau Street . full report as well as pictures. vaso lAccessPro Reports Gencratekepon.aspx RequeslTypeIDs I SQLFi e Con1plete.,. 2015 Felrl 2015-03-11
A-2014-00589 Copy of completed application for full mamhsrshi in ICLEI submitted by City of Ottawa to ICLEI Canada. Plus. amount of fees accompanying application. inlcuding admin fees and amount of membership fees, including admin fees. payable by City on an ongoing 2015-03-11
A-2014-00588 Copy of the Ottawa Fire Department reports with respect In a motor vehicle accident that occurred on May 31, 2013 at Donald Street and Sl.Laurent Blvd, involving 2015-03-11
A-2014-00587 Copy of re repon F14 57263 2015-03-11
A-2014-00584 Structural drawings prepared by Dan Uniat for 2735 Iris. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00583 All notes and photographs relating to the response to a re at 6203 Elkwood Drive, Greely on 27 or 25th of August 2013, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00582 All calls made to the City in regards to 5595 Ficko Crescent. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00581 All complaints made against 236 CrerarA enue since January 1, 2012. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00580 How many complaints were made against 228 Crerar Avenue since January 1, 2000 regarding by laws. properly standards. bulldlng codes and fence lineslheights. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00579 City circulars pe aining to O Keefe Court or 4401 or 4410 Fallow eld Road 2015-03-11
A-2014-00578 Copy of all notes. reports. witness statements and photos relating to the response investigation of the re at 275 Meadowlilly in Ottawa on September 7, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00577 All lessons learned, after action. post moriem reports assessing the response of the paramedic service to the October 22. 2014 shooting at the National War Memorial, including any draft or interim versions ii nal version not complete yel. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00576 B Law property standards reference 201401024B44 vaso AccessPro Reports GeneraleReport.aspx RcquestTypelDs l SQLFile Comp1ete... 20 l 5 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00575 .,.. .,. Listing of ail complaints from open to closed cases and detailed results and action from 2001 to present for 50 Trailway Circle. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00574 Heat Violation calls submitted by 75 Genes Street and calls pertaining to cleanliness around the property maintenance . garbage removal from Apt 3 balcony. Between September 2011 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00573 I wauld like copies of all emails and Blackberry Phone PIN sent and received by Mayor Jim Watson on October 22. 2014 related to the shooting at the War Memorial, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00572 I would like copies of all emaiis and ElackberryIIPhone PINs sent and recehled by the City Manager Kent Kirkpatrick on October 22. 2014 related to the shooting at the War Memorial. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00571 All information irom the City of Ottawa concerning a maple tree situated at 1047 Alenmede Crescent mm 2009 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00570 Fire report and investigation of 2012 for 170 Lees. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00568 1, Approved site plans for 2283 and 2285 St. Laurent Boulevard. 2. All letters of authorization including any 01 Victor Goulett from Mega Corp. Same request was made on November 1. 2002. File number A 2002 00563. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00566 Call Dispatch logs of the Ottawa Paramedic Services lrom 9 40 am. to 11 59pm. on October 22, 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00565 General records including statements obtained by Ottawa Fire Services Fire Investigator David Montone. Incident 14 57263. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00564 Le nombre de cunstats d inIraction eemis annuellement sur ile Bate depuis 2009, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00563 A Ilst of all ideas suggested online through Ideas or by using the form to mark he 150th anniversary of Canada s Confederation raso AccessPro Reports GenerateRepon.aspx RequcstTypelDs 1 SQLFile Complete... 2015 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00562 Copy of le pertaining to incident on March 5, 2014 on OC Transpo bus number 8 towards the city centre from Slater at Empress Street. Including the Incident report, 00 Transpo s Supervisor Report, Drivers Info, Vwtness statements and witness contact 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00560 Fire report including invesligation notes and whness statements for re at 2 546 Gilmour street on January 12. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00559 All By law of cer reports. notes. photographs and any other documents for 740 Springland Drlve. Apartment 319 made in 2014 regarding property and safely standards. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00558 Fire Investigation Report My le No. 946059504457 2015-03-11
A-2014-00557 Complain made to the Health Department against the Landlord of 1596 Pullen Avenue In regards to a serious mould problem The complaint was made by a previous tenant seveml years ago. The mould problem was apparently covered up. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00555 By law report about dog complaint regarding apartment 1103 at 1919 Kilbom Avenue. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00554 31 Graham Avenue All mechanical, electrical, slte plan, build blue prints on the property all building related drawings 2015-03-11
A-2014-00553 We would like lo obtain any and all inlormallon including but not Iimlled to the llght sequence limlng for vehicle and pedsslrian. as well as the traf c llow inlormalion for the intersection of Wellington Street and Booth Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00552 Looking for a copy of the work order on rental 278 Powell Avenue done by Julie Easton of Bylaw properly standards Ref 2014 00973584 . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00551 Copies of all communications concerning case, including records, email, handwritten notes. messages. talking points and brie ng materials pertaining Io within Ihe City of Ottawa s information holding from December 31. 2012 2015-03-11
A-2014-00550 List of all planning applications In which ward councillor withdrew delegated authority from January 01, 2013 to present. aso Au essPro Reports Generatckcportaspx7RequestTypeIDs I SQLF i Comple1e... 201 5 Fcb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00549 Copy of re incident report 14 55267 occurred on Seplember 29, 2014 at 5 37 pm 2015-03-11
A-2014-00548 Report issued by Ottawa Property Standards Of cer Mr. Andre Gosselin covered by report 2014 0098 2660 and 2014 0035 S001. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00547 Transfer in 2015-03-11
A-2014-00546 Copies of all calls made to the City of Ottawa patking control by 1 regarding T on Booth and Carling. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00545 Deans of any charges laid regarding By law 2002 189. schedule 11 from 01 O1 2010 present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00543 Curreni blueprlntslspecsllayouvlmap of Waner Mail pedestrian pathway connecting Rideau Street and George Street. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00542 Service calls to the City of Ottawa regarding the water or sewer for 172 Roger Road. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00541 All emails in Catherine Bergeron s Election Manager inbox and outbox. Including attachments, regarding problems with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation s preliminary e ec1or s list, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00540 would like all copies ufall minutes belween the City of Ottawa and the NCC concerning the Western LRT plan. The request should cover the period of June 1 2014 ta Outober 10, 2014. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00539 I would like to request information on all accidental discharges or injuries received while usinglcleanlng the glack 22 since Ottawa Police Service adopted this weapon as their service pistol. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00538 Copies of the Contract Approval Reques s that pertain to the following report items identi cation numbers from the Delegation ofAuthorlty Contracts Awarded for the Period April 1 to June 30, 2014. etc. aso AccessPro Reponsl cnerztekepon.aspx7RequestTypeIDs I SQLFil Compl te... 2015 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00537 Any documents, reports and correspondence produced by City of Ottawa building inspectors who visited home at 315 St Andrew Street. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00536 Informalion related to complaint against address for by law 2005 208 infraction 2014 00815179 dated July 21. 2014. Name and contact information of complainant. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00535 Information related to complaint against address for by law 2013 416 section 7 7 2014 00907057 dated October 10. 2014. Name and contact information of complainant 2015-03-11
A-2014-00534 Information related to complaint against address for by law 2005 207 2011 107334 dated April 4th. 2011. Name and contact Information of complalnant. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00533 A I details surrounding re at 446 Queen Mary Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00532 Traffic camera footage al Aviation Parkway and Montreal Road around 11 PM on Sepiember 14. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00531 AI By law records regarding 419 Mood e from May 2006 Present 2015-03-11
A-2014-00530 All information pertaining to le number 20140084605 Parking. building. outlets at 2969 Fairlea Crescent owned and operated by Paramount Properties Inc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00529 All documents relating to original notice of violation. re 1853 Appleford Street For the years 2013 2014. Refer to invoice number 1300122315, Customer number 52014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00528 All documents. reports, records and correspondence, including letters. e mails. faxes, memos. photographs. maps. instant messages, or other records capable of being produced from a machine readable record, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00527 All sent and received emails. including attachments, in general manager of emergency and protective services Susan Jones email mentioning Ubar or ride sharing from August 1 to Iaso AcccssPro Reports GancrateReporLaspx Reques TypeIDs l SQLFHe Comp eLe... 2015 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00526 1 Access to copies of all data generated or collected during the electronic monitoring of people accupying the property. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00525 Bulldlng permits. drawings. engineer reports. foundation repair information, etc 2015-03-11
A-2014-00524 Any and an correspondence belween the City of Ottawa and Public Works Government Services Canada PWSC or any other federal department regarding Sparks Street from January 1. 2014 to October 1, 2014. Clari cation regarding any complaints or concern 2015-03-11
A-2014-00523 Copies of complainls againsl OC Transpo fare inspectors from August 2. 2012 to September 3 , 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00522 Number of tickets 00 Transpo fare inspectors handed out annually from August 13. 2012 to September 30, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00521 Any and all correspondence received between April 1, 2014 and October 1. 2014 tn the following e mail address E ginPaIioPi o 2015-03-11
A-2014-00520 Total revenue from Park 8. Ride lots between April 15th, 2013 to September 30. 2014. Breakdown by location. Include of tickets issued and paid for each location. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00519 Copies of complaints versus 00 Transpo special constables Irum May 1. 2012 to September 30. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00518 Fire incident report lhat occurred either at 275A Meadowlilly Road or 100E Mocha Private on September 7. 2014. Please include all notes and photographs in the Depanmenl le. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00517 Flre Inspection Report for a re that occurred on January 31. 2014 al14D St. Paul Street. O awa. Fire Department report 1445229 2015-03-11
A-2014-00516 Copy of the by law reports complaint led by 1 in September 2013 and July 2014. Bath asoft AccessPro Reports GenerateReporLaspx IRequestTypeIDs l SQLFilc Complcle... 20lS Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00515 Al Architectural Drawings related to 1192 1218 Bank St. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00514 All Clty of Ottawa records related to the Ash Tree located at 421 Fraser Ave. Ottawa for the period of Oct 1. 201310 Sept 29. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00513 A copy of any agreement between Vwndmill Development Group and this Institution regarding the Domlar Lands Redevelopment. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00512 A complete copy of your file pertaining to in regards to a dog attack on June 29, 2014 at 1541 Des Grives Ores. Orleans. Report No. 2014 00755905 2015-03-11
A-2014-00511 Any records con rming that City Sta and City Ccntractors were salting sanding the sidewalks at 3025 Cariing Ave pm on 25 February 2014.. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00510 Any meeting minutes and documentation of the Special Events Adv sory Team in regards to the Escapade Music Festival. from Augusl 2013 to October 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00509 Requesting to hear the audio recording of the anonymous complaint put in againsl me via the City of Ottawa s Fraud and Wasle Hotline. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00507 I would like to request a copy of the 2010 14 budgetl nancials for the Byward Market Business Improvement Area BIA and the Sparks Street Buiness Improvement Area. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00506 Loss of passpon at 110 Laurier Avenue, Service Ontario. on September 29, 2014 belween 7 45 AM. and 8 45 AM. Requestlng to see the camera footage to check this. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00505 History of all permits taken given to owners of S41 Browning Avenue since home was built in late 1970 s. The permits are speci c to renovations and installations of a bathroom toilet. tub and laundry tub sink in basement of 541 Browning Avenue. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00504 vasu AccessPro Reports Generarekcpomaspx RequestTypclDs I SQLFiIe CompleIe... 201 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00503 Dates and reason for site inspections at 300 Lisgar as well as the dates each oor was deemed livable at 300 Lisgar 2015-03-11
A-2014-00502 all written and emailed complaints received against Ottawa Paramedic Services ambulance crews for the past three years from January 1, 2011 to September 26. 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00501 Ottawa Fire Services records In relation to an accident involving 1 on November 7th. 2012. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00500 URGENT REQUEST Health Inspection Report for 184 Murray Street, Unit 1. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00499 I am requesting a copy of any related documentation of le 14 835304 2015-03-11
A-2014-00498 Records on the maintenance of sidewalks, parking lots. garbage complaints for the Apartment located on 59 Crlohton Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00497 Transfer In by NCC 2015-03-11
A-2014-00496 Copies of complaintslrequestslinvestigations through by law regarding the elevator at 255 Metcalfe St. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00495 Tout document cu renseignement lie a la reclamation de la Ville d Ot1awa pour un paiement exceedenlaire. Documenl s sur lequel la Ville s ppu a pour sa reeclamalionldeecision. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00494 All internal and external records and correspondence related to by aw issues or infractions at 847 Dynes Road, Ottawa KZCOM2 from 2007 to 2011. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00493 Sewer. water main. plpe maintenance work orderslphotos repairs construction from 65 Medhursl Drive to 21 Medhurst Drive. Period requesled June 2008 September 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00492 Please provide the names of all the rms that submitted on the City of Ottawa s Request for Proposal No. 27614 92597 P01 Feasibility Study Downtown Ottawa Truck Tunnel. vaso . A ccessPro Reports GcnerateReporLnspx RequeslTypcIDs l SQLFile Complele,.. 20 5 Fab I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00491 S il vous plait le rapport fait pour Ies arbres situes au 104 et 90 Guigues. Certains appaniennent au 104 Guigues Avenue at d autres sent co proprietaires. Inspection faite environ 3 mois passes. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00490 Internal Consultation from TSB regarding a request submitted to the TSB under the Access to Iniormallon Act, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00489 lnlemal Consult from NCC 2015-03-11
A-2014-00488 All records for 1441 2015-03-11
A-2014-00487 Application completed and handed in on February 10, 2014 1 30pm. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00486 Fire report lor 161 Irving Ave on February 21, 2014 including cause of re 2015-03-11
A-2014-00485 Ottawa Fire Services re salety inspection repon for 100 Bayshors Drive 2015-03-11
A-2014-00484 I would like to receive the list of all offers and tutai offered prices for the Request for Standing Offer FRSO 24514 43045 501 for the oxygen cylinders. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00483 The number at times the C ty of Ottawa by law have visited the address, 315 Holmwood Ave, Ottawa ON K15 2R2. for heat related complaints each year over the most recent 5 year period 2015-03-11
A-2014-00482 All inspection 8 maintenance logs and records from March 9, 2014 to March 23, 2014 with respect In any salting. sanding. snow removal work or otherwise for area at or near Marshall Ave and Silver St. in Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00481 vaso Acces5Pm Repans GenerateRcpon.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 SQLFile CoInpIete... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00480 Records between and In relation to the City of Ottawa and the Union Mission for Men. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00479 An itemized description of external services expensed by Councillor Rick Chiarelli for the years 2005 2013. Description and amount or nature of expense. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00478 All ay4aw property standards complaints made by 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00477 All details and records pertaining lo a Police Investigation regarding 2015-03-11
A-2014-00476 Number of claims received. process. paid and denied. Damage claims to property due to road canditlons for the time periods December 31, 2011 May 31. 2012 December 31. 2012 May 31. 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00475 Construction site plans and City contract lSD12 5189 2012 Area Traf c Management and Sidewalk Construction. Conslruc on inspection report by IBI Grant Switzer for the site at Broadview Avenue and Dovercourl Avenue for July and August 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00474 Copies of any records on le for Albion Woods Development Stagecoach and Mitch Owens Road that are ol environmental concern Le. complaints, spills. etc . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00473 General records of the Ottawa Fire Services incident number 14 48490 investigated by Mr. Marc Albert. Fire incident report and phatographs. Flrs was at 171 Lioydalex Crescent in Stittsville. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00471 Copy of inspedion report for 172 O Connor Street from September 24, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00470 Internal consutlalion for requested received by the NCC 2015-03-11
A-2014-00469 Obtenir copie de tout document me perrnetlanl d avolr un comptewendu de rensemble des plaintes formulees cheque anneee a la Division de services an Vranpais DSF , et ce pour chacune des annees suivantes 2005 3 cejour, le 26 aoul 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00468 Copy of the Fire Department call report which was prepared with respect to the fall on July 6. 2011 a 2080 Russell Road raso . AccessPro Repons Gene1ateRcpan.aspx RequestTypelDs I SQLFile Comp1eIe,.. 201 S Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00467 Requesting the re summary report concerning the re at apartment. Date of re August 13. 2014 at approximately 11 20 am. Address 2995 Albion Road North. Ottawa ON K1V 822 2015-03-11
A-2014-00466 Records relating to the repairs on the tennis court and rental at the soccer Held in Vwndsor park from springlsummer 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00465 March 1st to present daIe all brie ng notes, emails, meeting minutes, agendas. presenations. rnernoranduns. reports, brie ng materials relating in Salus deveioprnent an Clementine Blvd 2015-03-11
A-2014-00464 What City programs were able to absorb this de cit and the amount for each program 2015-03-11
A-2014-00463 I would like to see the full and component costs paid to the contractor for he report Functional Building Program Report prepared for the Ottawa Public Library and City of Ottawa by Ajon Morlyama Architect. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00462 By law report for 1421 D arcy St, Greely. ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00461 Any license or health inspection reporl for a restaurant owner or operated by 514 1 in the City of Ottawa for the period of 2007 2010 2015-03-11
A-2014-00460 information relating to the sewer line and water back up at 11 Emerald Meadows Dr in Kanata 2015-03-11
A-2014-00459 The number of complaints against the Moondog Pub and Grill at 233 Laurier Ave Ottawa for the last year. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00458 Information regarding 1456 Fisher Ave 2015-03-11
A-2014-00457 .......... ., ..,........ ... Obtenir oopie de tout document que deetlent la ville d 0ttawa montrant loutes rmes, citoyens, organisrnes, eetrangers qui onl des mauvaises creeances toujaurs impayeees et ce par caleegorie et pour chaque anneee de 2005 2014 an ce jour. let Z9 aout aso . AocessPro Reporls Gencra1eReport.aspx ReaucstTvneIDs l SOLFile ComnI xe... 20 .Feh.I x 2015-03-11
A-2014-00456 Le nombre de bacs 3 recyclage noir et bleu qui om ere aohetees par la ville d Ottawa puisque des reesidents et compagnies rmes de la ville d Oltawa Ies ont deeclarees perdus voles ou vandalisees. 2004 a ca jour. la 29 aoul 2015-03-11
A-2014-00455 Obtain a copy of every document and all statistics or any other data that would show me all awards. bonuses and severance pay issued to management in the Ottawa Police Service and management in the Fire Service for each of the past seven years to date Au 2015-03-11
A-2014-00454 Obtain copies of every document and all statistics or any other data for each of the past seven years that would allow me to see the types of sick leave taken number of days. etc. per year. type of leave. etc. by a. City of Ottawa Fire ghters 2015-03-11
A-2014-00453 1 Would like a copy of the original contract 2 Would like to know how many campiaints have been made to the City of Ottawa around noise disturbance violations in the last 8 years and the associated dates they were made in regards to the aiorementione 2015-03-11
A-2014-00452 A list of calls to he City in regards to 541 Browning Avenue in the period oi April 2009 in September 2013. A copy of the signed waiver noted on page 0046 of MFIPPA request A 2014 00128 and a copy of an unsigned waiver if said signed waiver Is not ava 2015-03-11
A-2014-00451 Records of work done at 665 Golden Avenue in past by Water Workslsewer Maintenance or reports an basement ooding or backups. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00450 would like to know the nameof 1he owner of Orleans Vwndows Cleaners. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00449 Copies of all bylaw complainls made by 54 Glenmancr Drive againsl 1 Hillrnount Crescent lrom October 1. 2011 to December 31, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00448 Copy of HazMaI Report 14 52995. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00447 Vasoft AccessPro Repans Generatekepon,aspx RequestTypeIDs I SQLFih Complcle... 2015 Feb l B 2015-03-11
A-2014-00446 Fire report number 14 35769 for tire at 555 Gilmour Street on June 12. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00445 Permit it Z1037 82856 93143. Copy of all plans and drawings attached to permit 2015-03-11
A-2014-00444 List of how many complaints By Law received pertaining to dogs In Vwndsor Park since May 2001. including how many complainants 2015-03-11
A-2014-00443 By law report 2014 00403267 Feb 7, 2014 for 394 Watson SK. Ottawa ON KZB 6B9 2015-03-11
A-2014-00442 AII historical dalaldrawings and reports regarding 2651 St. Joseph Boulevard. Ottawa ON P N Number 044250480 2015-03-11
A-2014-00441 Any complaints for property 26 Seguin Street while mined by from July 1st. 2010 to August 22. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00440 All historical dataldrawings and reports regarding Dwyer Hill Tower, 8816 Franktown Road. Ottawa Lat 2 Con 3 Twp of Goulboum. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00439 Need to know if anyone made a request in November 2011 for footage Vrom security camera which covers the front desk area and foyer of the Plant Recreation Centre. The time period is the iaur hours between 2 30 and 6 30 PM. Footage from the parking lot 2015-03-11
A-2014-00438 A record of complaints made against 304 Carleton Ave. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00437 16 June 2014 Reference 2014 0070 777018 June 2014 0071 5727 23 June 2014 0072 B003 and 2014 0072 9415 25 June 2014 0073 7886 2 July 2015-03-11
A-2014-00436 Requesting lo view the drawings and engineering reports supporting a building permil for the inslalletion of solar collections and laboratory equipment on the rooftop of lhe Canal Building 1125 Colonel By Drive Carleton University . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00435 Any and all communications about written to. or by, Marianne Vl lkinson and any and all communications about to, or by staff of Marianne Vl lkinson. Please search between asoft AccessPro Rcpons GencrateReport.aspx RequestTypelDs I SQLFile ConIplele... 2015 Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00434 .. ..... . .... .... ..., .., ...w.. .. ans. vuu uauluala E mail correspondence Sunset Lakes Development 2015-03-11
A-2014-00433 All records pertaining la the one year anniversary of the CC Transpo Via Rail crash on September 15. 2013 and any planned ciivilies. ceremonies. or commemorative initiatives pertaining to the crash from May 1. 2014 to August 20. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00432 All brie ng noles prepared for OC Transpo GM John Manconi between July 1, 2014 and August 20. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00431 All brie ng notes prepared for Mayor Jim Watson between July 1, 2014 and August 20, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00430 Would like a Iisl and copy of By Law reports related to my rental unit. Address is 171 Ethel St. Unit A Vanier ON K1L 5X3 2015-03-11
A-2014-00429 I copy of a work order that was given to our landlord S 14 1 by By Law. Report number 2013 0038 1914 2015-03-11
A-2014-00428 Geotechnical soil report for 100 Whispering Vwnds Way, Orleans 2015-03-11
A-2014-00427 Copy of all documents, phone call records, letters, notes. post it notes. memos. meeting materials and memos internal and extemal . etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00425 Toule documentation avec le nom , depuis le 1erjuin, 2014 jusqu a present. elc, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00424 By Law complaint made by I about the air conditioner at 5 Salisbury Place. The complaint was made sprlnglsumrner of 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00423 Transler in from NCO regarding the Western Light Rail Project. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00422 Copy of the Fire Department Incident Report regarding 820 Maitland for a vehicle accident that occurred on July 28. 2014. The vehicle struck a pole owned by Hydro Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00421 All information. records and correspondence with respect to Ottawa Property Tax Roll Number O61430285955736. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00420 Information on any and all complaints received in regards to the cat 534 1 5.111 1 Ollawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00419 Copy 0 Ottawa Fire Services report for re on elecirical pole at 31 Shirley Connaughl Ranges at 14 52 hours on 5 August. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00418 Information related to all Iranslation costs associated with the City of Ottawa s Planning Department. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00417 Drawings as to how built for 1085 Grenon Ave. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00416 Number ofdamage claims due to road condition potholes submitted between December 31, 2013 May 31. 2014 by month. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00415 lmormation pertaining to 4235 McKenna Casey Drive. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00414 All records related to the engine control module on the Envlro 500 bus manufactured by Alexander Dennis Ltd. Involved in the busltrain crash on September 18, 2013, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00413 Records of road damage claims received since December 31, 2013. How many have been reviewed. how many have been allowed paid, and how many have been refused. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00412 All records related to missing data from the Enviro 500 bus manuiactured by Alexander Dennis Ltd. involved in the bus train crash on September 18. 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00411 All records related to the braking module on the Enviro 500 bus manufactured by vasoft AccessPro Reports GencrateRcpmtaspx Reques TypelDs l SQLFile Comp ele... 20154 eh 2015-03-11
A-2014-00410 AI records related to the transmission control module on the Enviro 500 bus manufactured by Alexander Dennis Ltd. involved in the bus train crash on September 18, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00409 All records related to the body control module on the Enviru 500 bus manufactured by Alexander Dennis Limited involved in the busltrain crash on September 18. 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00408 Records of all 311 calls in the past 12 months. Records of all call to by law services. Records of all actions taken in response to my calls. Any calls associated to my name and phone number only. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00407 Fire Inspection request for 1149 Woodroffe Avenue Initiated October 3, 2013. Inspeclion done October 8. 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00406 Number of damage claims submitted with respect to reference 2014 00468091 andlor damage claims submitted based on damage on March 20th, 2014 on Main street at the Smyth Bridge 2015-03-11
A-2014-00405 RBC building drawings architectural. mechanical electrical. structural ion 1. 6505 Jeanne D arc Blvd 2. 4300 lnnes Road 3. 211 Cenirum Blvd 2015-03-11
A-2014-00404 I. Dated January 1, 2014 to August 6. 2014 1. All email correspondence from Diane Holmes to Catherine McKenney 2. All email correspondence between Diane Holmes Of ce and Catherine McKanney 3. All email correspondence between Charles Akben Marchand an 2015-03-11
A-2014-00403 Refit 201400549346 Requesting the detaiIs summary recommendations of the inspection relating to the water damagelleakage issue reported on August Isl. 2014 and the inspemian carried out there after. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00402 Correspondence and memos to lrom Elaine Panke, Chief Information Of cer. that mention or make reference to E Pal . also known as the enterprise. permits and licenses project from the past six months. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00401 1 Any and all records relating to revenue generated from the Cily s parking meters Pay rasoft AccessProIRepons Ganaratekeporl.aspx RequestTypeIDs l SQLFilc Complete... 201S Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00400 J aimeraIs connailre les montants verses en reclamationlindemnltes par la Wle d Oltawa a la suile d incidents accidents impliquanl Ies services de transports en cummun lels que OC Transpo 2015-03-11
A-2014-00399 Seeking any information re ated lo the work performed by 2015-03-11
A-2014-00398 Sewer Work and Permit History for 260 Cloverdale Road from January 1 2004 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00397 All correspondence between Steve Kanellakos and Catherine McKenney personal and accounts between March 17 to April 2. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00396 Copy of complaint regarding portablelnan permanent sign at 2446 Bank St. Suite 205 K1V 1A4. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00395 All email correspondence between Deputy Ciiy Manager. Nancy Schepars. at the City of Ottawa and Catherine McKenney personal and o accounts between March 17. 2014 and April 2. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00394 All information from the City of Ottawa regarding the storm. sanitary and water line being constructed on Lakehurst Road and the sewer located on the westerly half of Devonshire Road. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00393 All documenlalion concerning notice of violation SR 13201400817837. date of inspection July 25, 2014, address 1350 El Paseo Court. Greely. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00392 Correspondence to from Arlene Gregoire. Director of Building Code Services, from the past six months that includes reference to or mentions E Pal , also known as the Enterprise. Pennits and Licenses Project. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00391 Currespondence and memos to from Steve Kanellakos, Deputy City Manager. from the past six months that mention or make reierence to E Pal . also known as the enterprise. permits, and licenses project. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00390 The Fire Incidenl Report penalnlng to a motor vehicle accident that occurred on June 13. 2012 in a parking lot at 1559 Alta Vista Drive, aso Access Pro Reports GenemleRcpon.aspx RcqueslTypelDs l SQLFilc Complcte... Z0 15 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00389 Copy of complaint that caused a by law officer to come to Opus St. on me morning of July 11th 2015-03-11
A-2014-00388 Any Environmental records. control orders. or violation notices on record for 1050 1051 Baxter Road. Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00387 Various City les related to 256 King Edward Avenue. 233 Murray Street and 216 Murray Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00386 All emall correspondence between Fanto Group. its representatives. and the City regarding 247 267 Rochester Street and 27 Balsam Street. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00385 All reports of complaints about rooming houses submitted to the City between March 20. 2009 and March 20 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00384 Any Environmental records. oontrol orders, or violation notices on record lor 2615 Lancaster Road. Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00383 Auuuu Any and all wrmen correspondence between Via Rail. etc. Transfer in internal Consult rum Via Rail Canada 2015-03-11
A-2014-00382 Requestlng the following documents in relation to an MVA on January 31, 2012 1 Notes Irom all the investigating police officers notebooks. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00380 Transfer In 2015-03-11
A-2014-00379 All inlormation relating to by law complaints and Investigations with respect to Taiigators billiard hall and restaurant . business identi cation number 170533376 located at 1642 Merivale Road Suite 2050. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00378 ........ Properly Standards assessment on Friday. July 18, 2014 for 1611 Fisher Avenue. Case number 2014 00794657 completed by Derek Fetch . raso AccessPro Reports GencmteReport.nspx RequestTypeIDs l SQLFile Complcte... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00377 Transfer in, consultation 2015-03-11
A-2014-00376 All inlemal and external records and correspondence related to by aw case 2014 0O457446, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00375 Any environmental records, control orders, or violations notices on record for 2620 2650 Lancaster Road 2015-03-11
A-2014-00374 Fire incident report for 250 Bradley Avenue Ottawa April 6, 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00373 Copies of any records on le for 2 Montreal Road that are of environmental concem i.e. complaints. spills. eta 2015-03-11
A-2014-00372 Copy of report 201400701952 2015-03-11
A-2014-00371 Copy of the by law report and all documents. recnrds. transcripts and repons penalnlng to a dog attack on June 28th. 2014 at the Centretown Pub 340 Somerset Street . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00370 Documents or data for the years 2008 2014 identifying by year the number oi 1 Convictions, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00369 Copy of all complalnts to the City of Ottawa led against 264 Fi h Avenue for the last 15 years. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00368 All 0 City of Ottawa unclaimed cheques drawn and issued between January 1st, 2013 and December 3151, 2013 and ski outstanding by July Ist, 2014. 1 Cheque numbers 2 Cheque dates 3 Amount 4 Bene ciary name 2015-03-11
A-2014-00367 vaso AccessPro Repons Generatckeport.aspx RequestTypeIDs l SQLFiIc Completc... 2015 Feb I B 2015-03-11
A-2014-00366 All documents and records relating to City of Ottawa PO Number 45070970 Lernieux Island Water Puri cation Plant North Ciearwell Rehabilitation. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00365 1 All data, documents, measurements, records. statistics, reports and videos and any other Information you may have in your possession, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00364 I would request a copyof any and all records from the Ottawa Fire Departments for the period of January 1. 2012 to August 10, 2012 with respect to attendances at the Travelodge Ottawa 1376 Carling Avenue 2015-03-11
A-2014-00363 Records associated with Above the Rim Basketball School since 2010 2015-03-11
A-2014-00362 Rappon cfinspactlon de la piscine du Rio Vista. 400 Stewart St, dateee at faite le 8 juillet 2014 par Zafar Ali. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00361 A copy of re report for 3519 Dunning Road, Navan, ON. Date of loss November 1. 2011. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00360 would like a copy of the complaint led for 29 Denham Way for which a ne was issued on July 5, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00359 The contract awarded doilar gure as well as the annual cost to date paid 0 the successful contractor for RFSO Tender 02110 995050 502 2015-03-11
A-2014-00358 Requesting O.C. Transpo accident report occurrence 14 149571 2015-03-11
A-2014-00357 Rapport d inspec ion suite 3 degat des eaux dans un condo. Ref 31201400772348 2015-03-11
A-2014-00356 Ottawa Fire Services records in relation to an accident involving on November 7th, 2012 2015-03-11
A-2014-00355 aso AccessPro Rcpons GenerateRepo .aspx R quesITypelDs I SQLFi e Complete... Z015 Feh 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00354 Une copie complete de mon dossier 3 la police d onawa et tous riniormatlon d 1ncident du 09 november 2011. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00353 Compliance order 14201400769506. Inspection on property at 1132 B St.Pisrre Street. Ottawa Orleans 2015-03-11
A-2014-00352 The Waste Management Application for rezoning zoning application 2349 2437 Carp Road 512 William Mooney Road under planning le No. 002 02 14 0015 2015-03-11
A-2014-00351 A full copy af the OFS le conoerling the re 11 january 2014 at 540. 544 and 546 Gilmour Street in Ottawa, ON cccurence Na 14 2132 including all photos. notes, reports. tlme sheet. rosters. all logs time af calls . etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00350 wTransfer In from Wa Rail Canada 2015-03-11
A-2014-00349 I am looking for owner information of the dog that attacked s.14 1 on 26 06 14 at Moonie s Bay Parx at 4 30 pm. By law issue ticket at the time of attack. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00348 udlruv . All documentation 2006 to present in relerence to 140 Springhursl Road. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00347 L access a Pinformation 2015-03-11
A-2014-00346 All documentation written or verbal audio on 292 Kent St. Ottawa ON K2P 2A4, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00345 Service Request 13201400689088 from June 10th at 2 15pm. Would like a copy of the complaint and audio tape of the call 2015-03-11
A-2014-00344 The numbers, cost and dates of paid duty oontracls for Ottawa Police, from 2011 to date of this request 2015-03-11
A-2014-00343 The numbers on the amount 0 apprehensionslarresls under the Mental Health Act, by the aso AcccssPro Reports Generalekcport,aspx RequeslType1Ds l SQLFile CompIcIe... 2013vFcb lS 2015-03-11
A-2014-00342 Maintenance was completed on SI. Laurent Blvd between Belfast and Tremblay Road on September 9. 10, and 11, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00341 Mongolian Village Grlll reslauranl. located at 1980 Ogilvie Road Ottawa ON K1J 9L3, did not have hot water. We would like a copy of all records regarding this le. including the Health Inspector and supervisor who shutdown the reslauranl. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00340 View 8. Release information for 2785 Riverside Drive. Ottawa. Permit 90075 from November 23. 1980 Reel 415. stop 56 2015-03-11
A-2014-00339 Malntenance records for sewers on Filsgerald Rd since 2011. Complaints regarding sewer over ows on Fltsgerald Rd since 2011 2015-03-11
A-2014-00338 All meeting minutes for the Special Events Advisory Team regarding the Escapade Music Festival between January 1, 2013 and the date of this request. as well as any additional emails and documentation related to the Escapade Music Festival. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00337 Information conceming FTE and other budget reductions for Community and Social Services from budget year 2011 to 2014 inclusive. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00336 Audio of the call made on May 11, 2014 at 3 12 O5pm SR 2D14DO593217 2015-03-11
A-2014-00335 Detail which business practices within Community and Social Services did Service Ottawa impact from 2011 to 2014 Inclusive. How much annual savings was ducumented for each service area, Describe speci c service changes used to achieve these savings 2015-03-11
A-2014-00334 Permits 75716. 75880, 75876, 76086. 76323, 76324 2015-03-11
A-2014-00333 All documents related to property mainlenanoe issues at for unlt 3 379 Stewari Street. Including but not limited to any lists of de ciencies. pictures. notes or comments regarding this unit. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00332 Document AS 2014 0004 for property 108 Richmond Road. Unit 813. Application number A14 000398IPerrnit number 1308106. rasoft A ccessPro Reports GenerateRepon.aspx Requ stTypelDs SQLFile Complete... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00331 Request concerning severance payments by Community and Social Servloes, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00330 Complaints made against landlord premises not being repaired 2015-03-11
A-2014-00329 All documentation and records related In case it 201400522159. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00328 1 I would like all by law complaints made regarding a German Shephard u s.14 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00327 Any and all records related to OC Transpo accidents involving pedestrians on the Mackenzie King Bridge ram August 12, 2011 to the present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00326 All documents listed below V R 2013 0853. 2 Bertona Street , etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00325 Records showing the addresses and all ulher available inlormatlon regarding all illegal roaming house charges and convictions from 2010 until present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00324 Internal Transfer Records relating to 1443 and 1447 Carling Avenue. Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00323 Copy of the full re investigation report for a re that occurred on July 18. 2013 at 320 Catherine Street. Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00322 To review the Business Case process that the City of Ottawa uses to make nancial decisions 2015-03-11
A-2014-00321 Fire report for a re that occurred on August 18, 2010 at 4895 Lunney Road. RR 2, Pakenham ON . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00320 copy 09 by law complaint le 201300454738, related to a dog bite that occurred March 12, asaft AccessPro Repons GenernteRcport.aspx RequesIType1Ds l SQLFile CompIetc... 20 I 5 Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00319 All plans 8 le associated with the address 93 Ivy Crescent 2015-03-11
A-2014-00318 Intemal Consultation NCC 2015-03-11
A-2014-00317 Require the information for the Individual involved in a motor vehicle incideniwhich occurred on January 11, 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00316 Agreement between the City of Ottawa and LiveWovkP ay for 700.00 for seven condo units oi affordable housing at 265 Poulln Avenue. Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00315 All wrinen complaints by business number 613 230 8379 or business address 292 Kent Street from the year 2010 to June 20. 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00314 I would like to have the audio version of the following service requests SR 201400414448 dale 2014 Feb 21 .R 201400417019 date 2014 Feb 22 SR. 201200941236 date 2012 Jun 05 S.R. 201200834545 date 2012 Apr 03 Looking for the telephone call made 2015-03-11
A-2014-00313 Any records con rming that City Staff and City Contractors were salting sanding the sidewalks at and around the Intersection of Gladstone Avenue and Melcalfe Street on and around January 8, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00312 Complete copy 0 by law le, includlng incident report ior a dog bite Incident 2015-03-11
A-2014-00311 Fire Incident Report 1353651 110 Arthur Street 2 October 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00310 Cette demande s adresse au bureau de stationnement, bureau de la mairie. bureau du gref er municipal. Scott Campbell. Steve Puslak. D.G. Stringer ainsi que le bureau de Kent Fitzpatrick arc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00309 asoh AccessPro Reporls Generatekepon.aspx RequesKType1Ds 1 SQLFi e Complele... 20 I 5 Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00308 Photos from street cameras in the intersection of Booth and Wellington on Monday. June Slh, 2014 belween 5 15pm lo 5 25pm. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00307 Monthly expense reports for City provided or pald cellular phones provided to members of Ottawa City Council from December 1. 2010 to June 6. 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00306 Copy of permit 0404294 issued June 1. 2004. Pool permit. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00305 All records held by Ouawa Public Library since 2008 regarding CUPE 503 s complaint to the Pay Equity Commission. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00304 Emails senior received by Danielle Gagnon. Correspondence Coordinalor, from October 1st, 2013 to November 7th, 2013 which mention the Prime Ministers Of ce or concemlng ihe Prime Minister s Of oe. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00303 Any ByALaw infractions noise or other complaints against the Hilltop Resto Bar at 244 Laurier Avenue East. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00302 case 2014 010437. by law officer Chris ne. May 22. 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00301 Any contract between Orgawor d and the city of Ottawa relating to the processing of organic waste 2015-03-11
A-2014-00300 1 All legal opinions related to the Rehab Nazzal Exhibit invisible running at the Karsh Masson Gallery. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00299 RMCAO Plant Certi cate that was submitted by the one oi the winning bids Cavanaugh for RFT Number 13114 75070 T01 Supply and deliver of ready mixed concrete. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00298 A copy of the tire report for a re that happened at 506 Rldeau St. Ottawa ON Harmony Kabob House Restaurant on Juty 23, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00297 Copy of all calls made to by law parking enforcement on Friday June 6, 2014 at or around 27 Danham Way. vaso . AccessPro Repor s Geueralekepomaspx RequestTypeIDs SQLFile Complctc.,. 20l5 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00296 Copies of reports made to the City regarding ooding onto our property. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00295 The Request for Proposal document related to the review 0 the Municipal Child Care Program. The name of the successful vendor. The nancial cost for this work 2015-03-11
A-2014-00294 Records from the City of Ottawa Fire Departmem regarding property 1294 Firestone Crescent 2015-03-11
A-2014-00293 Work order number 10201255 and 10201256 on October 12. 2013 for 495 Hartleigh Avenue sewaga damage, or fees . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00292 Copies of 2 By law infraction reports from 2014 in regards to Municipal By aw 2003 77 Section 87 1 a issued due to a disturbance at 42 de la Cote des Neiges Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00291 Iwould like Via RaiI s Action Plan that they presented to the Cily on May 15th. 2014 re Barrhaven area railway crossings challenges. I do not need a copy of the 8 page expert report prepared by Rai Term Inc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00290 I would like to know how many Ions cf malarial the City of Ottawa bought from Orgaworid last year and what we paid For it. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00289 Details date, time. incident description. aclicn taken, etc for all by Iaw complaints e.g. noise reported against the properly located at 9 Radstock Private. including 311 calls and any other means. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00288 Fire report for Avgos Carpets Fire at 1914 Merivale Road August 13. 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00287 All studies. reports, postmortem reports, or any other documentation that discusses the emergency response to the QC Transpo VIA train bus crash on September 18, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00286 All documents related to discussions and planning sessions between the NCC staff and the City of Ottawa staff ocnceming Ihe use of the NCC green corridor 12 kms beside the mso AcceSsPro ReporIslGeneral Reporl.aspx RcquestTypeIDs SQLFil Cornpletc... 20 5 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00285 Tout rinformation de 1983 a aujourcfhui au suject de Parr Hintonburg utilise comme terrain de jeu of ciel par les eeleeves de l I Jcole eeleementaire catholique Saint Francois d Assise. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00284 Copies of records on file at the City of Ottawa s Disposals and Envlronmental Remediation Unit pertaining to the City owned property at 211 Huntmar Road. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00283 Raqulre the information for the individual involved in the motor vehIc e Incident which occurred on September 30. 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00282 Ottawa Police Services records furl 2015-03-11
A-2014-00281 All records as relate to inspection List of de ciencies. orders for correction. related results of stairwell at 13 Lebrelon Street N. Apt 2. by law report 2014 0060 9577, of cer Andre Gosselin. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00280 1. Please provide the lalluwing information from the nancial proposal kom MMM Group for the City of Ottawa s request for proposal No. 19614 92652 P01. etc 2015-03-11
A-2014-00279 A copy of Ottawa Fire Services report for incident 14 31254 which occurred on the 27th of May 2014 at Shirley s Bay Campus 2015-03-11
A-2014-00278 Complaints made on above address. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00277 Any and all permit drawings from past for RBC branches sted Bank and Argyle 475 Bank Street, Ottawa K2P 1Z2 Bank and Queen 99 Bank Street. Ottawa K1 P 3V3 Montreal and St. Laurent 585 Montreal Road. Ottawa K1K 4K4 St. Laurent and Smyth 2015-03-11
A-2014-00276 Accident dans un aulcubus OC Transpo le 15 mai 2014. Je veux le rapport deelaillee. Accident sure Be Pont McKenzie ccin Elgin. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00275 A list of all phone calls made to the City of Ottawa to report Pot Holes and Road Damage on River Road for dates of April 22 to Apr1 I27, 2014. raso AceessPro Reponsl eneratekeport.aspx7RequeslTypcIDs I SQLFile Comp ete... 20 I S Feb l 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00274 A copy of our pool permit for 1317 Revel Drive. Ottawa. Pool installed by A.Derickx 8. Sons, April 1991 2015-03-11
A-2014-00273 Copy of re report 13 62784. 960 Chapman Blvd . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00272 All Poiioe infurmation regarding frum June 2013 Present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00271 All emails and correspondences to and from Derrick Moodle. John Maser, Kent Kirkpatrick. Charles Warnock, Michel Kearney. Jeff McEwen. Eric Surprenant. Cheryl Mcwulliams, Dixon Weir. Justyna Garbos, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00270 Le mobile de nolre dernande est Lfobtenir une copie des video el images des cameras de rue street camera 12 la vllle d 0ttawa installees dans le quadrilatere forme des rues Elgln. Albert. Kent. Somerset 2015-03-11
A-2014-00269 1.The following reports prepared by consultants and City staff as part of the Wellington Street West Community Design Plan Report from open house 1 and workshops CDP Introduced to broad community with displays. and concurrent focus meetings on issu 2015-03-11
A-2014-00268 All emails received and sent on me account of Bliss Edwards. Planner. City of Ottawa, pertaining to 256 Rideau Street between May 10th and May 12th. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00267 Fire Occurrence Report for can number 14 16776. Lncalicn 1230 Old Innes Road Date March 27. 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00266 I would like all opies of all m nutes between the City of Ottawa and the NCC concerning the Western LRT plan, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00265 All emails received and sent on the email account of Sally Coutts. Heritage Section. pertaining to 256 Rideau Street. bertween May 10 and May 12, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00264 Information for 1600 Lapierre Avenue, Ottawa ON Suite 200. K12 SP5 environmental vaso AccessPro ReponslGenerateRcport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 SQLFil Complelc... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00263 Please provide all documents pertaining to and any communications e.g. emails. letters. submissions that have been exchanged with the City as well as between City staff and of cials 2015-03-11
A-2014-00262 was a passenger on an OC Transpo bus at the time of the incident May 3, 2011 . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00261 Letter submitted by Car Bray pertaining to 256 Rideau Street and the of cial feedback from the Heritage Section regarding the heritage value of the building at 256 Rideau Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00260 All emails received and sent on the email amount of Leslie Collins, Heritage Section, City of Ottawa, pertaining to 256 Rideau Street between May 10 and May 12. 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00259 Video footage fram Greenbank Wessex traffic camera from 14 40 15 00 for Qlh April 2014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00258 2030 Theme Ave Permits I Drawingsl Structural Information I Plans I Blueprints 2015-03-11
A-2014-00257 All records relating to the property 270 272 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa ON K1L BA6 also know as Ottawa Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 595 or Rockcliffe Terrace. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00256 Requesting copies of environmental records pertaining to 2020 Walk ey Road and 2935 Conroy Road Ottawa, ON on le at the City of Ottawa s Disposals and Environmental Remediation Unit of ces. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00255 Seeking documents and emails held by Ottawa Paramedic Service related to a call for service at 24 Sussex Drive. Seeklng records about the call excluding personal details, along with emails and documents concerning the publicity around the incident. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00254 All emails between Councillor Diane Deans and OC Transpo staff regarding the slogan We Go Togethef , 2015-03-11
A-2014-00253 Please provide all general records. statements, and photographs of this fire investigation aso JAccessPro Reports GencrateRepornaspx7RcqueslTypelDs l SQLFile Com ete... 20 I 5 Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00252 Dates and descripllon of by law complaints against tenants at 340 Stone Quarry Private K1K 3Y2 from May 1. 201310 present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00251 Seeking a copy of a Committee ofA ljus1menl decision regarding an appeal of a work order property standards by law by the owner of 30 James Street, Decision can be found with Greg Ward. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00250 Police report. notes and occurrence reports. regarding the interaction be ween an Ottawa Police Of cer and rnysetf, that occurred at Reiuel gas station located in Ihe LobIaw s Plaza at 1308 Basa ineIMerlvale on January 14. 2014. All follow up reports and 2015-03-11
A-2014-00249 As built drawings for utility plans at 335 St. Laurent Blvd. Former OF B Rockcll e. Ottawa ON. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00248 129 Wesley Ave Permit to Demolish and Construct File A13 001019 2015-03-11
A-2014-00247 Seeking informatian on all tickets for infractions given out on the Laurier SBL fromlts installation In June 2011 to present. Would also like stats on complaints for the same periud. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00246 A complete copy of the Ottawa Fire Services records with regard to a motor vehicle aocidentwhlch occurred on May 22. 2012 atwest Hunt Club Rd I Woodroffe Ave at approxlmately 5pm. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00245 All legal fees in connection wi1h court le no s.14 1 V. the City of Ottawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00244 I would like an electronic list of all parking infractions along wilh associated nes collected by the City of Ottawa since January 1. 2008. Please indude as much of the following Information as possible dale and time of lnfracliun, location of infract 2015-03-11
A-2014-00243 Reports dune in 2013 and 2014 related to results of the 24 hour shift pilot project by Ottawa Fire Services. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00242 Complete copy of le 201400424942 vnso AccessPro Repnrs Generatekepon.aspx RequestTypeIDs I SQLFiIe Cnmp ete... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00241 A Police report about my accident that took place on 29 April 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00240 Please provide all records including brie ng notes, nal reports or most recent in relation to the bus train accident sept. 18, 2013 . etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00239 Request fur proposal RFP for the contract agreement developing 318 322 Gardner Street. Ottawa ON , etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00238 29, 31 Harvey Street Ottawa, ON and 40, 44. 48, 50 Main Street Ottawa, ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00237 All records since January 1, 2008 reporting, referring to. or addressing any breaches or complaints regarding the use of sound reproduction or ampli cation equipment cuntrary to paragraph 62 1 b of the Byward Market Program By Law, By Law No, 2003 449 2015-03-11
A-2014-00236 All records referring to or regarding by law. policies and procedures for the regulation, licensing. registration, and permits tor street performers performances in the Byward Market from 2003 to the present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00235 Records relating 778561 Ontario inc. carrying on business as J.L. Maintenance in regards to the City of Oi1awa s Conroy Road and Michael Street snow disposal facilities for the winter of2012 2013 2015-03-11
A-2014-00234 Complete copy of the by law le, including the incident report for a dog bite that occurred on March 4, 2014 at 33 John Street, Ottawa ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00233 Property Standards assessments S.R. 201400480322 and 201400480299 2015-03-11
A-2014-00232 Documents relating 1o levels densilylimensi calionloverrepresentatlon of subsideized communltylrent o income housing in the c ementInelHeron Parkl illings Bridge area from January 1 2012 lo the present 2015-03-11
A-2014-00231 All written documentation including email re development discussions between Iobbyists Brian Casagrande and Janet Bradley for the Torgan Group and the City 0 Ottawa for a condo development for the property at 747 Richmond Rd. rasoft AccessPro Reports GencrateReporl.aspx RequestTypelDs 1 SQLFile Complete. . 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00230 All documents and email communications between Colleen Holey and Diane Getty. All emailsldocuments that Diane Getty sent to Police Services. All email communication from the Claims department, Copies cf emails sent and received pertaining to 5,1411 2015-03-11
A-2014-00229 All emails les from Corporate Security re accident that occurred on November 10. 2009 regarding 9.141 1 All les from Richard Lavigne Ambulance records. All internal communication from those who had contact with my accident le. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00228 Surveiilance tapes video and maintenance records for any snow removal contractor for January 11th, 2014. File number LOB 06 14 34926 2015-03-11
A-2014-00227 All calls made by to the City cl Ottawa regarding temperature readings for 315 Holmwood Avenue. Apt. 308. All records of these temperature readings 2014 0038 6755. 2013 O11 B0120, 2014 0042 8289, 2014 0046 2232. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00226 Request to obtain report from by law ufiicer Julie Easton in reference to 305 315 Halrrvwood Avenue. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00225 Re CCTV. requesting info on sanitary pipe repair replacement by the City of Ottawa on 2412 Clementine Blvd. Also. seeking records Ior any road out work done at same property regarding wa er line. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00224 All records canlaining or including any assessment. report, discussion. or reference In the economic. cultural, social and environmental impact. bene ts or risks of street performerslperformances in the Byward Market 2015-03-11
A-2014-00223 Al records referring to, regarding or created for the purposes of the enforcement of by laws, policies, and procedures relating to the licensing and activities of street performers performances In the Byward Market, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00222 Complete Police records for MVA February 16. 2012. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00221 Obtenir oapie compleete de tout document que deetient la ville d Ottawa me permettant de aso AcccssPro Repons Gencmtekeportaspx RequesITypalDs 1 SQLFile Complete... 2015 Feb I B 2015-03-11
A-2014-00220 Obtenir copie cornpleete de tout document que deetient la Ville d 0ttawa me permettanl de voir les heures suppleementaires payes aux employees de la ville d 0ttawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00219 Oblenir cople de tout document incluant statistiques ou aulres dcnnees que deelient la Ville d 0ttawa me permetlant de volr Ies plaintes qul ont eetee enregiszreees on signaleees a la ville d 0ttawa 2015-03-11
A-2014-00218 1 All records related to the disappearance the of ring belonging to Ruth Black rs reported on December 28. 2011 formerly of Calerlon Lodge, 55 Lodge Rd. Nepean ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00217 Fire repon for re at 101 Colonel By Drive on 17 April 2014. Incldenl number 14 21263. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00216 Requesting a copy of the request for the cones called by the City of Ottawa to Tweedale Sewer 8. Water Ltd. Reference 2014 00330032 2015-03-11
A-2014-00215 Copy ofall property standards reports and orders for 1 727 Churchill Avenue N. Also. copy of any reports from Fire Department for same address. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00214 By law report reference 2013 00605553. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00213 Any documents related to a sewage backup which occurred on or about June 27. 2012. at or near 430 Statewood Drive, Kanata 2015-03-11
A-2014-00212 Copy of the Brie ng Book prepared or the Mayors 2013 trip to China. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00211 Obtain copies of all documents Cily oi Ottawa has, which would show how much the City of Ottawa paid out to individuals to resolve disputes of this type due to road conditions and vehicle damage from 2005 April 7, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00210 raso AccessPro Reports Gencralelleportaspx7RequestTypeIDs I SQLFilc Comple e... 2015 Feb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00209 All communication between the offices of Mayor Jim Watson andlor City Manager Kent Kirkpatrick and Via Rail with regards to malfunctioning rail signals in Barrhaven between January 1. 2014 and April 14, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00208 Materials relallng to the Program Delivery and Fiscal Plan Funding granted to Salus lo develop a property on Clementine Boulevald 2015-03-11
A-2014-00207 Inspection reports from April 2014 for 502 Somerset St. West Unit 1B 2015-03-11
A-2014-00206 Copy of all city records relating to King Edward Avenue s.B. speci cally relating to posted speed limits. construction occuning and construction zone speed Ilmits along the roadway in April 2010. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00205 All information related to file No.201300604226, speci cally the content of the complaint made 2015-03-11
A-2014-00204 1 Written records of call to By Law, Dec. 31. 2013 2 Written records of call to By Law. Jan. 2. 2014, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00203 copy of video from traf c camera at Kent Street I Catherine See on April 5, 2014 between 7 and B p.m. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00202 All written correspondence lo and from the Mayors Of ce. Councillor Jan Hardefs Of ce and the City Manager s Of ce regarding establishing standard operating procedures with ma Rail, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00201 In relation to orderto comply 2012 0140 Issued under authority of Building Code Act 1 All correspondence and reports issued by Urbanetics Limited. Urbanetics Inc. and Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00200 By law of cer report about towing during snow removal. TIcket H0422749. I . dale 28 12 2013, time 1 11 am., vehic e Land Rover 2015-03-11
A-2014-00199 In a letter from the City Claims Of ce dated October 25th, 2013 the City Indicated that maintenance was completed in the area on September 10 and 11. 2013. Would like to know the precise nature of the maintenance and where it was done between Belfast and vasoh AccessPro Reports Gcnera eRepon.asnx ReauestTvneIDs l SOLFi c CmnD elc... 201 S F b I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00198 Please provide the number of times Councillor Fleury has declared a con ict of interest and on what leslmotionslvotes. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00197 Any Municipal records pertaining to property slandards on Anlmal care control and noise by law complaints for the premises at 23 Nixon Farm Drive, Richmond Ontario. For the period of December 1, 2012 to April 11, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00196 Fire report for re at 68 Jeanne D arc Unit A and B that occured on December 25, 2010. Incident 10 E4870 2015-03-11
A-2014-00195 All documents related tn Ottawa Golf and Hunt Club Inc., and the City of Ottawa in connection with the closing and conveyance of part of Bowesville Road between January 1994 and April 7. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00194 1 am seeking all communications both tolfrom the City of Ottawa. as initiated by undertaken with any member of LELA, with respect to the condltion of and potential health concerns related to the takes. as well as any associated actions by the LELA Board 2015-03-11
A-2014-00193 Information for Taxi Plates in the 4000 numbers 4000 and up accessible cabs 2015-03-11
A-2014-00192 All agreements with Teleaommunlcations Corps that pertains to underground cables Including abandonmem . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00191 All correspondence. including PINS, between Clty of Ottawa employee Catherine McKenna and Councillor Dlane Holmes. or any member of Councillor Diane Holmes cf ce between January lst, 2014 and April 8th, 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00190 Demonstration permn applied for and or obtained by s 14 1 Possib y permit number T07 15 14 0058. Municipal property known as 148 Spadlna Avenue. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00189 vaso AcccssPro lleportslmncratekeport aspx7RequestTypeIDs l SQI.File Cnmpletc.,. 20 I 5 Feb l E 2015-03-11
A-2014-00188 Alt election related Notice of Leave correspondence between City of Ottawa employee Catherine McKenney 2015-03-11
A-2014-00187 A list of all MFIPPA requests that were closedlcompleted between January 1. 2014 and March 31, 2014 inclusive 2015-03-11
A-2014-00186 Financial documents pertaining to costs for emergency and police services at the Via Rail crossing on Fallow eld Road since Sept. 18, 2013. and emails pertaining to the mal functioning railway crossing lights at this station. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00185 Permit applied for and or obtained by s m relating to the property known as 254 Friei Street, Ottawa ON . This is believed to be permit No. T07 15 14 0058. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00184 A copy of the Fire Department s records with respect to an accident that occurred on August 31. 2010 at the intersection of West Hunt Club and Moodie Drive in Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00183 Rapport d un inspecteur by law de la ville en decambre 17 decembre 2013 concernant la presence de moisissure dans mon apparternent. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00182 All documents. reports. records and correspondence, including letters, e mails, faxes, memos, photographs, maps Instant messages, or other records capable of being produced from a machine readable record whkzh make reference to environmental permits that 2015-03-11
A-2014-00181 A list of personally branded merchandise purchasedlexpensed by each Council member between December 1 , 2010 and December 31, 2013. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00180 Copies of several excerpts of video footage including tref c cameras. 9Yl n iac ities and court houselcity Hail 2015-03-11
A-2014-00179 Records relating to the renovations at 54 Park Road and 68 Park Road. Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00178 Spreadsheet showing total casts associated with installing the GPS enabled automated rasoRIAccessPro Reports GeuermeRcport.aspx7RequcsITypeiDs l SQLFile Complete... 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00176 Letter from Michael Polowin to the City s Real Estate Partnership of ce concemlng Redmond Place dated April 12th. 2012. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00175 Copy of marriage licence 2015-03-11
A-2014-00174 All records of complaints to by law and property standards for 492 Newman Avenue 2015-03-11
A-2014-00173 The list of all enterprises that sell or wlll sell in 2014 lrozen yogurt mostly self serve frozen yogurt such as Menchie s, Kiwl Kraze. etc. in all of Ottawa. Kanata and Stittsville. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00172 All correspondence between the City of Ottawa s City Managers Of ce, the Infrastructure Services Department, the Planning and Growth Department and Phoenix Homes Developer, Danwell Land Inc with respect to the lnfrastmcture development of Phoenix Homes 2015-03-11
A-2014-00171 Record of all complaints to bylaw and property standards for 492 Newman Avenue. Would also like to see the complaint history for Ihe complaints against this property. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00170 The planning application for a proposed subdivision by DCR Phoenix Corp. a171 I 13 Montreal Road submitted December 8. 1999 2015-03-11
A-2014-00169 I would like to see the Business Case. Options Analysis, or Eoonomic Analysis regarding the proposed solution to the OC Transpo hybrid busses and their poor perforrnanoe, The Business Case would show the options considered before recommending an engine re 2015-03-11
A-2014-00168 Complete copy of City s Attendance Management Policy and Guidelines currently in use Complete copy of City Priority Placemenl Permanent Accommodation Policy and Guidelines currently In use 2015-03-11
A-2014-00167 Rates of suspension From Ottawa Schools in the last ve years because students were not Immunlzed according to Ottawa Public Health and its snfcroemenl of the Immunization of Schools Pupils Act. Numbers should be broken down by schoal 2015-03-11
A-2014-00166 A copy of records which relate to Delcan Corporation s mandate and involvement with the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project aso AccessPro Repons Gcncmtekcport.aspx RequestTypelDs 1 SQLFilc Completc .. 2015 Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00165 A copy of reoords internal to the Cily of Ottawa specifically In relation to the Olly of Ottawa s approval for a budget increase for the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00164 Copy of all reports and orders regarding 1400 Lepage Ave. Unlt 102 Ottawa ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00163 All pictures. hand written and typed notes of Clty of Ottawa By Law Officer Tyler Patterson during site inspections at 1971 St.Laurent Blvd., in Ottawa from 2010 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00162 Any property standards and by law reports In relation to the property heated at 318 Bank Street. Ottawa ON 2015-03-11
A-2014-00161 An electronic copy of Ottawa Public Health s records of immunization rates measles. mumps. rubella. diptheria. polio. tetanus at Ottawa schools or the last frve years. The database maybe called the Immunization Records Information System . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00160 Inlormation from Ottawa Fire Services pertaining to the re at 19 Beechwood Ave on March 16. 2011 2015-03-11
A-2014-00159 All plans and documents for 111 Cooper Street 2015-03-11
A-2014-00158 The name of the owner of the restaurant Indain Aroma located at 164 Laurier Ave West, Ottawa ON K1P 5J4 2015-03-11
A-2014-00157 nterna records in regards to accident at 5th Avenue on Nov 10, 2009 2015-03-11
A-2014-00156 Improvised system of Microso Exce spreadsheets used to track on y the Airport Parkway pedestrian bridge project. I would like to see those spreadsheets 2015-03-11
A-2014-00155 All existing floor pians. building permits and Inspection records for 229 Armstrong Street rasott AccessPro Repans GenerateReporLaspx7RequcstTypeIDs l SQLFilc Complele... 2015 Feb l 8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00154 A list of all businesses in the City of Ottawa that have obtained various municipal licences 2015-03-11
A-2014-00153 All documenrslrepcrts containing my name address from By aw. Property Standards and Public Health March 2006 to present 2015-03-11
A-2014-00152 1. How many palholes have been reported on City Roads am 2014 2. How many 311 calls have been received for the repairs and how many repairs carried out to date. 3. Has the City received any claims for repairs of motor vehicles. or damages owing no these 2015-03-11
A-2014-00151 Copy of the Study Design for the Phase 25 work that was completed during Phase 2A of the study. This was previously posted on the study website. This document was prepared by the Aecom Delcan consulting team, The website Is no longer accessible. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00150 Marriage certi cate for . It appears marriage was never registered. Kindly provide documentation showing whether marriage Hcence is still active or expired. Married in summer of 2004. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00149 Complete copy of ACE2012 04836 Quebec Govemmenl seeks declaratory ruling that Air Canada is in violation of the alt Canada Public Participation Act etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00148 1 Any record showing average hourly. daily. weekly or monthly fuel consumption in litres for RTE 159 0c Transpo for the period of January 1m 201310 February 26. 2014, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00147 Architecture drawings for 1391 Wellington Street West building 2015-03-11
A-2014-00146 Copies of all complaints and records of action taken relaied to complaints from passengers unsatis ed with 0C Transpds safe slop program in 2012, 20134014, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00145 All communications. including emails and paper documents between among City of Ottawa Councillars or the Mayor, and staff regarding the Ontario Drinking Waler Standards pertaining to D55. objectives and guidlines or ODWO since 2008 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00144 All documents and records relating to RFT Nos. 01813 96872 T04, 01813 96872 T05. 01813 96872 T06 and 01813 36872 T07 vasa IAccessPro Reports GenemIcRcpor1.aspx RequeslTypeIDs I SQLFi e Complete... 20 I S Feb 18 2015-03-11
A-2014-00143 Copies required of building permit plans of an addtional buillal18 Elma, in Ottawa, If possible, copies of original bullding plans as well. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00142 Case number 201400366501 Would like de ciency list. complain sheet, photos. orders, and notes from inspectors. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00141 All by Iaw reports regarding 197 Cumberland Street for the past 5 years. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00140 All records related to work done at 939 Weston Drive in Ottawa. This work was done in March 2012. The work involved replacing a lateral sewer pipe. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00139 In ground pool permit for 1552 Bonneville 2015-03-11
A-2014-00138 Records relating to Chimo Hotel located al1199 Joseph Cyr Street, Ottawa. Ontario 2015-03-11
A-2014-00137 Information relating to Travelodge Hotel Conference Centre located a1 1376 Carilng Avenue. Ottawa, Ontario 2015-03-11
A-2014-00136 Which fire services detachment responded to call at the Travelodge Ottawa at 1376 Carling Ave on or about Aug 10, 2013 and a copy of any and all records with respect to the incident 2014-07-04
A-2014-00135 A copy cf the building permlts issued for 5738 Stuewe Dr and any related inspection information 2015-03-11
A-2014-00134 All letters, 3 mails, documents, minutes. brie ng notes. andlor any other communications related to Lakeland Estates Lolcwners Association LELA 2015-03-11
A-2014-00133 Capy 2 OC Transpo report 150035 led by Transit Law Emergency Operator Call re incident on January 27th. 2014 streetlight pole struck 2015-03-11
A-2014-00132 All 2012 and 2013 Environmental Compliance audit reports for we Lemieux island and the Britannia water treatment plants and the Robert O. Pickarcl Environmental Centre 2015-03-11
A-2014-00131 An Ottawa Transit Driver may have witnessed a sllp and fall in front of the Tim Horton s at 1610 Walkley Road on November 22. 2013 at 6 00 am Requesting the driver s report of this Incident. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00130 2015-03-11
A-2014-00129 Permit number 394623 and 394806 and any related documentation for 5616 Hazeidean Road. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00128 Information relating to work orders listed below and regarding 541 Brownlng Avenue 517,027 517,024 528.462 593.393 608.400 621.669 2015-03-11
A-2014-00127 All accident reports for City of Ottawa owned or leased vehicles working out of Roger Stevens Drive Yard, andlor all accident reports for City employees working out of Roger Stevens Drive Yard. for the period of January 2004 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00126 All documents regarding Justin Trudeau s speech to the Mayor s breakfast event on February 27th. 2014. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00125 Requesting copies of the fo awing City of Ottawa departmental organizational charts 2015-03-11
A-2014-00124 Fire Investigation reporl for re which occurred February 11. 2014 at new condominium construction in Everest Private between Russell and St. Laurent destroying a truck and damaging a building, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00123 All information regarding any and all applications made by 449194 Ontario Inc. andlor by Shelter Canadian Properties Limited andlor 173295 Canada Ltd to convert the Crosswinds apartments located at 641 Bathgate Dr. from rental units to condo units. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00122 Complete file of s.14 1 2014-07-04
A-2014-00121 Request for by law report 201400355951 2014-07-04
A-2014-00120 Full report including pictures of the re that occurred on Dec 23, 2013 150 Third Avenue. Ottawa, ON K15 2K1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00119 vaso AccessPro Reports GenerateReponaspx RaquesrTypeIDs 1 SQLFile Complele... 2015 Feb I 3 2015-03-11
A-2014-00118 A copy fo all reports from bylaw officers who were investigating complaints of my tenants about the quality of their residential dwellings at 6046 Ottawa Street, Richmond Ontario 2014-07-04
A-2014-00117 Complete list of all respondent teams who submitted to the City RFQ No. 01413 90957 Q01 Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court redevelopment, including a detailed record of their respective consortiums professionals, general contractor, specialist consultant . 2014-07-04
A-2014-00116 5.114 1 2015-03-11
A-2014-00115 All records in any formal related to tender 01813 96872 T09 and information related to All Ways Asphalt Property 2015-03-11
A-2014-00114 Building Permit and renovation info an le for 3 Britannia Road Permit 86921 March 19,1979 reel 354 FS 71 2015-03-11
A-2014-00113 Records relating to the municipal business llcensing of adult entertainment clubs. body rub parlouns and holistlc centres for leh last 20 years. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00112 Plans for 1101 Prince of Wales and 955 Greens alley 2015-03-11
A-2014-00111 I am seeking a copy of a petilion with regard to the extension of the public sanitary sewer syslem In the Manotick Core Area, which petition was certi ed by the Clerk of the City of Ottawa on October 12. 2007. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00110 All records relating to security requirements, security plans, security budgets and security staffing for the Big City Mayors Caucus meeting at Ottawa City Hall Feb. 2014 . 2015-03-11
A-2014-00109 Records between January 1, 2013 and Feb. 25. 2014 detailing strategies and proposals to anirnaie. improve or change the Rink of Dreams at Ottawa City Hall. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00108 Minutes of the NCC Advisory Committee on Design and Real Estate associated with the Bank of Canada head office renewal program. The request covers material from 2011, 2012, and 2013, etc. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00107 Copy of OC Transpo incident report for accident of Nov 8, 2012 Bus No. 12 Eastbound Claim 35154 2014-07-04
A-2014-00106 Food safety Inspection Report Facility Galla Heritage Ristorante 5129500 from January 2009 to June 30th, 2010. Please exclude the march 12, 2009 report. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00105 All communications between Nancy Schepers Office, the Mayor s Ofllce. Steve Kanellakas Of ca and Rideau Transik Group between Feb 20 and Fab 23, 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00104 Request for tness centre renovation drawings at the Rldeau Centre 50 Rldeau. Ottawa. Permll 870322. date of drawings Feb 27, 1987 Ree 87 05. m step 35 2015-03-11
A-2014-00103 Ontario Works file of s.14 1 2014-07-04
A-2014-00102 All drawings related to Permit No 43642, dated April 14, 1961, which involves storefront and interior alterations to an existing store at 102 Rideau St. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00101 All drawings related to Permit No 850362, dated May 31, 1985, which involves the construction of a new building at 120 126 Rideau Street 2014-07-04
A-2014-00100 All drawings related to Permit No 930302 dated March 30, 1993 which involves the construction of a new RBC building and emolition of surrounding buildings at 120 126 Rideau Street 2014-07-04
A-2014-00099 asa AccessPro Reports Generatekeport,aspx RequestTypeIDs SQLFile Complete... 2015 Fcb I8 2015-03-11
A-2014-00098 Bylaw case number 2014 0036 60 75 Jan 29th, 2014 Bylaw case number 2014 0039 7632 Feb 13th, 2014 2014-07-04
A-2014-00097 Internal Consultation 2014-07-04
A-2014-00096 Copy of GC 2013 034299 2014-07-04
A-2014-00095 Video footage from Trim and 174 East on Feb 17th 2014 from 12 30am to 1 30am from the traffic camera 2014-07-04
A-2014-00094 Any documentation and or reports prepared by the Ottawa Fire Services with respect to the fire that destroyed a 2010 Nissan Altima on December 12, 2013 at or about 501 Smyth Road 2014-07-04
A-2014-00093 Documents and records relating to an Incident al Moodie Works Yard septic system on November 12. 2012 which led to the City being charged by MOE under the EPA and regulations. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00092 By law report 2014 004 00520 for incidenct dated 15 Feb approx 1 45 including all officers and any subsquent request for snow removal 353 Wilmont 2014-07-04
A-2014-00091 Records related to 123 Duane Street, Ottawa, Ontario Dated Jam, 2009 to Jan 8, 2014 2015-03-11
A-2014-00090 Complete copy of the file from the Ottawa Fire Department with respect to a motor vehicle accicent on June 29, 2009, at approximately 2 30am at 4705 Limebank Road 2014-07-04
A-2014-00089 A full copy 0 me OFS le concerning the re on 14 December 2013 at 1396 Claymor Avenue In Ottawa Ontario Occurence No, 13 81759 2015-03-11
A-2014-00088 900 Byron 2. No. Permit 47483, April 1962, Rest 149 Film Stop 78. Civil Eng Drawing Buns. Russ 8. Associates, Plan 144 F1 to 144F3 Architeclual Drawing 0,TamawsKi. Sheet 1 to 9 Structural Drawing Standard Structural Steel Pages E1 ta E4 2015-03-11
A-2014-00087 222 Maclaren Street. No. Permit 34556. October 17. 1953. Reel 72. le slop 333. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00086 On September 19. 2013. the Heart and sucks Foundation of Canada completed a charity event involving a Blg Bike white staned its ride at City Hall. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00085 1725 Riverside Dr. Permit No 53453. March 2. 1964. Reel 116, Film Stop 4, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00084 Information regarding problems or complaints concerning newspaper vending boxes cluttering or blocking pedestrians access, including but not limited to letters of complaints, memos, meeting minutes and correspondence from the public from June 1, 2013 to February 5, 2014. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00083 Obtenir copie ou slatistiques ou autres donneees montrant Ie aux crabsenteisme des chauffeurs d autobus et ce pour chacune des anneees suivantes 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. 2012. 2013, 2014 3 cs jour, Ie 3 feevrier. avec les raisons 2015-03-11
A-2014-00082 Statistiques de OC Transpo concemant les cas de v olem e verbaleslphysiques subis par des chau eurs qui ont eetee oornmls par des passagers dans 2006 2014 a oe jour. Ie 3 feevrier 2015-03-11
A-2014-00081 Obtain copies of all documents, including statistics or other data that would show me the movement in the number of employees separate managers from employees at OC Transpo for each of the following years, 2000 2014 to today, February 3. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00080 Obtenir copie de tout document que deetient Ia vi e d Ol1awa me perme an da voir Ie nombre d employes qul ont eetee congeediees at suspendus pour chacune des anneees suivants avec les ralsons ou motifs 2000 2014 a ca jour, la 3 leevrier, 2015-03-11
A-2014-00079 Requesting the number of veri able people per day using Centre 454 services. Also, how aso . AcccssPro Rcpons GencrateRepon.aspx JRcqucsITypelDs l SQLFile CompleIc... 2015 F b 13 2015-03-11
A-2014-00078 Road sand salt maintenance log book salt management of the City of Ottawa for Highway 174 for the period of April 5th to April 10th, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00077 A copy of the inspector s findings for an inspection done at 115 3019 Fairlea Crescent for humidty levels and mould concerns . Copy of a subsequent inspection conducted with the proper equipment for the same address and the findings of the inspection. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00076 Traffic camera for an accident that occurred on February 7, 2014 at around 4 20p.m. on Wellington Street and Portage Bridge. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00075 Requesting incident report for incident that occurred January 31, 2014 at Aquaview after school program. Inlcudes , Carly Haydt Program Coordinator , and . 2014-07-04
A-2014-00074 Fired department report regarding a motor vehicle accident that occurred on July 27, 2013 where a streetlight pole was struck on Markland Cresent in Ottawa. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00073 All written correspondence from the Lobbyists Brian Casagrande and Janet Bradley for the Torgan Group to the City of Ottawa concerning potential develnpment plans for 747 Richmond Rd. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00072 All records from 2010 to 2014 indicating that the fire dept. had to get Fairmont Chateau laurier from incidences relating to clients and staff being stuck in elevators full reports wanted 2014-07-04
A-2014-00071 Reports, studies and correspondence on pilot study of the Live Attenuated influence Vaccine LAIV or nasal spray vaccine tested in schools in Ottawa between the period of September 2013 January 27, 2014. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00070 Incident occurred end of Cassels Street at the City of Ottawa Britannia Water Treatment Plant on the boat ramp to the Ottawa River. Fire Dept. attended scene to which there was a parked car on the boat ramp. April 4th, 2012 approx 12 30PM. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00069 Please provide fire report and all notes related to occ 13 84495 for fire occurring at 15 1210 Meadowlands Drive, Ottawa. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00068 All documents related to 973 Charlton Dr. from August 19, 2013 until February 3, 2014. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00067 Requesting records documentation of all reports of police arrests resulting in deat, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault on behalf of person arrested. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00066 Name and contact information of a man who was injured on his bicycle on June 21, 2013 at approx. 7 00 a.m. on NCC pathway in Ottawa Ontario when he was struc another individual was also injured. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00065 Drwaing s 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105, dated 1985 on reel 86 05 film stop 69. Drawings are stamped by Maxwell Miller. Address is 1200 St Laurent Boulevard. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00064 All mechanical drawings on reel 85 04 film stop 2 stamped by Maxwell Miller. Related address is 1200 St Laurent Boulevard. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00063 Copy of Fire report for a motor vehicle accident which occurred on April 8, 2013, on Hunt Club Road near Woodroff aveneu. Please include all records with respect to . 2014-07-04
A-2014-00062 Charges and outcome of chargest against . 2014-07-04
A-2014-00061 Police records 2014-07-04
A-2014-00060 Documents relating to any and allc omplaints regarding food establishments inspected by OPH. Various Swiss Chalet, Wendy s and Mcdonald s locations . 2014-07-04
A-2014-00059 Documents relating to any and all Food Safety Inspection Reports from 15 JAN 13 regarding Swiss Chalet 1910 Bank Street. Also includ any further observations and or notes regarding this location from September 1 2012 to October 30 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00058 Complaints filed against the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care from 2012 2013 only directed at the Ministry s Performance Improvement and Compliance Brance 2014-07-04
A-2014-00056 Records related to communication between Nancy Schepers, the City s Deputy Manager of Planning and Infrastructures, and Louis W. Bray Construction. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00055 An electronic extract of MAP 2014-07-04
A-2014-00054 Copies of records including building plans, buidling permits, surveys, maps, blueprints, and plan sheets in relation to 138 Vachon Avenue, Ottawa 2014-07-04
A-2014-00053 Briefing notes, meeting minutes, memos and financial records for the City of Ottawa sports strategy Arts, Culture, Heritage and Advisory Committee from September 2013 to January 25, 2014. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00052 All completed Staff Agency Review reports for 2009 and 2012 for all private y owned and non pro t domiciliary hostels operated pursuant to agreements with the City of Ottawa. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00051 Information related to the HLUI submitted on December 12, 2013 for 1680 Vimont Court, Ottawa 2014-07-04
A-2014-00050 Addresses for service according to the ity s reports for specific properties. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00049 All documents relating to the construction of the four unit townhouse whihc includes the unit with the municipa address of 86 Cohen Ave. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00048 Emergency Shelter Service Agreement between the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Mission dated March 22, 2006 including any appendices and or attachements 2014-07-04
A-2014-00047 Any and all information used and evidence collected by K. Donaldson Property Standards Officer in support of an order to remove refuse and debris from the property at 64 Pamilla Street. Date of order is July 3, 2013 and the work performed by City contra 2014-07-04
A-2014-00046 All fines, order, tickets other enforcement actions taken, and complaints against unit 309 of 589 Rideau Street from December 1, 2004 until January 24, 2014. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00045 Emails and attachments between Clty staff member Melissa Jort Conway and Miguel Tremblay for the month of January, 2014 up until the 23rd. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00044 All By Law or other City ordinance complaints, the resolution thereof, including any appeals during the resolution process made since 1 December 2010 against 6101 Forestglen Crescent. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00043 Records relating to outstanding municpal cheques, and active fees collected for construction purposed. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00042 Various Documents regarding Glen Caim Slormwater Management 2015-03-11
A-2014-00041 Copies of Contractor s submitted Snow Removal Services Tenders RFQ as follows RFT 01813 96872 T04 RFT 01813 96872 T05 RFT 01813 96372 T06 RFT 01813 96872 T07 2015-03-11
A-2014-00040 Copy of all information regarding By Law reports 2013 01163148, 2013 01163200, 2013 01199885, 2013 01199955 and 2014 00303298. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00039 A full copy of the OFS file concerning the fire on 13 January 2014 at 540, 544 and 546 Gilmour Street in Ottawa, Ontario Occurrence No 14 2132 2014-07-04
A-2014-00038 Barn swallows nesting under Jockvale Bridge A 2013 00155 BMO 2014-07-04
A-2014-00037 Copy of all public records related to the Ottawa Light Rall Transit Project procurement. including but not limited to, prequali cation documents. the executed DBFM Contract with all attachments and pricing information. etc. 2015-03-11
A-2014-00036 Complaints regarding a dog making a disturbance at s.14 1 2014-07-04
A-2014-00035 Copy of displatch and fire report for a fire at 1929 Ogilvie Road occurring on the 9th of November 2013. The fire occurred on the roof of the building. Report number 13 73549. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00034 All reported complaints about noise disturbance reported for 17 20 Charlevoix Street, Vanier between the dates June 1, 2010 to the present Dec 4, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00033 Information related to 846 Balsam Drive Ottawa 2014-07-04
A-2014-00032 The sheet or sheets of paper that give the beat for the sidewalk plow which tells operator to plow the sidewalks on Spencer St. between Hamilton St. and Parkdale St. Dec 14 2013 to Jan 7 2014 2014-07-04
A-2014-00031 All information related to my application for a private approach, file 2013 005 27863 or receipt 697604 2014-07-04
A-2014-00030 All mechanical drawings labelled M1 through M18 dated 1989 reel 91 14, film stop 1 2014-07-04
A-2014-00029 Copy of building application and permit file for 6439 Blossom Trial Drive, Ottawa 2014-07-04
A-2014-00028 Summary of all by law complaints for 147 Granville Street from 2008 to present. All documents related to bylaw complaint 2009 398705. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00027 All reports, documents, everything on file in regards to 344B Presland Road from 2011 to present including by law verbal complaints and by law reports work orders etc. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00026 Report on work done at 846 Balsam Drive City sewer pipe was changed Feb. 2011, etc. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00025 To obtain a complete copy of any document or, preferably, of statistics reports or tables that indicate the number of parking tickets issued during a winter parking ban in effect. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00024 Please provide a copy of the information provided to the requestor under MFIPPA request A 2012 00316 and A 2012 00818 2014-07-04
A-2014-00023 List of any by law complaints with the tax roll number 0614.031.601.807000.000, for the period of May 2010 to January 16, 2014 2014-07-04
A-2014-00022 I would like an electronic extract of your MAP system property standards , etc. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00020 Breakdown of reported incidents of harassment and assault on OC Transpo property, including buses for 2009. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00019 Breakdown of reported incidents of harassment and assault on OC Transpo property, including buses for 2010. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00018 Breakdown of reported incidents of harassment and assault on OC Transpo property, including buses for 2011. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00017 Breakdown of reported incidents of harassment and assault on OC Transpo property, including buses for 2012. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00016 I require a full copy of incident 13 84271 report completed by Capt. Gauthier and his staff from the fire Dept. pertaining to a flood on December 26, 2013 at 41 York Street, Unit 1. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00015 Copy of traffic video December 28th from 3 20 3 30 A.M. Corner of Cumberland and Rideau Street. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00014 A copy of any and all documents showing the top 100 OC Transpo driver salaries for each of the following years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 up to December 20. I am not looking for the drivers names but rather the top 100 salaries of the highest paid drivers per year, including bonuses and overtime. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00013 Order received at 843 Roseview Ave for Fire Protection Services. Separate order for property standards. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00011 I would like to know how many reports of a pot hole or road cut on St. Laurent Blvd. between Belfast and Tremblay the city might have received from Sept. 9 to Sept 12, 2013 and at what time they were received 2014-07-04
A-2014-00010 Information on expenditures made by the City of Ottawa from January 1, 2005 until December 30, 2013 for all externally contracted legal, engineering, professional and other consulting services related to the City s partnership agreement. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00009 Video for Motor Vehicle Accident at Richmond Road and Kirkwood at 4 50pm, September 28, 2013 2014-07-04
A-2014-00008 Obtenir copie comple te de tout document me permettant de voir tous les forme de cadeaux, certificats cadeau qui on eetee achetees par la ville d Ottawa afin de reecompenser ces employees et ce pour chacune des anneees suivantes 2004 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00007 As built plans ground floor for 1565 Carling Avenue, unit 110 2014-07-04
A-2014-00006 All violence against transit employee forms between December 13, 2013 and December 31, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00005 The list of taxi permits accessible 4000 series . Need the date of each permit that the permit holder became eligible for it and the date of issuance of the permit. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00004 All records relating to the Red Light Camera s at the intersection of St. Joseph and Duford in Orleans, maintenance records. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00003 Any documents including emails, detailing with the topic of studying Leda clay in the National Capital region. More specifically research oriented materials that relate to safety issues caused by Leda clay. From Jan 1 12 Aug 13 13. 2014-07-04
A-2014-00002 Internal Consult from Canadian Heritage 2014-07-04
A-2014-00001 All communications and or documents between the City s Communications department and he Mayor s Office on the Ottawa on the Move publication, from May 1, 2013 to December 27, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00759 Fire incident report 257 Booth Street, November 17, 2013. Incident number 13 75218 2014-07-04
A-2013-00758 RFT No. 01813 96872 T04, T05, T06, T07 and T08 sections 18.3, 18.4, 18.5, 18.6 form of tender for successful bidder 2014-07-04
A-2013-00757 A full and complete copy of the Fire Department Report with respect to a motor vehicle accident which occurred on June 13, 2012 on Riverside Drive at or near the exit of Billing s Bridge Plaza at approximatly 11am 2014-07-04
A-2013-00755 Any and all records regarding snow and ice accumulationon, or removal of snow and ice from the roofs of the homes with municpal addresses of 14 Galt Street and 26 Aylmer Avenue 2014-07-04
A-2013-00754 Records in reference to the Glebe Community Centre from 2012 and 2013 2015-03-11
A-2013-00753 Copies of all correspondence, reports, and documents related to driver, supervisor or other OC Transpo concerns about construction at Bayshore Shopping Centre between September and December 16, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00752 Any and all documents outlining current protocol and procedures after an OC Transpo driver has been involved in a collision. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00751 Copy of report 09 57994 Motor Vehicle Accident 2014-07-04
A-2013-00750 A copy of the fire services report 13 59976 including any and all photos or videos taken of the premises located at 2311 Shore Street, Ottawa 2014-07-04
A-2013-00749 All documents and records provided to or by the City in the context of the pre application consultation of file D01 01 13 0020 and D02 02 13 0101 2014-07-04
A-2013-00748 Fire report for 1870 Alta Vista Drive Ottawa, Ontario which occurred on 01 03 2013 2014-07-04
A-2013-00747 Records related to 2605 Tenth Line Road and 700 Lakebreeze Circle 2014-07-04
A-2013-00745 All records relating to a dog incident in which a dog was kilild by another. The date of the attack was July 17th, 2013 and was attended to by Kristyne Lister, By law Enforcement Officer. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00744 Copies of any and all documents pertaining to the construction of the building soffits at the Building 1870 Alta Vista Drive 2014-07-04
A-2013-00743 Internal or external emails or any other documentation related to Presto, created between December 2012 and December 2013 in possession of the Mayor s Office. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00739 Fire report for incident at 162 164 Goldridge Drive, Kanata on September 5, 2013 2014-07-04
A-2013-00738 All databases containing any data from January 2000 to December 4, 2013 pertaining to safety incidents involving O Train light rail transport, including accidents, crashes, spills, explosions, derailing, leaks, etc. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00737 Requesting all violence against transit employee forms for 2013 January 1 until December 12, 2013 . 2014-07-04
A-2013-00736 A breakdown of reported incidents of harassment and assault on OC Transpo property, including buses for 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00734 All property standards reports for 1 902 Moorvale Street October 9, 2012 to December 3, 2013 2014-07-04
A-2013-00733 Briefing notes and memos prepared for Jim Watson, George Young and or Serge Arpin on the Energy East Pipeline Project, since Jan 1, 2013 2014-07-04
A-2013-00728 Ontario Works file of s.14 1 2014-07-04
A-2013-00724 l am seeking records held by Ottawa Fire Service related to a call for service on November 9 10, 2013 at the new headquarters of the Communicate ons Security Establishment Canada. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00719 Documents related to the Ottawa Mission 2014-07-04
A-2013-00715 1 D07 12 50020 1 former file D04 01 50020 1 2 D07 12 50020 2 former file D04 01 50020 2 2014-07-04
A-2013-00714 All passenger complaints to the Municipal Transit Services in Oct 2013 whether received by email, telephone, mail or directly via the web 2014-07-04
A-2013-00707 1 Engineering design report addressing 49 Lorne Avenue as this property does not conform to sec. 9 of building code. There is zero clearance b w this property neighbouring structure retaining wall 2 Soils report 2014-07-04
A-2013-00706 Looking for all correspondence, meeting minutes, emails etc. relating to charging for tables at the Walter Baker Centre. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00705 Looking for a copy of City s contract with Precise Parklink Inc. Including the cost of automated parking equipment purchased in 2011. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00704 Looking for copies of all receipts for Service Ottawa catered functions either in house or out of house for dates between November 1, 2011 and November 19, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00703 All information pertaining to building permits for the installation of balconies from the period of November 1st, 2012 to November 21st, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00695 Records related to the regulations related to snow removal on Woodpark Way, Barrhaven and in Barrhaven area 2014-07-04
A-2013-00689 All as built drawings for 888 Lady Ee len Place and registered Site Plan 2014-07-04
A-2013-00685 All as built drawings mechanical, electrical, structural for 21 Florence 2014-07-04
A-2013-00670 A copy of all correspondence including email, meeting reports, personal notes, official documents, related to or written between City Steff including Brian Dickie, Robert Campbell, Kevin Heiss, Linde Anderson. et al, 2014-07-04
A-2013-00663 Agreements between Canadian National Railway and City of Ottawa. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00655 Copies of building plans, diagrams, and historical reports on for properyy at 2554 Market Street, Cumberland. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00654 Hun Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transilway Project all records generated internally by the City of Ottawa in reference to Buckland 8 Taylor Ltd.. Delcan Cnrp.. GENIVAR, or Louis W. Bray Conslruclion Ltd. Jan 1.1310 Present. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00653 Hunt Club Community Pathway connection to Souxheast Transitway Project. all records generated intemally by the City of Ottawa in reference to Buckland Taylor L d.. Delcan Carp., GENIVAR. or Louis W. Bray Conslmctlon Ltd, Jan 1.11 to Dec 31. 12 2015-03-11
A-2013-00652 Building permit drawing for 1750 Courtwood Crescent and 1760 Courtwood Crescent. Microfilm real number 272 film stop number 0143, 0183, 0104. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00651 Wsth respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project, requesting an records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and Louis W. Bray Construction Ltd. January 1. 2011 to December 31, 2012 rasn AccessPro Repurts Gcneratekeport.aspx R questTypelDs l SQLFile CompIe e... 20 I5 Feb I 8 2015-03-11
A-2013-00650 Mlh respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project. requesting ail records generated by or received by the City of Ouawa and GENNAR. January 1.2011 to December 31, 2012 2015-03-11
A-2013-00649 With respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project. requesting all records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and Deican Corp. January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 2014-07-04
A-2013-00648 With respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project, requesting all records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and Buckland Taytor Ltd. January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 2014-07-04
A-2013-00647 Vwth respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to SoutheaslTrans11way Project. requesting all records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and Louis W. Bray Construction Ltd. January 1. 2013 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00646 With respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transilway Project, requesting all records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and GENIVAR. January 1, 2013 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00645 V mh respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transitway Project, requesting all records generated by or received by the City of Ottawa and De can Corp. January 1, 2013 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00644 Mm respect to the Hunt Club Community Pathway Connection to Southeast Transltway Project. requestlng all records generated by or received by the Clty of Ottawa and Buckland 8. Taylor Ltd. January 1, 2013 to present. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00632 All documents pertaining to lubrication problems or other de ciencies in he brakes of double decker buses from Alexander Dennis since January 1. 2012. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00626 Work orders or similar documents detailing warranty repairs performed on double decker buses purchased from Alexander Dennis, since January 1, 2012.. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00622 All correspondence related to the discovery of bones under Queen Street as part of watermain replacement August 1, 2013 October 21, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00608 Any and all CCTV or security camera footage from following 5 identified locations 2014-07-04
A-2013-00601 An electronic copy of the database outlining all parking tickets and infractions given out in Ottawa between October 1, 2012 and October 1, 2013. Fields should include at a minimum location, fine, officer, alleged offence, charge and outcome. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00599 Copies of all reports, notes, summaries or other documents regarding all collisions and or accidents of any kind involving OC Transpo between October 1, 2010 and October 1, 2013. Any and all spreadsheets of OC Transpo collision information for the period between October 1, 2010 and October 1, 2013. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00598 Any and all written communication between Mayor Jim Watson, Diane Deans, Kent Kirkpatrick, John Manconi, Ottawa Police service Chief Charles Bordeleau, Anthony Di Monte, and Lisa Allaire regarding the collision between OC Transpo and VIA on Sept 18 13. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00596 The results and or reports stemming from two testing programs on the Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 bus done by the National Research Council for the City of Ottawa. They likely took place in late 2006 or early 2007. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00595 Maintenance and inspection history of OC Transpo bus 8017, the Alexander Dennis double decker model, prior to Sept. 18, 2013. If it is held within a fleet software program, would like the records created related to this specific bus since it became part of the fleet. 2014-07-04
A-2013-00590 All brie ng materval prepared for Mayor Watson and or John Manconi relaoed tn the fatal bus aoddant on sap1ember16. 2013 2013-10-01
A-2013-00589 All records related to the level crossing near Falxcwheld station where the tram tracks crass Woodm a Ave. and thaTransiMay. including but not rmmed to any records Ihat identify concerns or posemvac safely Issues with that pardcular crossing 2013-10-01
A-2013-00588 Any dmmmenls containing aetauls about me angina speci cations on the doub e dscker buses purchased from Alexander Dennis 2013-10-01
A-2013-00587 Traffic light sequence and video camera from Bank and Hun Club on September 2, 2013 belween 1913020130 hrs. 2013-10-01
A-2013-00586 Annual reports on catch basin larviciding and West Nile virus risk reduction programs from 2011, 2012 and 2013 if available. 2013-09-30
A-2013-00585 All or Transpo Inspacxian reports or double decks buses since O oI er1, 1012. Also olease include any nawrds reiauan to problems or issues Identi ed with ma duuble deckr buses since may want inm servsoe. 2013-09-30
A-2013-00584 All mechanical inspection reports, including the repair records and related documents for bus no. 8017 of the OC Transpo fleet. Also the vehicle purchase invoice. 2013-09-30
A-2013-00583 Au remms, induding but not Ilrnitsd no emails and betlevs regarding the road snucauimy andlcr safety, as wen as me rnainlananca reams, of double decker bus 9017 i1 7 and Privacy Ol cs Bass Category Name Requests Page 4 5 36004 T T New Requests Report era Records Received between 01 09 2013 and a1 10.2013 m Source Disposi on Received Due Closed 2013-09-30
A-2013-00582 NI maintenance records, logs audio records of ocu nplain s by drivers regarding double ded er bus 3017. from date of purchase to present 2013-09-30
A-2013-00581 correspunaence lo or from Ronen Delage concerning bugs. glitches or Diner eecnnical prublums wnn M5 eet maintenance somare. since January 1. 2012. 2013-09-23
A-2013-00580 Maintenance records, incident reports, and any other documentation regarding OC Transpo bus 8017. 2013-09-23
A-2013-00579 Red light camera images captured at imersec ons wimin Iha Clly nf Dltawa ol vehicle with s.14 1 544 1 and vehicle with ioenne plats 2013-09-26
A-2013-00578 A nu M an dates when so. Paltick sum at Cumberland was convened from a one way sheet In a two way street as a raw of construction or other intervening events From January 1, 2000 no January 1. 2012. 2013-09-25
A-2013-00577 Coples of complete les with regards la an aparlment re an March 26 2011 M1369 Gladstnne Avenue. Am, 1. Permission granted from re inspector David Monlone. Case number 11.17023. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00576 All inqulrieslcnmplainla regarding 594 Overland Drive. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00575 An cans responded to by City of Ottawa Fire Services for Lasalle Academy 373 Sussex Drive,OI1awa etc 2013-09-24
A-2013-00574 All in urnlahon regarding any sanitary sewer issues whlch include electronic notes. work orders, repons and emails for Ihe properly acme 1 31316 Laionkaine S1ree .Ol1awa. K1L 6X2 2013-09-24
A-2013-00573 copy 01 an drawings for permit 1207323 Copy u an drawings for permn 1300277 copy nf ail drawings or perrnil t13 BD52 Copy 0 an drawungs for permit x 13o49a7 2013-09-24
A-2013-00572 Details 3 the City 0 Ottawa s legal cnsls incurred wim regards to litigation and other steps taken by the City of Ottawa conoeming the properties munidpally knawn as 287 Cumhariand Sweet. 207409 Murray Slreel, and 75 30 Batten street. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00571 All su ucmval and erchlxactural dmwnngs of Canadlan Bank Nam company Ltd, I45 Richmond Road. Ottawa. Onlarin K1Z 1A1 2013-09-24
A-2013-00570 Record uf when the traffic Izgms were Installed at the corner of Bmnsan Ave and Ariingmn Ave. what type of Ixghvs they are and records 01 any motor vehiofa ancidenls at that intersection since the inslalla an. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00569 All retards mating to a complaint received by the City 01 Onawa about a Box in tram of 11 Avenue Road, Ottawa including the visit In 11 Avenue Road by city official Adam Farrier 2013-09-24
A-2013-00568 Em an In Dan 24.992013 06.114013 30 10 2013 1 and Pnvacy Of ce Bass Iafagory Name Rsqueszs age 3 5 0mm New Requests Report ral Records Received between 01 09 2013 and 01 10 2013 I Source Dssposmon Received Due Closed All records in respect to wncsms and complaints 281 Ken SIree and 455 Cooper Street for the penod commencing January 13 . 1994 to January 15L 2008 2013-09-24
A-2013-00567 ,.w..w ... W. ca W gum on 11 2013 31 10201 Al records In regalds to an escape of waterfrom the property of Pklecrest Public School on or about March 28, 2013 which is alleged to have a edad neighbouring propertiei including 1294 Firestone Ores. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00566 W... ,..,.. 4 wa mu uu H 2013 0511 2013 All documentation and ernaim related la the development uf 156 James Streel, Ottawa etc. 2013-09-24
A-2013-00565 . yrwncu m nun w u mu 2140 2013 U3 10 201 9 All documer ta ion relatmg lo the puunc concern or safety nazem reasoning behind the above 2013-09-19
A-2013-00564 . ...... l9 D9 Z0l3 2 1 2013 Requesting the last but digits vf me purchasing wsa that belongs o me any at ouawa. Card holder Dave Whltaduck 2013-09-19
A-2013-00563 um mg w u mm zzruu zuw All dacumsncz pertaining to busunes licenses vurxha following address. Ricmree Nalural Market Ridaau Centve, so Rideau Sweet Level 1. 2013-09-17
A-2013-00562 3. ., .. u Trams camera Iuotage mam lnnes 417 Easlhnund aw ramp on September 9, 2013 between 14 10 and 15 00 woman I. 1 w zuw 25 us 2u1 s 2013-09-17
A-2013-00561 , ..., 1 ua 4uAo .4 u ma Iu u gum A year and xacazmn, cf complaints to the City regarding dogs in parks 2013-09-17
A-2013-00560 The awnersmp recum for taxi plate old number l 6 curIan nun1beI 901. according to the city remrds. from 1932 2013 2013-09-17
A-2013-00559 A copy 0 all records and Information that are in the me of ma City of Ottawa smcs January 1. 2002, in connection with the em irunmenlal condition of 2510 Shaf eld Road Ottawa Ontario K13 3V9 PIN D4262 O96 LT 2013-09-17
A-2013-00558 via Appear 55 to Ottawa Of cial Plan Any correspondence among ouawa and Fotsnn concerning the Appeal. 2013-09-17
A-2013-00557 u cu ha re aooutence report 1353033 and any related nafes stalemenlslpholos regarding re at 615 White Alder Avenue Ottawa 22 08 2013 2013-09-17
A-2013-00556 Fare report var re at1244 Donald street. Olvawa, ON on Augusl 3. 2013 2013-09-17
A-2013-00555 u Lula H Au zula Trip and fa seulember 13. 2012 at 1275 Richmond Road. mews 2013-09-17
A-2013-00554 Copy of all notes an 3070 Barlow Crescent. Dunrobin. 2013-09-16
A-2013-00553 Electronic copies of Ccmmmes and Caunal Pmceedwngs Council August 28. 2013 FEDCO Augusl 26, 2013 Cauncll July 17, 2013 and FEDCO July 9, 2013. 2013-09-16
A-2013-00552 All rapurls. nlemurama. brieiing notes. presenta inn maoarials and other nan correspondence documents prepared uy Brian Guest or the Boxfish Gruup forms Rail Impsememanon 09602 in 201 . 2013-09-16
A-2013-00551 All conespondence. Including PYN5 hefween Evian Guest and either or bolh o1 Ixvr Ch and Karnel Mucsi. since Januafy 1, 2013. 2013-09-16
A-2013-00550 All documents remung to haw the City of Ottawa detenulnss now u re designaxes me ciassmcatmn o1 ixs parks 1 r and Privacy Oi ce Bass Dategury Name Requests Page 2 5 98062 New Requests Report are Records Received between 01 09 2013 and 01 10 2013 an Sou roe Dispositivzn Received Dun Closed 2013-09-13
A-2013-00549 Ali lnforrnatian regarding 1h number of requests for the re designation cl parks to on Ieash parks. plus the materials that were submmsd In support of same. plus Into re why ha decisions were ma a and what those decisions WETE. 2013-09-13
A-2013-00548 Looking for copy nl nat pohce report into me dealn of warm Poole on Decemher 7m of 1945. Her body was found in mean River urvdemeam me Cummings Bridge. 2013-09-13
A-2013-00547 An reports. memmm1a.bnenng notes. presentation metanais. and cxnar non corvespomenoe ducuments prepared by arian Guest or the Bax sh Gmup regarding the WLRT extension or the 2013 review or Ihe Transportetron Master Plan 2013-09-13
A-2013-00546 All unnespondenoe including PINS. belwaan Erian Guest and any nr 5 cf Nancy Schepels. Chris Swa . Jake Ruben. Ethel Craft. Juoelyne Tumsr, ainoa January 1. 2013. CD or paper. whichsval Is cheaper. 2013-09-12
A-2013-00545 Records since January 1. 2013 containing reports. memos, budgets. correspondence and progress updates regarding the advance metering infrastructure AMI , etc. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00544 Requssurum onawa Pulice San km. Copy aims, general occurence repan. phalos and noms pertaining to the investlga an of the fire at Argos carpet. 1914 Merivale Rnad. DPS occurence number. 13413505 and 13 21505 2013-09-11
A-2013-00543 Fu l copy of the le concerning the re on 1410612013 allkvgos. 1914 Me vale Road including ail photos. notes, reports. time sheets. rosters, a l logs, calls. etc OFS 13 51032 2013-09-10
A-2013-00542 Bylaw complaint le 20134332240 and 2013 00759632 2013-09-10
A-2013-00541 911 Transcrips maling to MVA at Bank Street and Johnston Road rm December 30 mm at11 21a.m. 2013-09-10
A-2013-00540 All mechanical drawings for 1725 Riverside Drima Drawing 1 mrough 10 2013-09-10
A-2013-00539 Copves ui all re deparlrnsnl records mcluding any reports, remms correspondence. Holes. phutvs. videai. slatemenvs. elc. penakllng to he me that occulred an May 3, 201 at 1713 Old Montreal Road. 2013-09-06
A-2013-00538 All records misled to mnstrucnan majntananm or rspsir 91 the relahing wali Iuomsd at North Side ai Spams St West of Bay st. at Mamorial Park. Including any notes canespundenea or reports related lo the insuec an at the wall 2013-09-06
A-2013-00537 Copy of By Law O lcer. Tyler Patterson notes and any other dowmemz an wilh le 2013 00572491 2013-09-06
A-2013-00536 Septic records and water records hr 300 Thomas A Dolan Pkw Dyiss oi application 10 mimstry of Envlronrnanl and septic plans. nertmcate of approval. Applacazion c 75 27 3 292. authurizamn made by Doug Broussaau. v a R 2013 0675. 2013-09-05
A-2013-00535 By law repart or parking inrractlon HO264542 on July 12. 2013. Request covers July 1 1 12. 201310 parking cumplaims on Kodiak Strsei 2013-09-05
A-2013-00534 5 5 F18 D4 U9 Z013 15 10 2013 09 1D 20I3 All 1 ts . . . . 9 W ns O myseii and bylaw services between 2001 to presem wuhouc rasmctvng the generality. all origmal 51 n and Privacy Of cs Base 7 Categoly Name Requests Page 1 5 W00 New Requests Report ral Records Received between 01 09 2013 and 01 10 2013 I Source Dlaposllian Received Due close 1 search warrants and suppur ng dowmenls and identity oi all persons entering me house fmm mu m the present and me UNGS 0 2013-09-04
A-2013-00533 ,,... cu m ynu u4 uu z n.s 1 41 2013 23 10 2013 A copy ufa records Including but non ummeu 2e e malls. memos. noles relating to 1 request fer interviews wm. oc Transpo scan between August 12 and August 22. 2013. Reveung to safely Issues 2013-09-04
A-2013-00532 ..... .. .. ..... cm. L a us V1 v. tU AU 1.1 U us zu1 .s Security plan and sile plan lor ha Ottawa Biueslesi 2013-09-03
A-2013-00531 gsumca m vuu us us 2013 0340 2013 1909 2013 File Code compliance for Ihe pari d 012005 2011 and Zomng by law comp anoe records for the pennd of 2005 2011 For the properly known as 56 Bywsrd Market Ottawa, ON K1N 7A2 2013-09-03
A-2013-00530 Copy of buisaing ptans var 350 Kirkwocu Avenue ... .... .. .. ... vuvau .. u.. I J LU 1.7 2013-09-03
A-2013-00529 Requesung the repon created by Clfy of Ottawa me invesugmor Maw Amen under incident ma 2013 312. Including report notes and phalcglaphs written nuies by Marc Amen Location 1570 Ana VIs a on January 3, 2013 2013-09-03
A-2013-00528 Requesting all records pertaining to a vaquesl by MW Ac mxarvaaw Councilor Diane Deans between August 12 and August 22, regarding saiely Issues within me eransn system 2013-09-03
A-2013-00527 lnlarmalwon regzding the Navan Lanu li. Carp Raid Facimy and the Trail Road Landii 95 the past 5 years. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00526 Bylaw Intracnon nnuce var 256 Ave. Des Peres Eiancs furaog 5 ca nox nsgisaered. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00525 Correspondence. records 0 meeting dates. applications for zoning for wlrldpower plajact Marlborough by Prowmd CanadaIProw nd GMBH. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00524 All records penainrng 0 oz Trsnspo s plan as update the lrans oorwmlsslan at its August 21st rneexing regarding safely and secuvily sssuas within me transit system 2013-09-03
A-2013-00523 Copies 0 origins architeclural and structural drawings for 130 S ateI Sheet, O awa. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00522 An electronic extrazl av your MAP systam mat cnntains pvupeny standards Inlormallon, dates January I. 2001 to August 25, 2013. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00521 lnfermalion vegaming 140 Bayview Drive hr the lasl three years. In uding. re cans. pnlice calls. bylaw cans and any infarmallnn In regards m mmpnainams or concerns. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00520 Imamal consult A An document mated to the Nenh Campus Parking laoility from January I. 2012 to the date this request received. Received July 10th, 2013 2013-09-03
A-2013-00519 Copy 01 the vsporllmm the Fare Inspaclor Terry scam who amended 6915 Gallaghev Road an August13. 2013 at 1 30 2013-09-03
A-2013-00518 seeking cnmmunicauons wilh respect to the documented hsallh hazard of mm mold al14D Bronson Avenue Ottawa. ON lrom May 2012 urIIi August2B. 2013. em. 2013-09-03
A-2013-00517 d.U IJ information related to the LRT. mnx nu u I u nu nun nu In Privacy Offfce Base 00041 useessPro ReportsfGenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 2013-08-29
A-2013-00516 dU .. 335 MacLaren Street. Structure Drawings A1 A2 S1 dated 1972. Pool in li 2013-08-26
A-2013-00515 11.. 10 Copy of all property standards reports or orders for 1 1 Hogan St. 2013-08-26
A-2013-00514 zu13 Copies of any records on le for 920 Waiters Road that are of environmental concern. 2013-08-26
A-2013-00513 LUIO Aii bu ding appiications and permits pertaining to 38 Broadway Ave., Ottawa K18 2V6 including appiication A12 0 2403 2013-08-26
A-2013-00512 s..n.ruIIu .4u. LU IO Efectronic versions of any records related to the City of Ottawa s award recommendation decision making prccess of bid OiLC 11 O0 PO06, Ottawa Light Rail Transit i roject 2013-08-26
A-2013-00511 internal consuit from Citizenship and immigration Canada 1.1 2013-08-26
A-2013-00510 L Jl1J interior demign drawings for 110 Argyle Ave. 2013-08-26
A-2013-00509 AIUIQ Police report 11401088 Date July 10 2011 Location 140 George Street 2013-08-23
A-2013-00508 Privacy Office Base tocessPro Reports GeneratoRoport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 08 00040 Page 41 01 41 Ekeeow o a,3oo o ogyo 2 Records Received between 07 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 w Source Disposition Received ue Closed Seeking copy of the City approved and stamped construction drawings pa daining to the 2007 application A0 0D3745 and the permit 0705824 for construction at 181 Richardson Side Road. Pennitwas issued August 14, 2007. 2013-08-23
A-2013-00507 The number of accidents in the last 3 years in which OC Transpo drivers were at feuit, and the number of those who were prosecuted 2013-08-23
A-2013-00506 Copy of building plans for Y0 Gloucester Street. 2013-08-22
A-2013-00505 Ottawa Fire Services feee, including time of arrival, services rendered and time of departure from scene for 3 motor vehicle accident on Highway 41 at Booth Street on June 15, 2010. 2013-08-22
A-2013-00504 Records related to the St. Mary s Daycare 2013-08-22
A-2013-00503 5 would like to know which contracior won the tender, the contractor s nai price and what their offered discount was for RF 02113 94 i55 T J2, scheduled for ceeosing on July 16th. 2013 2013-08-22
A-2013-00502 Mechanicai and electrical plans for 31 Meicalfe Street 2013-08-22
A-2013-00501 Variaus records related in 2080 Waiktey Road 2400 St. Laurent Blvd. 2405 St. Laurent Bivd. 2013-08-20
A-2013-00500 Various reccrds reiated to ENVf283i riC 200 4U 6 2013-08-20
A-2013-00499 Garbagerproperiy violations for 253 Dechamps from January 1, 2008 to August 7, 2013 2013-08-19
A-2013-00498 GarbagefProperty vioiatiorzs for 240 Marier Avenue 2008 to August .7, 2013 2013-08-19
A-2013-00497 Requesting copy of all permits reiated to the installation of pool, landscaping and fence done back in 2009 at 619 Amen ciei Street, Ottawa 2013-08-19
A-2013-00496 Any and all documentation on 88 Fairmont wenue. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00495 bung NI agreements re remediation and infrastructure works Carling and Churchiliintersection. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00494 Construction drawings architecturah mechanicai, structurai, piumbing and eiectricai at the prcperty n nun An fPn vacy O fce Base 00039 AceessP1 0 Reports GenerateRe po1 t.aspx RequestTypeIDs 11 201 3 Oct 08 Page 40 of 41 Eeem s Rwmagia Ragga 3 ecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2 U Saraioga Piace, Ottawa. Drawing sets 17988 and 17995. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00493 1 Site plan, building permif number 49 5 year1962 tee number 99, fiimstop number 69. 2 Site pian. bu ding permit number 697C3 year 19774 reei number 305. lm stop number 17. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00492 Fire Bepanmeni te number 13 48652 in reiation to 71 Stamerset Sire et West, apartment 901 baicony re. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00491 Any and alf documents, records, transcripts and reports pertaining to a dog atzack on by a clog owned by the occupant residing at Numerry Crescent. Ottawa ON, KW E WY. mcident occurred on May 4th. 2013. 2013-08-16
A-2013-00490 Any and all records inctuding ail correspondence, memorandurns, notebooks, maps etc in reiation to the le D01 01 13 0005 2013-08-15
A-2013-00489 Requesting a copy of a video traffic camera located at Albert and Lyon Street. The time range is between 11 AM and 11 30 AM on Juiy 24, 2013 2013-08-15
A-2013-00488 Copy of traffic video from Feb. 13 14. 2013 for the intersection of Montreal Road and Shefford Road of the AM. peak period for use an city project. City PM Vanessa Beeack 2559 2013-08-14
A-2013-00487 2012 Report regarding an investigation done on Gignul Non Profit Housing Corp and Madawan Management done by the City of Ottawa verifying Gignut meets their operating agreement. Any other records pertaining to this organization. 2013-08-07
A-2013-00486 Who is doing complaints on my rope y 2013-08-06
A-2013-00485 Printouts af he failnwing two 91 1 emergency caiis from December 22. 2012. 13368600 13 36810 2013-08-02
A-2013-00484 Floodisewer report for 18 Aria Court, Springridge in Cmeans K4A 4 Z. Requesting any repori avaiiahie for the Aria Court property. 2013-08-02
A-2013-00483 Traffic camera footage from Aibert and Lion on Wednesday, Jusy 24 at 10 55 AM and 11 30. 2013-08-02
A-2013-00482 Privacy Office Base .ccessPr0 Rep0rtsfGenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeI.Ds 1 2013 Oct 08 00038 Page 39 of41 eewg a 2. t Ragsmi fecgrqs ecgiied beiwe f 1 G1 0133013 and 30 O8 2013 Source Dispositian Received Due Ciosed Ii II lIIl I ll AH public feedback received by DC Transpo through a form on its website, and by email between Maw. 2003 and July 24, 2013 regarding the naming of the Confederation Line LR stations 2013-07-31
A-2013-00481 Copies of all communication between Francois Seigrzoret. City of Ottawa Housing Branch and 5 14 14 1 pertaining to i any Carson, Office Coordinator at Lao Viliage 2013-07-31
A-2013-00480 All permits issued to Telecommuication Corp. for the piacement of underground cabies 1953 to date 2013-07-31
A-2013-00479 Transcript of city by iaw officer call, case number 20124 286840. City agent on the phone was Kyle Donaidson. Also would like a copy of the by iaw officefs report retated to the construction of fence at unit 4 Bayside Private 2013-07-31
A-2013-00478 911 Transcripts relating to MVA at Bank Street and Hunt Club on August 6, 2009 at 3pm. 2013-07-31
A-2013-00477 Rapport 2013 008433079 reediger par fagent Zito Report 20 i3 008 0307S3 written by agent Zito. 2013-07-30
A-2013-00476 Video from camera at Eagleson and Katimivik from 18 00 on June 25th to DOa.m. on June 28th 2013-07-30
A-2013-00475 Ottawa Fire Report 13476 Date cf incident January 10, 2013 Location St Laurent Bivd 1515 at Beifast. Ottawa 2013-07-30
A-2013-00474 Report from Environmental Services with regards to water damage as a result of a break in the water main caused by Greenbeit Construction , on Bank Street, Ottawa. Date of incident damage to water main June 2.911 2013-07-29
A-2013-00473 1512 Walkzey Road Size and capacity of the sewer system in a yearfstorm measurement, etc. 2013-07-29
A-2013-00472 Ail documents to work order issued in May 2013 regarding apartment 2 at 25 Barton Street. Landlord 5 Building inspector Julie Easter 2013-07-26
A-2013-00471 All heat byiaw and property standards. including pictures for 200 Clearview Ave 2013-07-26
A-2013-00470 Looking to obtain records of an environmeniaf nature for 1820 Merivate Rd Nepean and 2135 Robertson Rd, Nepean in support of a Phase 1 environmental assessment. 2013-07-26
A-2013-00469 estimate 2013 no 1un uuu I nu uj p 1 Drfvacy Office Base 0003 acessPre Reports Gene fateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 Page 38 of41 Eeeee e eeeeeie eee ecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 w mW Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed information on aii City of Ottawa unclasmed cheques drawn and zssued between January 1, 2012 and December 31. 2012 and still outstanding by July 1. 212313 2013-07-25
A-2013-00468 2013 All records of an environmeniai nature or other records pertaining to the property at 460 St.Laurent Blvd. 2013-07-25
A-2013-00467 ZLHQ5 By iaw 2011 234 2013-07-24
A-2013-00466 dU IJ File number I302 U241 G019 zoning 4837 Aibion Road 2013-07-24
A-2013-00465 zu1o Snow making contract for Winteriude 2013-07-24
A-2013-00464 t R1 . i2 . LlUIl EUTI5 Petition of Ridaau Carieton Raceway to Ontario described in motion 919 in councii minutes of March 0, 20 1. 2013-07-24
A-2013-00463 auwa Historical data with respect to 685 Fiewellyn Road. 2013-07-22
A-2013-00462 U l Copy of the heaith inspection report and other reports associated with a dog bit that occurred on May 8, 2013. 2013-07-22
A-2013-00461 AUIJ Request fraf c camera videa from the Waikiey Transitway camera facing eastward towards Bank 31. time tine June 2 . 2013 from 2 45pm to 3 45pm 2013-07-22
A-2013-00460 . u1 .s Traffic camera at stand Park Scott June 10. 20i3 NR Time 22 UO 22 30. 2013-07-22
A-2013-00459 . .U l 3 Full copy of re report fer the Feb 1 13fire at 1235 onald St. Ottawa, ON This indudes all photographs and rs responder notes. 2013-07-22
A-2013-00458 U 1.IJ Requesting notes for watermain and Be Canada cable damage that occurred at I60 Elgin St. NE corner Ottawa. ON on or about O tc ber 26. 2012 2013-07-22
A-2013-00457 uc I.uIIcu.t. ee.U 0 Records retated to outstanding Municipal cheques. warrants and vouchers 2013-07-22
A-2013-00456 D vacy Gf ce Base .006ssPr0 Reports GenerateRep0rt.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 00036 Page 37 of41 eeaw w ,. e magma Records Receigegf between 01 01 2013 and 30 G8 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed Copy of the camera footage in front of the Laurier Entrance at City Hail on July 5, 2013 between 6 25am and 6 31am. 2013-07-18
A-2013-00455 Copy cf the 5 14 file inciuding aii invoices sent ta him, records of payments and an explana on as to why he is receiving these invoices. Aiso requesting a copy cf any notices that he received as to why the trees had to he removed 2013-07-18
A-2013-00454 Any and all documentation or reports dealing with the residential address off 8 We Its Street in the City of Nepean 2013-07-18
A-2013-00453 Copy of the letter submitted by Trend Arlington CA President Stewart Knowberg in March 2009 in response to a zoning application to the men pmposed Shoppers Drugmart on Greenbank Rd 2013-07-18
A-2013-00452 Request to By aw report on May regarding neighbour at 1129 Gladstone Ave.. entering and cutting down a tree from at P4 Sherbrooke Ave. 2013-07-18
A-2013-00451 Correspondence w th respect to 102 Altbirch Road and 100 Ailbirczh 2013-07-17
A-2013-00450 Emails and blackberry PIN messages of Serge Arpin sent or received Juiy 9, 2013 between 9 am. and 6 pm. 2013-07-17
A-2013-00449 Aii communications to and from the Mayor s office regarding Paui McCartney since January 3, 2013. 2013-07-17
A-2013-00448 All communications to and from the Protocot office regarding Paul McCartney. 2013-07-16
A-2013-00447 I wouid like IT to search all electronic records from and to the Mayor s Of ce on the casino since May 1, 2013 to 3uIy10,2013. 2013-07-16
A-2013-00446 L Us I4 Any and an City of Ottawa building permits pertaining to 425142 Bank Street. Ottawa K213 WT. A550 requesting any property standard reports, compiaints and orders issued to these addresses. 2013-07-15
A-2013-00445 Copy of ali records, compiaints and inspections for the property at 35 Fifth Avenue for the period of 352 January 2011 and 4th July 2013, inctuding any complaints made against the landlord. 2013-07-12
A-2013-00444 Request for Emp1oyrnentE quity Reports approved by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for the City of Ottawa. 2013-07-12
A-2013-00443 2013 n Privacy Office Base 00035 messPro Rep0rtsfGen.erateReport.aspX RequestTypeIDs I 2013 Oct 08 Page 36 of 41 eemfa gqma ia ee a ecards Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 O3 20 F3 Fans for 44 Java Street 2013-07-11
A-2013-00442 EUTJ Records associated with case 2013 O0 15963 and any records from by aw services about ihis compiaint. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00441 2013 All available drawings associated to 250 Brittany Drive, mechanical. electrical, etc. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00440 ..J.J I1.J Copy of records for sewer use program branch 2501 Greenbank Rd, file no. C10 01 13 0122. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00439 .UinJ Copies of all recordsfdocumentsfcorrespondence of the iinguistic profile data between HR, French Language Services Branch and Ottawa Pub c Health. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00438 LU I A copy of the services request made to 1404 2870 Cedarwood Drive 2013-07-11
A-2013-00437 2013 At documents and correspondence related to the renaminglrebranding of the City s lighwail line and stations, from Juiy 1, 201210 Juiy 2. 2013. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00436 UI . AIS documenis and correspondence related to the naming of the City s ght rait station UOttawa from January 1, 2013 to Juiy 2. 3013 2013-07-11
A-2013-00435 u. muI 1L I U lJ Documents and correspondence reiated to Carfeton University s North campus faciiity from January 1, 2012 July 2, 20 3. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00434 dUI 3 Any poci penmizs issued to 22 Hyde Park Way, Ottawa K2G SR4. 2013-07-11
A-2013-00433 .U u. . I information related to the City of Ottawa s Light Rail Project. 2013-07-10
A-2013-00432 .U O All records, including but not iimited to minutes, emails, letters regarding the iot at 45 Ruskin St. in Ottawa 2013-07-09
A-2013-00431 zu1s Most recent City Wide and OC Transpo elevator mainienance comracts. 2013-07-09
A-2013-00430 d i . Copy of the Motor Vehicie Accident Report. 3K 13 00558 2013-07-09
A-2013-00429 Emails from Nathalie Guay lobbyist for Transcanaoa Corp on its Energy East Pipeeeine initiative to George Young Sr. Advisor Comm. OP in the Mayor s Office between June 10th. 2033 and June 28th, 2013. rive Cy Office Base .cceSSPIO Reports GenorateRep0rt.aspx RequesI l ypeIDs 1 ... 2013 Oct O8 00034 Page 35 of 41 wow ooooo o ooo t Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 mm mMm Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 2013-07-09
A-2013-00428 Copy of By iaw camplaint against 701 840 Montreal Road regarding dog barking. 2013-07-05
A-2013-00427 Copies of buiiciing ptans and site plan regarding 1218 Rooney s Lane, Ottawa. 2013-07-05
A-2013-00426 A21 permit file drawings for 351 Elgin. Copyright holders have given permission for rail except for a few e.g. Miska.GaIe,, etc . In fiies 80933, 96056, 97578, 98528, 98494, 99234, 850781. 980246. 801187. 2013-07-05
A-2013-00425 Records re ated to Aiexander House, 842 Roseview Avenue, Ottawa, K28 6.14 2013-07-05
A-2013-00424 Copy of detailed re report incident 13 1T395 for 2120 Beaconwood Drive. Ottawa on March 29, 203 3 2013-07-05
A-2013-00423 Audio reccrding Pianning Cammittee Meeting June 25. 2913 Agenda item 11 Coionei By Drive Focused Zoning Study ACS2013 PA PGM 0133 Capitai 1 2013-07-05
A-2013-00422 A copy of an records of my primary residence at 551 Edison Ave, Ottawa and RFS 2013U 2459 . 2013-07-04
A-2013-00421 Full report for a re which occurred on February 26, 2013 31 78 Esquimault Avenue. Ottawa. 2013-07-03
A-2013-00420 Copy of ail internal correspondence and documents faxes, PIN . emails, teiephone conversations. and written notes etc. related to the requests made by myself regarding my complaint about a 1400 water bill 2013-07-03
A-2013-00419 5 14 which occurred on December 22. 2012. Requesting Records perg i igli to dog attack on compiete notes, reports, pictures relating to this incident. aii of 5 2013-07-03
A-2013-00418 rmr OB Transpo s Cus emer Service Experience Program database information on Mystery Shopper Program in a machine reaciabie .x s format 2013-07-03
A-2013-00417 Copies of ai maintenance records and snow removal records for Den Haag Drive, as wet as, the L Juan in in III nuuu un P F Privacy Office Base 00033 XCCBSSPIG RBIDOITS G8l1 I 3.t6R6p01 t.aSpX RequestTypeIDs 1 . .. 2013 Oct O8 Page 34 of41 Eeeeae Remzeete eee Fecords Received betw e 21 O1 013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciose ti sidewalks adjacent to Den Haag Drive in the City of Ottawa for me period January 22, 2012 2 January 26, 2012. 2013-07-03
A-2013-00416 A copy of the by Iaw report 2013 00 31558 2013-07-02
A-2013-00415 Any reports or inspections refated to compeeaints against he backyard landscaping project drainage compieted at 105 Spiritwood Drive, Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00414 Records, reports and notes from Ottawa Fire Services conceming unit 8 Basement at 120 Strathcona Avenue. Ottawa K18 1X5, beginning March 1. 2013 and ending June 30. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00413 For the pereeod September 1, 2012 Jam3ary 9, 201 3 A11 documents detaifmg piarzs for the celebration of Canada s 150th anniversary in 2017 2013-01-01
A-2013-00412 A fun and compiete copy of the Ottawa Fire report with respect to 5 14 1 on March 22, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00411 .14 1 A fuli and complete copy of the Ottawa F re Report with respect to 5 on May 7, 2032 2013-01-01
A-2013-00410 A copy of he Ottawa F ire Departmen report for a moior vehicle accident which occurred on September 4, 2011. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00409 Any and all records prepared by Environmeneeai Services concerning the new ciimate change ptan scheduied for reiease in 2014, from March 24, 2013 to June 24. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00408 Complete copy of s.14 1 Dntario Works file for 2009 2013-01-01
A-2013-00407 Fun and compiete copy of the Fire Report with respect to. 5 14 Location Prince of Waies and Bank eld Road Daze of 2053 May 9. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00406 s.14 1 Copy of bynlaw complaints made against etc 2013-01-01
A-2013-00405 s.14 1 Compzete copy of Long Term Disabiiity fiie. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00404 A copy of any video interview or any other form of digital media pertaining to 5 14 1 geither an A I. I 0 I u I I A main n vacy Of ce Base .ccessPm Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct U8 00032 Page 33 ofriil . a Rmfgasagica E gai Qecords Receiufd between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Dispositicm Received Due Ciosed in possession of the City of Ottawa. Ottawa Police Services or any other institution or governing body in possession of this digital record . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00403 AH records in the possession of the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Services pertaining to 5 14 1 since January 1, 2012 to present. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00402 Any and aii poiice reports ned by or pertaining to 5 14 since January 1, 2013 to present. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00401 Any and an investigation records relating to 5 14 irzciuding a detaiied account of any disciplinary proceedings and or action against of cer s.14 1 since January 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00400 Tous Ies documents. y compris les courriers eelectroniques et autres corresponriarzces de 5 responsabies de Faccees S1 Finformation avec toutes personnes on employees de la viile d Ottawa qui Ont traitee mes propres demandes cfaccees ee finformation 2013-01-01
A-2013-00399 A copy of ai notes and gtkiai cords in the possession of in ce Martin Leblanc rotating to the complaints made by against of cer 5 4 Any proceedings or disciplinary records reiateeng to these compiaints are also requested. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00398 Obtenir copie de tous Ees documents, y compris ies courriers electroniques, du service ties reiations avec les medias de la Elie ci C ttawa au sujet des demandes cfentrevues et des demandes c nformation des medias 2013-01-01
A-2013-00397 tn respect of the Gouiboum Ice Pad Twinning Progect sometimes referenced to City of Oitawa PO 45063668 . etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00396 I am searching for Ciiy business iicences, permits or heaith onsite inspection applications 2013-01-01
A-2013-00395 tnternai Consuit 2013-01-01
A-2013-00394 Architectural Drawings for office buiiding 30 Murray St Ottawa, mil 0614.020. r 01.110000000. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00393 Documents relating to 5 14 and the property 2069 Sunciland Drive, Ottawa 0N. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00391 LUIQ Record of a dog bite incident on May 4, 2073 involving 5.141 1 and a rottwemer and dog owner Business granted in part 21416 2013 22 O 08 07 2013 2013 Privacy Office Base 00031 kccessPr0 Rc3ports Gene1 a.teReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs .1 ... 201 3 Oct 08 Page 32 01 41 N w Raecgasam Ragmee ecords Received be tween 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 mwmm Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed Ali records related to noise complaints and zoning use enquiries at 350 Legeeet Drive, Ottawa ON. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00390 . .Ul J Unjust treatment from Ottawa Poiice force on 01 June 2013, 11 30 pm. Location Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON 2013-01-01
A-2013-00389 nu l I Any and alt records including emairs, presentations. memos and repcrts between OC Transpo and the Ra impiementation Of ce concerning vehicles needed to manage detours during the constructian of the Federation Line between May 1, June 19, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00388 V , . u w u am 1.51 Iw Seeking records that describe how the City of Ottawa prioritizes the bids it receives in respcmse to pubiic tenders 2013-01-01
A-2013-00387 gwlw Futi and compieeee report. Enciuding aii notes and diagrams with respect 10 motor vehicle coflision invc ving two 08 Transpo buses on the OC Transitway at Tunr1ey s Station on February 7, 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00386 a.1,. JII pl 5 14 attendance records for the 20132013 Greeiy Before and Afterschool Program. Speci caiiy requesting the dates and iimes of their sign in and sign out. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00385 4 , au All records, transcriptions, and recordings of fake and or hoax 9 H calis made to Ottawa Police between January 1, 2011 December 31. 2012. inciude retevant statistics and length and time of nails. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00384 .. .IlIJ Various records concerning meetings in 2011 between Paul Henry City Archivist and. or other City of Ottawa Archives staff and Sean McKenny, Cfarence Dungey andfor Pierre Page 2013-01-01
A-2013-00383 a.u IU The Iatest updated and progressed work sczheduze on the Confederation Line project provided by Rideau Transit Group to the City of Ottawa, and any other materials re ated to progress updates on Confederation Line work 2013-01-01
A-2013-00382 ,.......... Regarding Ottawa Fire Department incident 13 13181. Copies of CW8 reports, photos. diagrams. inspectar notes, initiai cail in detaeeis and investigative reparts and summaries. This re was at 1441346 Barrette Street. Ottawa ON on March 9, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00381 Privacy Office Base ..ccessPr0 Reports GenerateRep0rt. aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 20 1 3 09 08 00030 Page 31 of 41 E eemax P aqa, i epmiz Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Dispcasition Received Due Ciosed H 2013 Any and alt drawings for CCC 042 consisting of addresses 2290 Cutters Crs, 22 O Cutters Crs, 2250 Co ers Crs. 2286. 2284. 2282. 2280. 22 8, 2276, 2274, 22 2 Gotta rs ores and 3520 Down Patrick Rd. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00380 Aii communication reiated to preparation and arrangements to include any versions of the Environmental Strategy for inclusion in an Environment Committee meeting and agenda, including but not Eimited t reports. emaiis, memos. meeting notes inciuding hand 2013-01-01
A-2013-00379 Regarding Ottawa Fire Department incident 1134 3636. A copy of ail inspection reports, CW8 reports. photographs, iist of fire code violations, and a full copy of the court brief regarding a fire of March 11, 2013 at 3 Gilmour Street. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00378 Access te an documents retated to discussions between the NCC and the City of Ottawa concerning the use of the NCC green corridor beside the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway 2013-01-01
A-2013-00377 Looking for infonnation on accident in which Home Hardware truck was rear ended a or around 1035 March Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00376 All draft versions of the Environments strategy referred to in budget 2011 Development, approval and impiemematien of a new environmental strategy for the City . Please provide material in a machine readable PDF 2013-01-01
A-2013-00375 AH records pertaining to the City s decision to biock staff emaiis to news media and all records pertaining to the decision to end this policy. Records sh ouici eendude but not limited to emaiis, PINS, meeting minutes and reports. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00374 Alt correspondence between the CEO and the Chair of the Board going back to 2004. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00373 Aii records related to the Ottawa Stadium on Coventry Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00372 Copy of all property standards reports or orders for 1800 Baseline Road. apartment 102. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00371 Emails and memos and letters between the mayor s of ce and Paul Godfrey Chairman of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. form Dec 5. 2012 to June 6, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00370 unwou lnfcarmation related to 5 14 aperating as Appleseed Snowbiowing Services 2013-01-01
A-2013-00369 Documents pertainimg tn the free WM access the City of Ottawa is looking in offer. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00368 zu1a Requesting alt records of noise compiaints. received by the City of Ottawa since 2008 broken down by date, time, hundred biock, ward and reason. AI records should be in spreadsheet format. pref erabiy an Excei document. h nmxjh x F n1 any Of ce Base 00029 .cc asSPro Reports Ge.nerateRep0rt.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 ... 201 3 Oct 08 Page 30 of 41 eea rr argeegw a P pari records Received between 01431 2013 and 30 03 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00367 U10 All records. e mails, correspondence concerning our property located at 8370 Nova Lux Way in service request 2013 U29115. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00366 AUIJ 5 14 in an motor vehciie accident which Ottawa Fire Department report with respec to occurred on August 13, 2011 2013-01-01
A-2013-00365 2013 Any and all records. inciuding emails, memos, presentaiions and at ather documents relating to any outstanding freedom of information requests prepared for or by Corporate Communications Dept. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00364 . Jlu.J Byward Market Visioning Brie ng note prepared for Mayor Jim Watson andior Serge Arpin in Aprii 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00363 2033 Any and all briefing notes prepared for Mayor Jim Watson andfor Serge Arpin from May 1, 2013 June 6. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00362 4U O . .omprehensive Economic Trade Agreement briefing note prepared for Mayor Jim Watson andior Serge Arpin in April 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00361 LUIJ Any and 3 records prepared for or by Steve Box concerning banning non approved staff from a maiting reporters directly from March 2013 to June 6. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00360 . UIJ Memos, emails and repor s kc and from the Mayor Jim Watson. Serge Arpin, George Young mayors office . Ken Kirkpatrick. Steve Box. Lisa Ailaire, Rick O Connor and the Chief information Officer, etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00359 zu1a Copy of all prczperty standards reports and orders. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00358 5.059 Property Standards reports for 379 Cooper Street, Ottawa ON for the period of June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00357 C UIIJ All communications including P1N s between the Mayor s of ce and Counciilor Tim Tiemey s of ce wiih regards to the caseeno since May 3, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00356 . . . .14 1 . . Compieie copy of the court fnle pertaining to S and It COHHBCIIOH wsth the criminal charges under the Highway Traffic Act resulting in the Order dated February 28, 2011 Drive Cy Office Base rccessPre Reports GenerateReport.aspx Reques TypeIDs21 ... 2013 Oct 8 023 Page 29 01 41 E eee Paeeeeeeee g 3 0f g R e c e h ed between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 .... ........ Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00355 A copy of the originai architecturah structural, mechanicai electricai drawings for 2060 Walkiey Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00354 Ail records pertaining to contracts, payments, and invoices between Clever Devices and Ottawa Carioton Transportation OC Transpo or Ciever Devices and The City of Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00353 Aii email correspondence between Anne Peck and s.14 1 between January I. 2010 to May 30, 2010. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00352 110 her Road, Garage Work Project 2013-01-01
A-2013-00351 Ottawa Fire Departmerws incident report 1044600 and respective notes Date of acceedent March 14, 2010 2013-01-01
A-2013-00350 Requesting video footage from the Conroy and Walkley traf c camera from 28 May 2013 between 3E3 AM and 8 00 AM. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00349 Copies af any avaiiable drawings on records for 665 Bathgate Drive, Ottawa. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00348 All correspondence between any staff in the Mayors of ce or Saad Bashir and the Ontar o Lottery and Gaming Corp. since Aprii 1. 2013. On CD or phcztocopies whichever is cheaper. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00347 Records reiated to 800 Montreal Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00346 Copy of compiaint that i have received at 1019 Blair Road in Ottawa K1. FMS. Complaint was iodged around April 26,2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00345 Copy of ccamplaint that I have received at 1011 Btair Road in Ottawa Kw FMS. Complaint was lodged around April 26,20 3. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00344 mirth ta in I an u1 , an n u u ganja Privacy Office Base 00027 AceessPro Report.sXGene1 ateReport.aspx RequestTy peIDs I ... 201 3 Oct 08 Page 28 of 41 fteewa Rmmata Raggmee fecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 03 2013 Source Disposition Received Due nosed 2013 Copy of compiaint hat I have received at 10 Biair Road in Ottawa KM 7M9. Complaint was iodged around April 26,2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00343 luv 1 Compiaint made in the spring of 20 i from 285 Wagon Drive that water item the sump pump drain pipe on 293 Wagon Drive was causing ffacding. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00342 Q. IV A 23 of owner and addresses of parking lots in the City of Ottawa serviced by Capital Parking in which the hats are privately owned but aiiowed to issue City of Ottawa parking tickets. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00341 Fuli Ontario Works file for . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00340 Ail documentation including work orders generated by the incident reported by. 5 14 in the maming of February 19th, 2013 which consisted of water in ltration in the basement of her house situated 3123 Barran Street, Nepe an Barhaven . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00339 Copy of the order 5 14 issued by the City of Ottawa sent out the week of April 23rd, 2013 for 8511 Rus eu Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00338 Internal or external emaiis and any other documentation showing communication reiated to Presto dated January 1st. 2012 and May 28th. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00337 Number of complaints at 3005 Mccarthy Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00336 I would like to request the camera footage that is can the Terry Fox and Hazezdean intersection. The footage for the date of Wednesday April 24, 2013 around 8 30PM to 9 30 PM. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00335 engineering reports. records andior notes. irzciuding but not limited to. any and ail studies, inpsections, communications, notices and or documents reiateci to the aforesaid investigation 2013-01-01
A-2013-00334 By aw Report for OCCC 592 I Cenire Guiges, 1593 Murray Street. concerning items being kept in the bottom of the east and west stairwells 2013-01-01
A-2013-00333 Copy of the executed pro eci agreement between the City of Otiawa and the Rideau Transit Group for the Ottawa Light Rait Transit OLRT confederation line. including alt appendices and technical provisicans 2013-01-01
A-2013-00332 Drive By Office 3339 ccessPro Rerports GenerateRep0rt.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 00025 Page 27 of 41 ew aquageea agmri Rm cords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 O3 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2913 ABA and Games report which the City Planning Department has on le far14D Springhurst Avenue, Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00331 All documented complaints on fite concerning 1 Hillmount Cres. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00330 Any and aii records concerning the fire at 8345 and 634 Long Bow Gate. incident Number 1246199 2013-01-01
A-2013-00329 i am requesting all correspondence, inciuding but not excluded to emaiis, reports. meeting minutes. ta and from members of the Ottawa Poiice Services Board pertaining to Mayor and Councirs decision to cap the 2014 tax increase to two per cent 2013-01-01
A-2013-00328 Fuli re investigation report. incident number I3 9135. 833 Riverside Drive, Unit 419. Date February 6. 2033 05 46 AM. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00327 Copy of re inspection conducted on January 4th. 2013 at 316 Lorry Greenberg Drive. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00326 Requesting ali correspondence to and from Mayor and Counciiiors. including but not exciuded to emaiis, meeiing notes, reports pertaining to Mayor and Councifs decisicm to cap the 2014 tax increase to two percent. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00325 I am requesting Mayor Jim Watson s caiendar schedule with an attached memos and other records for January through to the and of May for 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00324 A copy of the Ottawa Fire Repcrt and all notes from investigating of cer for Occurrence Na. 13 14363. 8 MacKay Street 2013-01-01
A-2013-00323 Originai structural drawings by G. Horuath Sub Structure 2013-01-01
A-2013-00322 Volumes of iiquid wasie Reception Reports by type of waste, by hauler, for years 2005 to fsresent. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00321 A comp iete copy of 533 buiidtng related records in the City s possession relating to 2044 Chaimers Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00320 I an slut Tender resuits for me following Request for standing offer Rental of miscatlaneous Equipment Rented Resuits 2013-01-01
A-2013-00319 u uum Privacy Of ce Base 00026 kccessPro Reports Genera3 eReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs I 2013 Oct 08 Page 26 of 41 i aw Rmgmsts ggmee . e cords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 O8 2013 ..w m Source Dispcnsitiun Received Due Ciosed AH docurnanis generated with regard to the Locate Ottawa site, authored between December 2012 and May 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00318 2013 Pooi permit and inspection re pork finaf for 22 6 Sandman Crescent, K4 . 4V7. 514 1 s. 14E1l 2013-01-01
A-2013-00317 til .3 n t rio Works Socia assistance records for 5 14 1 5.1411 2013-01-01
A-2013-00316 LUIQ Records and communications from 2012 an the choice of Confederation Line as the name of the light rai line. Inctude any records that show other names that were considered. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00315 LUiQ Dates and expenditure casts of all major resurfacing or rebuilding work cione on Stagecoach Road between Dalmeny Road and The Ottawa Boundary at Reid s Miils. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00314 5 .I, H. u. .....,..m...... gun. was involved in a car accident with a pedestrian on Thursday. April 11. 2013 at around 30 AM on 5hiriey 5 Brook Drive near Kinross Private in Kanata. Two bus drivers witnessed the accident. Requesting copies of statements. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00313 LUIJ Bydaw complaints and calls fez 241 Waikiey Road Ottawa Pofice Compiaints and caiis for 241 Waikley Road From April 28. 2012 to Aprii 28. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00312 LUIQ 5 14 was involved in a car accident with a pedestrian on Wednesday March 13. 2013 at 30 BPM on Hunt Ciub Road just West of Bank Street. Requesting OC Transpo driver s witness statement. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00311 In U357 Any and all records irzciuding e maiis, memos, brie ng notes, presentations and at other materials prepared for or by 0 Transpds Pat Scrirngeour concerning OC Transpds 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey from Aprii 1 May 6, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00310 LUIQ A list of brie ng notes prepared for Mayor Jim Watson andfor Serge Arpin in April, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00309 uuuuuu um QUIIJ Tender package for repairsireplacement of sewage system and lines in the Sign Cairn area of the City of Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00308 guru Any documents related to the City not pursuing formai designation for buieedings that meet the design standard associated with LEED authored bezween December 2012 and May 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00307 nun nnnuu A I I nu I An I I I H 5 n vac y Office Base .cc esSPro Reports GenerateRep0rt.aspx RequestType1133 1 2013 Oct 08 00024 Page 25 of 4 1 ew masmeea epmi Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 m Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed A compiete list of databases and datasets in he possession of OC Transpo. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00306 Any records reiated to evaluating the success of events Ottawa Tourism was involved in helping the host. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00305 Any and all records inciuding emaiis. memos, powerpoints, spreadsheets, brie ng notes, and ail other records prepared for or by treasure Marian Simulik on limiting tax increases to 2 in 2014 from Aprii 1, 2013 to May 8. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00304 E would like to receive copies of the Hecras input files and output files on CD prepared for the Carp River Restoration Plan. 2 request three versions of the model Version I CIRCA June 2010 Carp River widening AR. report Version 2 Juiy 2011 c 2013-01-01
A-2013-00303 Pool Permit Appiicatiort from 2005 for 86 Meadowbreeze Dr, 2013-01-01
A-2013-00302 Documents related to 4 Cordelt Court, Ottawa ON, in relation to the property s compliance with by law 200 398 and the property s drainage and grading system. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00301 Requesting all correspondence from City staff. Councittors. and the Mayor regarding the City s attempt to invest 1.5 million to buitd a im studio in Ottawa. Records shczuid inciude any documents inctuding meeting notes and emails. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00300 AH of ciai reports pertaeening to the City s attempt to invest 1.5 miliion to buizd a fiim studio in Ottawa. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00299 C Pie e co 9 0 t 14 1 taxi 8 City of Ottawa We Connected to taxi for the f E ra1ion 3 s.14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00298 Request the re report for the fire incident on I May. 2013 at 260 Deschamp Avenue. Ottawa Vanier , bulidtng owned by s 14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00297 Ali copies cf records for eiectrical, plumbing and grading pians for 71 Herridge Street. Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00296 5 14 alt records relating to any Employment insurance beni ts paid or payable ta s.14 1 since March 1, 2010 2013-01-01
A-2013-00295 2073 n 1 j m h1 n jauj unau Privacy Office Base 00023 xccessPro Reports Generate.Report.aspx Request.Type1Ds 1 2013 Oct 08 Page 24 of41 ew seezfgam g E agmrfz Lecords Received between 01 O1 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed E request a copy 0f the plan of part of lot 32 registgred pian 263 that was created by Mr. Fred H. Gooch, Ontario Land Surveyors, 271 MacLaren St, on March 24, 1972 Ref No. OT 283 2, Job No. 72 22 2013-01-01
A-2013-00294 2013 Target Messaging Develaped by Names Research for the Public Campaign on Green Sin and 8 weekly Coiieciion purchase order 45073810 2013-01-01
A-2013-00293 2013 Harris Decima Poll re Professional Services to Ccmduct a Post Campaign Evaluation Survey of the Green Bin Program purchase order 45073343 2013-01-01
A-2013-00292 ILUIO Need copy of mechanicai drawings for building 5212039 Robertson Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00291 . U .5 Forms 195 Clearview Ave. Property standards cornpiaintsiissues from 2001 to present 2013-01-01
A-2013-00290 A U10 ifgaquesting copies of all persorxai records dated from October ED11 to October 2012 between s.14 1 s.14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00289 . . .UlJ The disciosure of all sweepingfsandingfsal ng records and notes related to the stretch of sidewalk at or near 61 65 Aibert Street at the intersection of Ezgin St. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00288 zu13 The report for the le referencing parking iicket f 40085323. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00287 2. U13 Deveiopment of a master plan for Tunney s Pasture created since May 29. 2009. Exciude cabinet con dence. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00286 s.14 1 Complete copy of socsai assnstance ie. inciucimg but no inmated to, any and ail correspondence, forms. notes ftgix emenis, repons, decisions. accounts, nanciai and medicairecords. DOB 5 1 Piease note there are two poten 2013-01-01
A-2013-00285 LEUIJ Requesting full re report 13 1725 forihe incident thai took piece March 28, 2013 at 2555 Somerset St. East Ottawa Unit 9, 2013-01-01
A-2013-00284 5 TV 3 OC Transpcfs 2012 customer usage and attitude survey and ali data in aii fields used to compile the survey in a machine readable electronic format ideally .XLS . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00283 .Ui 3 Ail documents related to the construction of 92 and 94 Riverdaie 2013-01-01
A-2013-00282 Requesting copies of the reason or reasons why this new program and its services and bene ts mcluciing the application process has not been communicated to these seniors almost three years ago. Drivacy Office Base .ccessPro ReportsfGenerateReport.aspx Reques TypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 08 00022 Page 23 of 41 eem g msmatg a m fgcords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed u nun nun 2013-01-01
A-2013-00281 All emaiis and oortespondenoe from Cilr. Doug Thompson concerning the proposed Rogers Communication Towerat153B Saie Barn Road, Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00280 .... . . ... A copy of various sections from the technical submission of the Ricieau Transit Partners bid 2013-01-01
A-2013-00279 All the buildiag permit documents 8 pians Reel 70 F8188 to 169 reiating to 1889 Cariing Ave. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00278 Buiidirzg Permit plan A 4. J and correspondence between the City W. Etias Associates about engineering issues related to Buiiding Permit 1301923 for 126 Hopeweii Ave. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00277 lu uFI d Copie de tout document que deetient ia ville crottawa et me permettant de voir tous les deepenses moneeiaires qui ont eeiee effectueees dans tous les bureaux tie ia czonseiiieere Maria Mc ae depuis 3 1er jarwier 2011 2 ca jour, ie 24 am 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00276 Report of inspection on site April 2, 2013 at 100 inlet Private by inspector Derek Briggs 2013-01-01
A-2013-00275 200 Ciearview Avenue between January 1, 2008 and Aprii 22. 20131190 property standards, pictures, orders, dog, noise ccmpiainis. Any and an City viola ons from November 1969 to Aprii 22, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00274 Copies of an vioience against transit emptoyee forms for 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00273 5 wauid like to access the database of inspections done by Ottawa Pubiic Heaith for restaurants and persona service settings. I am interested in data from at least 2010 to present, 2013-01-01
A-2013-00272 Documents related to the Ottawa Llghl Rail Transit Project the Projecl 1 A copy of the following sections from the technical submission of the Rideau Transit Group bid submitted in connection with the project, etc. 2015-03-11
A-2013-00271 Totai revenue from Park and Ride inns in 2012 to April 15, 2013. Breakdown by iocation. include number of tickezs issued and paid for each iocation. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00269 zuwo We are iooking to obtain the foliowing information regarding the Brookstreet Gym 1 The name of the personicomoany who was contracted to carpet the siairs inside the faciiity, etc. Lawyer granted in part 29 D4 20 i3 29 05 22435 2013 2013 Complete copy of incident Report for injury onboard a bus, route 16 Britannia, on March 2, 2013 at 2 um n2 nuu ma n nuuua bani nu Privacy Office Base 00021 sccessPro Re.po1 ts GenerateRoport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 Page 22 of 41 wow Roooaaio Room Eecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2913 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed u 1 I Iu nu in n approximately 5 30 PM. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00268 U IO intema Transfer from we NCC documenis reiating to Occupy Oteeawa. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00267 a .UfsJ All records on the Richmond Underground Western LRT extension prepared for or by Qeputy City Manager Nancy Schepers between April 1 Apriz 23. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00266 SU iJ Aii inforrnation on fi e for address 7 Bertrand St. pertaining to the buiiding and property standards 2013-01-01
A-2013-00265 . UlO Compleie copy of incident report with respect to he incident on May 3. 2011 or May 4. 2011 on DC Transpo Bus C MM 2013-01-01
A-2013-00264 LUIU Any and all records inciuding but not limited to emaits. notes and memos sent to or from Corporate Communications staff concerning the 2012 OC Transpo customer satisfaction survey between April 1012013 and April 23. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00263 Ar rlw Buitding pians pages A 0.0. A 2. 3. A 2.1,A 3.0 and A 4 related to Buitding Permit 1301923 for 126 Hopeweli Ave. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00262 LUIO information regarding number of cans concerning graffiti and graffiti removal for each ward by year. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00261 . J5 J information on dogs in the City of Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00260 t. .Ul J Names of front iinelfront desk supervisor for The Saiavation Army Booth Centre. Videos of ieaving the building. names of speci c employees and a video conversakicn dared 18 04 13 2013-01-01
A-2013-00259 Luultd Shepherds of Good Hope Sheiia Burnett Ali personal information, ail ciiscipiinary actions taken, aileged infractions and fut names of ciaimants. Aii dates and claimed reasons for deniai of access. Video proof, written and eiectrorzic messages among p 2013-01-01
A-2013-00258 Drfvecy Of ce Base ccessPro Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 10 00020 Page 2i of41 eeeew eeeeeeie Reeoee Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed Salvation Army Booth Centre 5 14 1 All persona information, ail disciplinary actions taken, alleged infractions and fuii names or csmmants. Ail dates and claimed reasons for deniai of access. Video proof, written and electronic messages among 5 2013-01-01
A-2013-00257 Need a copy of a service order for a by iaw infraction received at address 293 Wagon Drive, Dunrobin GMT. The compiaint came from 235 Wagon Drive. The inspector was Chris Haynes. Need record of resc Sued complaint. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00256 sauna Obtain complete copy of an letters. correspondence that were addressed to John Baird from January 1, 2012 to April 23, 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00255 Copies of the contract, council documents or oiher documents referring to DC Transpcfs 10 year renewai advertisirzg cantracee with Pattisorz Outdoor Advertising, dated approximateiy February 12, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00254 All emaiis, documents, meeting minutes and hand written notes retated to any municipal tevel input by the City of Ottawa through the Mayors Office. OCRI. Invest Ottawa, or a City of Ottawa department. etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00253 All records or other correspondence prepared by or for. or otherwise in the possession of the City of Ottawa concerning the Workers History Museum andfor 5514 1 for ihe period from June 2010 to present 2013-01-01
A-2013-00252 5 wrap Copy of traffic camera video from the intersection of Aibert Booth on April 10, 2013 between 1 15pm and 1 30 pm 2013-01-01
A-2013-00251 Fire incident report for 408 Lewis Street on March 1, 2013 including all photographs 2013-01-01
A-2013-00250 A complete copy of the Motor Vehicai Accident Repcxrt frcm Apriz 6, 2010 in which 5 14 was iistecl as a passenger. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00249 Letters and documentation between Mr. Brian Wadden Ministry of Environment Mr. Brian Wadden and Mr. Christopher Lyon McCormick Rankin Corp, concerning 5.14 2013-01-01
A-2013-00248 Wouid like to request ail correspondencelcommunications between Peter Hume and John Mose and Dougias James in reiation to the proposed development at 265 Carfing Avenue. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00247 Finai inspection Report fer Permit 0705104 2013-01-01
A-2013-00246 dU J Traffic light camera for intersection of lnnes Road at 417 going south east coming from irmes and I an no I 1 Privacy O ce Base 00019 .ccessPr0 Reports Gene1 ateReport.aspx Re qL1estTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 10 Page 20 of 41 New amsmis agmi Eecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 31 08 2013 mm mmm Source Disposition Received Due Cicsed Stariop going south to go over the 41 . Date is April W13 from 3 36 am. 3 am. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00245 IQUIU Copy of By iaw noise report for reference number 201 341051 7100 as wet as any other noise commplaints regarding apartment 1001 at 641 Bathgate Dr. Ottawa ON K1 K 3Y3. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00244 20125 Copy of compiainl record regarding City of Ottawa Service Request 2 13 G2253 2013-01-01
A-2013-00243 5UlJ Documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunne progeci completed between March 2011and September 20 1. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00242 .U J Surveiiianoe video from traffic camera at Albert and Booth and Albert and Preston, from 131004 3 30 on Apr 10th. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00241 LUJLJ Frc f b 23, 20 to Aprif B, 2013 anyfali bylaw complaints against 5 14 5 1 er any resident of 8 Banner Road, Ottawa etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00240 hvlw 2012 records. from Legai. Capital Experience and Of cial Residences and Capital Lands and Patks, that address the issues of using or not I ICC iand. corridors etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00239 LUILJ On September 28 2012 or shortiy after . the property s 2201 Trim Road weti water was sampied and tested by Cueeiigan employee. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00238 Vatlnlcawz JIU ix Records pertaining to the closure of municipai chiidcare centres or gnertaining to the transition of municipai chiid care services to exfendecl day care programs anclior before and after school chiid care services offered by the Ottawa District School Board 2013-01-01
A-2013-00237 0 nil Remixed expenditure breakdown stemming from request for tender 22412 90922 TU3, an interior renovation project for 2799 Swansea Crescent in 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00236 av t J 1 Para Transpo 2012 accurate statisticsfdaia in any format which might be wee ziy or daily. They are certainly not the summary siaiistics quarterit. yeariy or monthiy worksheet that is an accurate at times. etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00235 IQUIO Originat construction drawings for 234 Guigues Ava. Permit 74593 data June 19 19 3 2013-01-01
A-2013-00234 Requesiirtg ccpy of investigating notes, witness statements and any other documents pertaining to a Pdvacy Office Base ccessPro Reports Genera.teRep0rt.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 00018 Page 19 of41 ew E wasaaig Qagsmee Records Received between 01 O1 2013 and 31 08 2073 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed bus accident that occurred on May 19, 2011 at the Laurie Station, bus number 6494. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00233 Requesting a copy of the report that was conducted regarding a water leak at 863 Lawnsberry Drive. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00232 F0 CSCS A 2 J f2 04585 Fire at i732 1 .74U Woodward Drive 2013-01-01
A-2013-00231 Compiete copy of 5 14 personneifempioymerzt file. including but not limited to, job description, attendance records. performance reviews, yearly bonuses, and ail pay roll information. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00230 Sump pump noise 12013 455214 2013-01-01
A-2013-00229 Sump Pump naise 2013 U0491262 2013-01-01
A-2013-00228 w v Traffic tape recording of Merivalefaaseline Road on April 4th, 2013 from 22 00PM 00 30 2013-01-01
A-2013-00227 All records pertaining to the City of Ottawa s Light Rail Project completed between April 2012 and September 2072. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00226 Document which proposed an Alternative Wildlife Strategy which was submitted through the Rurai Affairs Of ce of the City of Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00225 A copy of Ottawa Fire Department report with respect to 5 14 with reiation to 3 motor we hicie accident, which occurred on June 2, 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00224 A compiete copy of the re report from re on Feb 1, 2013 at 1235 1265 Donald Street Ottawa, ON. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00223 Pool inground permit copy for 35 Sachs Forest Piace 2013-01-01
A-2013-00222 By aw Case number 2010652991 2038 Forest Edge Road As well as any information pertaining to 2120 Forest Edge Road going back to 2010. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00221 I VIINI Ccpies of piaras for 1490 Bank Street and 2413 Rosemount Avenue arch ect no ionger in business 2013-01-01
A-2013-00220 JLUIO Evaiuation of lmexsystems 8 Paymentus as wet as the full proposal for Paymenzus for Rf P 25612 94649 P01 m Privacy Office Base 00017 ccessPro Reports GeneratoReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 00 08 Pago18 of41 Now Roagoooeeo fecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 x xum Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00219 LUIJ A11 structural drawings for address 80 Lees Avenue, labelled S1 to 12 and stamped S. Soudacic 2013-01-01
A-2013-00218 d.UIJ Copy of an reporks and orders for 13 1360 Chatelain Avenue. Ottawa. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00217 dU J Fire accident report for 419 1833 Riverside Drive which occurred on February 16th. 2013. Reference number is 13 9135. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00216 GU10 AH drawings for 180 Lees Avenue on Ree 88 41, F3 9 10 stamped John Garay P. Eng. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00215 2013 Records invoiving the trapping and relocation of beavers from Paul Lindsay Park pond. inciuding bu not limited to written documents, emails. Ietters. er any correspondence. photographs or videos. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00214 1U ld 2013-01-01
A-2013-00213 d.U s3 Ail records pertaining to the City of Ottawa s tight rail project completed between April 2012 and September 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00212 LUIJ 1989 Drawings for 881 Lady Ellen Piace. Reel number 89 25 Mechanicai and Electrical Drawings by Zurcher Smith Amend M1 M5 E E9 2013-01-01
A-2013-00211 U30 All information related to parking infraction notice HODUE5616 inciuciing of cer notes and ali information in le 2013-01-01
A-2013-00210 d. U vJ Copy of the Provincial Offences docaiments, inciuding the Crown s brief 2013-01-01
A-2013-00209 4U IJ Internal Consuitation Ottawa River integrated Protection Plan Project 2013-01-01
A-2013-00208 ad. JI J Fire report for MVA on February 5, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00207 1. r nun n var rxx Qdvacy Office Base .ccess Pro Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequestT 3 peIDs 1... 2013 Oct 08 00016 Page 17 oft 11 E eewg msatam Raga 5 Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed Dog attack incident of March BI1 3 by law officer Jennifer Theckelsen. service request 2013 004502535 2013-01-01
A-2013-00206 1 E want a copy of all complaints made against 986 Hilimiiiar Street 2 A copy of the situation with the sump pump discharge into ditch 2013-01-01
A-2013-00205 information regarding soiid waste diversion. transport casts and processing costs of recyclables. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00204 1 Una cc pie du reeglement mu de ia toi permettant a la Vilie de conclure Gas ententes avec des compagnies prives pour i ee mission tie contravention tie stationnament sur des terrains privees, etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00203 rota do ar amount of claims submitted to the City between 2005 and 2012 for claims from Motorists for Pothoie damage 3 their cars 2013-01-01
A-2013-00202 Copies of building pians. electricalipiumbing for 345 Reynoids Dr 1815 St. George 516 1518 1524 Queenswood Cres. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00201 Copy of all the noise complaint requests that have made since November 2010 with reference to Unit 106 682 Churchi Ave North 2013-01-01
A-2013-00200 Copies of all documentation in your possession. power and control relating to the maintenance and inspection of the tree at 803 Dundee Ave. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00199 Fire invesziga on repon for incident at 2330 200 Clearuiew Avenue, Ontario on January 3, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00198 Any and aii information pertaining to 604 556 Laurier Ave. West, incident number 12 8511 2013-01-01
A-2013-00197 Copy of records from Fire Department for attendance at 911 emergency cail re skip and fail incident at 19 Avenue Road, Ottawa on February 2. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00196 Request iist of inforrnation thai was released through the Municipal Freedom of information Protection of P vacy Ac MFEPPA in 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00195 Reports, ccimmunications and other records reiated to a feasibility anaeeysis of placing clczsed circuits television on O0 Transpds fleet of buses done by Donna Coma Inc in 2012 and 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00193 2013 Looking to obtain as built or architectural drawings for 959 969 North River Road. Drawing prepared by Garwood Lecziair Endividuawublic records do not exist 19 03 2013 18 U 4 04 04 2013 2013 The number of bungalows and 1 H2 storey homes that are in Ottawa and area. for exampie, . . . .... .... Dxivacy Office Base 00015 soessPro Repo rtsz GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 Page 16 01 41 eeae Reeoee e Reeo fecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed Barmaven and Chapei H353. that re 10 yrs and older. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00192 zu1a Pool site plan approval poo permit for 36 Canbury tires. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00191 U 3 All records pert ainining to he City of Ottawa light rail project compieted between October 201 and March 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00190 ISUIO All drawings for apartment complex at Lackhart 8 Neepawa dated 1961 1962 2013-01-01
A-2013-00189 zU13 All records of phone calts made to by Eaw and 311inc uding actions taken for 1701 2880 Cariing Avenue June 1, 201210 March 11, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00188 dUls Looking to obtain as built or arch itectura drawings car anything periaining to 959K969 North River Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00187 LUSO All files relating to byiaw infraction case 2012 010 624 ied by municipal officer Jean Sarault. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00186 gcamuucu U I. Video from all cameras at Greenhoro Station from 9 15 am. 10 15 am. January 21. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00185 t ..Uio. A copy of the ccrnplaint with the reference number 00329011 2013-01-01
A-2013-00184 LU to information related to floride being added to the City of Ottawa s water supply 2013-01-01
A-2013-00183 I5 xy.uIll .4I S1 u lI LU l J Maintenance records and reports re red light camera system faceted on the intersection off St. Laurent Boulevard and Beifast or Sememher 2, 2012 at 2 32 a.m,, etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00182 G. JlLI A copy of aii inspection reports and occupancy permits prepared by the City of Ottawa subsequentiy to the attached inspection report dated December 21, 2011 reiated 0 8 Camii Street 2013-01-01
A-2013-00181 Ddvecy Office Ease ccessProKReports Generet Rep0rt.aspx RequestTypeI.Ds 1... 2013 Oct O8 00014 Page 15 of41 ee Reeeeeie g aeeeei Records Egceived between 01 01 2013 and 30 O8 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed Q n . I 2013 Copy of engineers soil report and copies of inspection reports for 251 Fountainhead Drive. Orleans. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00180 I are requesting a copy of a Police le 10 3819E3 from Police Services Board. Inclusive of alt working notes. conversation phone records, interviews, etc penaining to Kinki and Mambo restaurants 2013-01-01
A-2013-00179 information from the City of Ottawa concerning Mayor Watsorfs March 7th, 2013 announcement or proposal to implement tougher buiiding code or property standards hyiaws or enforcement guidetines 2013-01-01
A-2013-00178 I am requesting a copy c fPo1ice fiie 09 159586 from Police Services Board. Enceeusive of at working notes. phone logs, records, interview cietaiis, etc. pertaining to kinki and also mambo restaurants 2013-01-01
A-2013-00177 Property Standard Reports and Orders 2013-01-01
A-2013-00176 1 Copy of the 2006 loan agreement between the City of Ottawa and the St.Mary s Daycare. St. John s Fellowship Centre, 2 Can eid Road, Ottawa. KZH ST for 940,000, etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00175 I wouid like to receive as iauilt drawings for the property of 5515 Canotek Road, units 9 to 36. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00174 . w v Ail correspondence beiween the CEO and the Chair of the Board going back to 2004 Your file A 2012 00101 2013-01-01
A-2013-00173 Documents going to or sent from aixon Weir, Manager of Environmental Sewice1s4 g r d Michael Fitzpatrick of Corporate Communications concerning a media request from . 5 regarding environmentai manning from January 1, 2013 to February 28, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00172 Fire report far Motor Vehicie Accident on January 2 , 2012 iocakion hwy. 41 2013-01-01
A-2013-00171 F iie 2013 0 J3977 request to gei an a copy of a letter sent to 1339 Taley Court to remove the iliegal shed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00170 Records related to Lakeland Estates. Greely, Ontario Biue Green Aigalfcyanobactetia S Algal Blooms 2013-01-01
A-2013-00169 Photos taken at the investigation of the fire on November 28th, 2012 211565 Osgoode Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario 2013-01-01
A-2013-00168 . u I internal consuit re All records pertaining to the City of Ottawa s western Eight rail project cempleted between November 2011 and April 2012. an nqnj nx1m u2mn n vacy Office Base 00013 ccessPro Repo1 tsf Ge ne1 ateRe p01 t.aspx RequestTypeI Ds 1 . .. 201 3 Oct 08 Page14 of 41 m eagasemg Regmi records Received between 01 014073 and 30 O8 2013 Sgurce Disposition i W eceived Due Closed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00167 U 1.3 Property standard I byviaw reports of inspection for 2639 Somenset St. West. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00166 ACUIJ Police and fire dept reports concerning fire at 681 Pieasen Park Rd. 13 10416 2013-01-01
A-2013-00165 . U .. Fire inspection reports for 3191 Aibion Road South Paimer Recycling Ltd dated after January 1, 2009. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00164 LUIOJ Copy of any by iaw complaints made against me between February 1st and March 31st. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00163 EVIL existing use far 1989 Merivar Road. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00162 AU .5 An organization chart of the Environmental Services Department as of December 2012 and February 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00161 JUIJ Copy of plans for 1980A Robertson Road Ottawa formerly 33754 Richmond Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00160 .U J Originai construction drawings for 320 Croydon Avenue 2013-01-01
A-2013-00159 U IJ At materials in the City of Ottawa s possession which pertains to the OC Transpo incident on June 20, 2007 invoiving s.14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00158 Originai construction drawings for 61 McEwen Ave 2013-01-01
A-2013-00157 .Uis3 Ail reports. briefing notes, emaiis correspondence and aii other documents from Chief Charles Bordeleau Envoiving the media policy at the Ottawa Police Services. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00156 ..n...... ........., I .Jln.J information related to the City of Otzawafs Fraud and Waste hca ine for the time period of January ist, 2005 to October lst. 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00154 Poe permits, plans and surveys for 95 Shavghnessy Cres, Ottawa KEK 2N1 Media abandoned after fee 05 03 2013 08 05 17 04 2013 estimate 201 3 Drivacy Office Base .ccessPr0 Rep0rts GeI1erateRep0r c.aspx RequestType1Ds 1 2013 Oc1 08 00012 Pa.ge13 of4E ew Reeeeefie Reeerii ifecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 03 2013 w Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed information related to number of discarded needles drug paraphemaiia found in the city of Ottawa between January 1st, 2006 and October 1st, 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00153 Phase 1 Environmentai Assessment, IOYS Richard Street, Ottawa, Ontario, February 2011, prepared by Trow Associates 2013-01-01
A-2013-00152 interal cor1sult Documents Request for Proposats RFP No. C lLC 1 1 CIU POD6 for the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project 2013-01-01
A-2013-00151 Written responses from Public Works Department to the preiimmary poiicy proposals retated to the ongoing Of ciai P arz update etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00150 The subjectfdateito heading for rail sent emaiis by Chief Charles Bordeieau at me Ottawa Police Services. The time period requested is between March 1. 2012 A r i1, 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00149 The City of Ottawa s 311 service receives reports of dog bites. I am requesting an excerpt of the database in Excel spreadsheet .xls xisx or CSV .csv file on a CD that includes 2013-01-01
A-2013-00148 Service requests to report smoking violations in City of Ottawa. I am looking for an excerpt from the database in an Excei spreadsheet .xls 8. xisx or CSV .csv ie on a CD 2013-01-01
A-2013-00146 Ottawa Public Health tracks the la cat injury and disease raies associated with drug use in the City. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00145 Service Ottawa receives requests for garbage and recyciing. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00144 Service Ottawa receives service requests to report private property maintenance. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00143 A record of a2 cases where the C ty were called for disturbances 31260 Castlebmok Lane. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00142 a r up Copy of all by law reports made against 234 Deercroft Avenue from 2003 untii present. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00141 Access ti the pians for 109 Deane Street 2013-01-01
A-2013-00140 U1 6 Receipt for expenses as outlined in attached document. hi i mn mu u Drfvacy Of ce Base 00011 .ccessProfReports GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct O8 Page 12 of41 E wwa Rgggaeaeeg eeiiag f Fecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 O8 2013 Source Dispositiqn Received Due C31 used 2013-01-01
A-2013-00139 LUIJ Correspondence with respect to the KNL iands and or Shiriey s Brook Watfs Creek Phase ZSWM Study, between January 2016 to the present 2013-01-01
A-2013-00138 2013 Record drawings permit of 424 Parkdate Avenue. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00137 UFO I would like the following reports under the nclise reduction complaint by law. The numbers are 20120 417 4O and 2 J13GO33 l 8O 2013-01-01
A-2013-00136 I J d J Access to the 2GA drawings and other designing rnateriais for the commercial property of 1023 1025 Merivale Road. Those information were on Reel 44, Filmstop 164 2013-01-01
A-2013-00135 n..raIIuanu .ls l t Lulu Submission made by Locai 162 IAFF to renew the 2011 Coilective Agreement with the City of Ottawa. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00134 ..U I .J Full copy of the Fire Report for the Feb. 1. 2013 re at 1235 Donaid Street 2013-01-01
A-2013-00133 Ccmstruction plans and details i98 2 J2 Main Street. Ottawa l.. .rI 2013-01-01
A-2013-00132 2013 Records reiated to discussions between the Ottawa Golf and Hunt Ciuh Inc.and the City of Ottawa in connection with the cleseeng and conveyance of part of Bowesviife Rd between Jan 1994 and Dec 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00131 e. .U EJ Ail contents of file I Case No 2013 DD379 333 Case number to be verified 2013-01-01
A-2013-00130 a.. ..U J AI intelligence assessments on Occupy Ottawa protest demonstration alt drafts all exchanges of correspondence refating to those assessments 2013-01-01
A-2013-00129 dUIJ Any and all documents that pertains to the muttipie sewer bactwps dating from September 12. 3 and October 1, 2011 at the commerciat buiiciing located at 203 8 20 Queen Street in Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00128 LU J Pool construction records Application 99 0111 and Permit WC 99 0111 2013-01-01
A-2013-00127 Documents cancerning the appiication of the harmonization byiaw 2003 250 CZBL to subdivision Drfvacy O ice Base .ccesSPI0 ReportsKGenerateRepo1 t.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 00010 Page 11 of41 fheem s agazaam agmree fi ec rds Recgfved befgveen 01491 2013 and 30 08 201.3 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 418 West Carieton now Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00126 Records related to a motor vehicie accident involving 5 14 Gnutbourn Force Road 1 cm North of Terry Fox September F, 2010 2013-01-01
A-2013-00125 AR documentsfcorraspondence in offices of Mayor, Counciiior Kath Egli and Counciiior Marianne Wilkinson regarding Transportation Committee Chairmanship as part of he mid term governance review. Dec.1. 2012 Feb. 7. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00124 Compzete copy of Sun Life AssL a. a H ompany s documentation regarcting s.14 1 2ong term disability. Poieecy Number ertificate Number 5 14 1k ontrosNo. 210411 29703 ca 2013-01-01
A-2013-00123 information regarding the property and the potential development at DE 2 O2 12 O 28 Ciaridge Byward Market Condo development and Hotez 2013-01-01
A-2013-00122 Darrel Lambert all reports and records reiated to matter of water blocked by snow p ed by 482 Tisdale Cres. repcris 2012 U14 0B32Q and 2012 O14G 6358. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00121 All correspondence and information in the Mayor s office, Councillor Mark Tayiorks office and with Steve Kanellakos. Debbie Hill and Dan Chenier regarding func ng for the Great Canadian Theatre Company between New 1, 2012 and Feb 7. 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00120 mu... u All dcacumentation in Mayor s office regarding the Ontario Liberal Party Leadership. Kathleen Wynne or Sandra Pupatello. beiween January 1, 2013 and February 7, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00119 Municipai Consent Form fora Be H 32 due structure on O Connor Streetiust south of Gloucester Street. The structure was pieced in 19 J. The Municipal Consent would have been signed before that date. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00118 Correspondence to or from Diane Deans on the miss and function of citizen transit commissioners since Jan. 1, 2011 2013-01-01
A-2013-00117 Auuuu A3 correspondence and information in the Mayors Of ce regarding council remuneration as part of the Mid term Governance Review, between Nov. 1, 2012 and Feb. 7, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00116 1 Privacy Office Base 00009 ccessPro Reports GeneratoRe port.aspx RequestTypoIDs 1 2013 Oct 08 Page 10 of41 Ego ow Ro ga.soo o ooo records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 w Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 2013 An records pertaining to the production of a promotionai video for pub c invoivemerzt in the review of the official plan, TM and MP, incmding a copy of the finai video. All on CD or DVD, pieaso. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00115 203 3 All nanciai records pius any audits for Pink Triangie Services. aiso known as PTS. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00114 AUIO Work Order 2006 336857 and 2007 183 4 2013-01-01
A-2013-00113 L. J It Adciitionai documents reiated to snow piowing thai was performed on the night of December 21, 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00112 .Uls3 Municipal consent forms relating to 898 Canada and documents relating to water main damage at O Connor St and Gioucester St and damage to a Bell cabie at same location. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00111 U i3l.IHh .2li.l.. t.iU ls. . I Aii commercial and industrial vacancy rebates provided by the City of Ottawa since 2001. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00110 eeU i 6 Alt documents regarding the use of the Rink of Dreams by extema groups between October 1, 2012 and February 7. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00109 .U Id Records in 2012 20 3 reiated to hosting an NHL or OHL game a Frank Clair Stadium at Lansciowne Park. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00108 ELI in Any and an records of correspondence belween David Pepper QC Transpo , OC Transpo staff and corporate communications City of Ottawa on the topic of OC Transpds Facebook page from February 4. 2013 to February 8. 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00107 LU J Timing cycle information for traf c ghts at intersection of Woodroffe Ave. and Medhurst Dr. for the date of December 31, 2012 between 12 00 to 12 20 a.m. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00106 LUI J Obtenir copie complet de tout document qua detient ia vine d Ottawa at me permettant de voir toutes Ies depenses a finierne et a 2 3 tame qui ont eta faites pour toutes formes rfaide psychologique pour ies employees 2013-01-01
A-2013-00105 u axlllltau. GU IIJ Reports. memos, monitoring intorrnation, eenterna correspondence and other documentation that refers to noise, vibration and complaints associated with compaction work along northern edge of the Landsdowne Park work site between Jan 1, 2013 and Feb 7 , 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00104 ..I.I l p The City s agreement w ih the Federation intemationai de Fe otbaii Association Fif A to hast the 2014 and 2015 soccer tournaments. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00103 AN documents within DC Transpo related to the distribution 01 Presto cards in the next on program. between January 16. 2013 and February 7 . 2013. uuunuuun nu u L n vacy Office Base .cceSSP3 0 Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 08 00008 Page 9 of 4 wg meewgeeg aparee Records Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00102 Requesting a copy of the bonding company name and telephone number as waif as the Contact name for the E10 iber Road works garage for the City of Ottawa project CFEOOBME. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00101 Report on the topic of the future of the Byward Market. Report was prepared by consulting firm Project for pubiic spaces . it was submitted to the Pianning Depa ment in eariy December, 2013-01-01
A-2013-00100 Compiete copy of 5 14 Ontario Works file DOB March 24, 1980 2013-01-01
A-2013-00099 Records SR request about dog that i made under phone 5 14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00098 Complete copy of 5 14 sociai assistance le. 1308 August 13, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00097 AH records related to a muzzel order appeai for a dog attack at the dog park behind 223 Main Street, Ottawa on September 7, 20112 2013-01-01
A-2013-00096 All information regarding 3289 Riverside Drive from property standards or buiiding inspection regarding grow c p or spetic. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00095 Complete le from Para Transpo concerning the motor vehicie accident which occurred on January 27, 2011 Prince of Wales at Viila Crescen 2013-01-01
A-2013-00094 Risk Assessments of the proposed change in Via Rail Operations reiting to the Faliow eld Road railway crossing, inciuding the assessment by Deiph MRC 2013-01-01
A-2013-00093 Ottawa fire report and notes of investigating of cer 1241 Kiibom Place November 6. 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00092 f all documentation, records. iranscreepts and reports pertaining to a dog attack on 5 14 an October 31, 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00091 AH property standards reports and orders for 1404 Rosenthai Apt 23 L.. ..r 2013-01-01
A-2013-00090 Varmus emails Privacy Office Base 00007 XccessPr0 Reports px RequestTypeID321 ... 2013 Oct 08 Page 8 of41 E wg Ragzz 3 wm Fecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 . Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00089 w... wuur Noise complaint copy service 113 request 2D13 D0353863. information on 935710 Ontario inc. if s.14 1 is is zgally able ta rent to two units in his 3 units buieeding at 488 Guy Street. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00088 1 Obtenir sepia complet de tout document inciuant statistiques on autres dormeees me permettarzt de voir Ie nombre cfempioyees qui travai ent pour la ville d Ottawa 3 plain temps dans un paste permanent. etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00087 Archizecturai drawings for EOY1 Ambieside Drive, dated 1961 stamped A. Vassilev 2013-01-01
A-2013-00086 Palice reports for 2535 Yarmouih Crescent Jan 2511 3 3. early Jan 26 13, S 14 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00085 The notes related to the evaluation of Samson abd Associates prcposai submitted in response to the Request for standing offer Na.28412 92415 SD1 Professicmal Services. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00084 Video from traffic video camera for Campaau and March Read intersection on December 1 1th, 2012 forthe period of 7 52 pm. to 7 56 pm. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00083 Fire incident Repori and notes of Gwen Lewis Fire prevention officer for a fire that occurred at W6 Montfort Sireei Vanier. Ontario on January 9. 2013. 94805928 338 2013-01-01
A-2013-00082 .9 I Copy of re report that occurred on November 16. 2012 at 7398 McCordick Road. Kemptvilla ON K16 1 0. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00081 A1 dccuments pe aining to the decision to fund a im studio 21 O awa lhrough invest Ottawa . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00080 Ail documents staff deveioped pertaining to the motion introduced at the Enveeronmentai Committee in January 2013 about no ionger pursuing LEE designations for municipal buiidings. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00079 NE documents. proposais, and communications of any nature to or from First espondeaca concerning the First tespondezhca system and the City of Ottawa s RFC 00312 1505 Q01 2013-01-01
A-2013-00078 Pzfvacy Office Base xccessPr0fReports GenerateReport aspx RequestTypeID3 1 2013 Oct 08 00005 Page 7 of 41 Ekiaw i q .sa agmi ec ords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 03 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2013 permetiant de voir toutes les mauvaise creeances par anneee quee sont dues 3 la ville d Ottawa pour des taxes municipales impayeees at ca pour chacune ties armeees 2005 3 ca jour, ie 29 janvier 2013-01-01
A-2013-00077 Obtenir copie de tout dc cumants qua deetient ia ville crotzawa at me permettant cle voir ie nombre cfheurs suppleementaires payeees aux pornpiers de la vine d Ottawa pour es anneees 2005 a 2013 a ce jour, ie 29 janvier 2013-01-01
A-2013-00076 Elevator drawings for 1130 Morrison Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. Drawings were made on September 28, 398 by RP. Hadaller drawings for Dover eievator . Unabte to locate. Required fm owner of the building. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00075 Reef 149. Stop 21 130 Somerset Reei 117, Stop 52 88 Somerset 2013-01-01
A-2013-00074 A22 information pertaining to noise issues since October 2012 relating to the tenant s at 1001 64 Baihgate Dr. Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00073 All building records for 34 Warden Crescent 2013-01-01
A-2013-00072 Property Standards records reiated to 5 14 andlor 11 Fisher Avenue Apt. 401 2013-01-01
A-2013-00071 Ali emails and other correspczndence. studies, reports and assessments retating to bus service at Algonquin Coiiege, Woodrcffe Campus. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00070 Records regarding the decision not to persue LEED certi cation for new City buildings. 5 am interested in minutes of the environment committee where this issue was discussed, internai and externai communications 2013-01-01
A-2013-00069 Looking to obtain noise compiaints made against 42 Lisgar Sireet from February 1, 2012 until January 23. 2013. Piease distinguish different persons of complaints with numbers. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00068 A11 records in regards to Fiasco Energy Group from the dates of December 13 to December 6. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00067 Para transpo three contracts. which includes individual budget and actua budget for 2012 as well as the Taxi contract into two categories which conseest of taxi administration fee and taxi meter. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00066 Complete Ottawa Poiice Service file Accident 12268 2013-01-01
A-2013-00065 In I .rIi tJiI ullIJ LVI1 F Copy of any food compiaints made to Heanh Department in 2011 2072 b 5 14 undiar Privacy Office Base 00006 kcccssPro Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs I 201.3 Oct O8 Page 6 of 41 w mueaia R m e cords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed against Mid East Food Distributors 1987 Ltd. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00064 Complete police file for motor vehicle accident of March 12, 201 1 Accident Report 20 130489 2013-01-01
A-2013-00063 . . . . ... ., Comments and scoring for each of the bids shortiistad for the Ottawa Light Ra Transit project from the stafflseleczion panel responsible for choosing the preferred proponent. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00062 All drawings for 2D25f2 J35 Otheflo Ave. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00061 All drawings re. fated to W35 Riverside Drive. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00060 On permit 82803 from 19 for 230 2 0 Brittany Drive an drawings 2013-01-01
A-2013-00059 On Permeet 882377 from I988 for 2301240 Brittany Drive all drawings 2013-01-01
A-2013-00058 On Permit 54 8 Dated 96 4 E02 230 40 Brittany Drive All drawings. 5... I I 2013-01-01
A-2013-00057 . U1J intemai Consuitation RE all emails between Metrolinx and OC Transpo officials reiated tn the launch of the PRESTO card and the iaunczh and results of friends and famiiy PRESTO triais an OS Franspo. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00056 Ccrrection cf perscmal tnformaiiunt Requeseeing that wmifs of Settiement in and around June 2012. refating to matter between City of Ottawa and 5 2013-01-01
A-2013-00055 Documents or correspondence within the Mayor s office regarding basebali at the Ottawa Stadium between Sept 1, 2012 and Jan 18, 2013 2013-01-01
A-2013-00054 A copy of the inspection repcm for the demolition and reconstruction of our storm and sanitary iaterais which was done in November 2011 2013-01-01
A-2013-00053 Fire investigation report 1238417. November 25. 2012 at 44 112 Catherine St. KTR ST7 . 2013-01-01
A-2013-00052 Drivacy Office Base ccessPro Reports GenerateReport.aspx RequesI 1 ypeIDs 1 2013 Oct O8 00004 Page 5 of 41 Maw F meemeeg agm ecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 O8 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Ciosed Bell Canada Cfaim On or about June 02, 2011 834 Bank Street, Ottawa. near the intersection with Fifth Avenue Beil 900 pair cable 2013-01-01
A-2013-00051 Bail Canada Claim On or about Oct 04, 201 828 Somerset Street, Ottawa, nearthe intersection of Rochester Street Bali 1800 pair cabie 2013-01-01
A-2013-00050 Generat Occurrence Reports from 209 for 5 14 46 G acistone Avenue 3A for alt 311 reports 2013-01-01
A-2013-00049 Ni documents. records. correspondence and communications between staff or representatives of Metroiinx and O0 Transpo andfcr the City of Ottawa regarding the implementation of the PRESTO program January 1, 2012 to July 1, 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00048 A copy of the seccmd letter provided to the Ottawa Police Service can or about I0 June, 2012. along with the ndings and reports prepared by Detective Prost and Detective Sabourin respecting their ndings on case ts 12 1 33801 2013-01-01
A-2013-00047 Transfer in documents pertaining to sewage information in the City of Ottawa authored between September 2010 and September 2011. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00046 i need to know whether and when these courses have been offered since 200 and who taught them Dance Creative Movement Parents and Tots Plant Recreation Centre Baltet Pre Bailet Ptant Recreation Centre 2013-01-01
A-2013-00045 A copy of the report from the enveeronmentai services branch in regards to a broken pipe on or around October 1, 2012 which caused water damaged at 82 84 Puiman Avenue Ottawa ON. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00044 Request for Consuitaticm 2011,9012 inspection, status reports, briefing notes on he bridges cmssing the Ottawa River and estimates, immediate and long term of repair and construction costs, inciuding preliminary estimates and plans to build new bridge 2013-01-01
A-2013-00043 .V . fr ..,.. ...... r A copy of the City s traffic camera video of pedestrianlvehicle accident on Woodroffe toward Knoxdaie intersection on December , 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00042 All correspondence and communications between John Manconi and OC Transpo staff andlor City of Ottawa staff or officials relating to the implementation pians of the PRESTO smart card transit paymeni system from January E to July 1, 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00041 Privacy O ce Base 00003 kccessProfRepo1 ts GenerateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDs I ... 2013 Oct 08 Page 4 0f41 zeewg as c3 E m ecords Received between 01 01 20 i3 and 30 O8 2013 m Source Disposiiion Received Due Ciosed 2013 Ottawa Fire report and corresponding documents for fire at 2330 200 ciearview Avenue. Ottawa ON on January 3, 2013. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00040 Ottawa Fire Services records concerning a motor vehicie accident tha occurred on October 2. 2012 at the intersection of Rideau Road and Hawthorn Ave in Ottawa, Ontario. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00039 Snowpiowing contracts for private contractors empioyeci in he City, speci calty in Beacon Hill North. Reports of incident of December 21. 2012 on Woodglen Gate between Kingsgrove Cr and Woadglen Cr. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00038 Pineview Municipai Golf Ceurse Board of Management terms for 3 citizen appointments and appiicaticm procedure. Quaiificaticms for appointment to board. Current civilian members and length ef time served. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00037 Request for Consuitation Statisticai information on Bl E Bikes 2013-01-01
A-2013-00036 Any and all records about snow and ice removal performed by the City on Goulboum Forced Road for January 1, 2011 to January 16, 2011. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00035 Records raiated to the 3 10 ber Road Garage Wozk Project 2013-01-01
A-2013-00034 1 How much waier in iota was used by the residents of Shadow Ridge Estates Etc. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00033 All inforrnation regarding tesiing of double decker buses in current QC Transpo Fieet. All Wind tests and driving under various weather conditions. Testing for air quaiity. All handling and performace issues for a doubie decker buses. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00032 see above 2013-01-01
A-2013-00031 Copies of the video surveillance recordings from 08 I tans o s Tunney s Pasture Bus Station 2013-01-01
A-2013-00030 City of Ottawa ie regarding investigation of the accident occurred on November 6, 2012 on Woodroffe Avenue 0.1 km south of Hunt Ciub Road 2013-01-01
A-2013-00029 Architectural drawings for the 8 unit addition at 100 Bronson Ave. permit 47512 Reel 95 2 S 105 2013-01-01
A-2013-00028 nu vunuuuvt I I I Iavnu ulna u 1 I I I an u nun Privacy Of ce Base xccessPr0 Reportsz GenerateRep0rt.aspx RequestTypeIDs 1... 2013 Oct 08 002 Page 3 of 41 New wamaig wmi hacerds Refgigeigetween 01 01 2013 and 30 03 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed Un transcripe de ma piainte En Hate due 01 October 2012 numero 2 12 0 f19G565. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00027 Information on poiice policies relating to strip searches 2013-01-01
A-2013-00026 Any dacuments showing new much the City of Ottawa spends on trying to win bids for sports events. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00025 Any information re OPS s use of xutomatic License Piate Recognition ALPR , including business case procurrnent inforrnation. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00024 Architectural drawings for 2 storey appartment buiiding at 1071 Amtsieside Dr. permit 50224 Reel 316 FS 1 2013-01-01
A-2013-00023 Documents related to the city s settiement agreement re the Hazeldean Road Bridge over the Cargo River 2013-01-01
A-2013-00022 information regarding the amounts of salt and the cost used annualiy by the City s sait spreader vehicles from 2009 2012, inclusive. information should include relevant emails, memes. reports and audits. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00021 Information regarding a nancial breakdown of annual operating costs of the GPS tracking systems implemented by Webtech Wureiess interfleet in 2009 on the city s salt spreader vehicies for 2009 2012, inciusive. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00020 i wouid like a copy of a by iaw report compieted on my home on Dec 2252012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00019 Piansfdrawingslbuiiding permits for schooi buitding at 70 Fieidrow Street 2013-01-01
A-2013-00018 Obtenir copie cemplet de tout document incluant statistiques ou autres donneees qua deetient la vilie d Ottawa cuu son service de poiice me perrneitant de voir le nombre de parcomeetres 2013-01-01
A-2013-00017 Obtenir copie comptet de tout document incluant statisticgues cu autres donneees qua deetient la ville cmftawa ou son service de poiice me permettant de voir le nombre de biilets de stationnement 2013-01-01
A-2013-00016 Lkiid The traf c camera video feed for the Weodroffe and Strandherd intersection on Dec 21, 2012 between 8 15am and 8 30 am. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00015 Traffic Camera Video at Cariing 3 Maitiand from 17 00 W230 December 30th, 2012. u. ..p I. . nun nun. nu in 1 an 1 III n u u1u u Privacy Of ce Base 00001 xccessPr0 Reports GenetateReport.aspx RequestTypeIDS 1 . .. 2013 Oct 08 age 2 of41 Eaeeaw Rammat Ragga ecords Received between 01 01 2013 and 30 08 2013 Source Disposition Received Due Closed 2013-01-01
A-2013-00014 Copy of the Market Opportunity and impact Anaiysis report Market Study prepared by Stamm Research Associates 2013-01-01
A-2013-00013 A copy of any and all documents, records. transcripts and reports pertaining to a dog attack on by a dog owned by the occupant residing in or around 2013-01-01
A-2013-00012 Request copies of all Property Standards inspection Reports for I 61 Wing Ax e.. Ottawa and any property owner bwaw vioiations 2013-01-01
A-2013-00010 Any bicycling accidents from 2005 ten present on NCO bike trails. Fire incident Repori and notes of Gwen Lewis Fire prevention officer for a fire that occurred at W6 Montfort Sireei Vanier. Ontario on January 9. 2013. 94805928 338 2013-01-01
A-2013-00009 Copy of the Fire Investigation Report for 1170 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa date of toss November 11. 2012 2013-01-01
A-2013-00008 Records of correspondence. brie ng noies and evaiuations reiated to, arm reference to. the Piasco Energy Group 2013-01-01
A-2013-00007 A copy of the me with regards to the Meier Vehicle Accident that occurrerci on January 3, 2010. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00006 Any discussions. records, list of meeting and conversations wiih any city of Ottawa employee or outside organization such as members of the Sand Hill Community with Laura Cooper or her supervise regard ng T1 Daiy Street 5 14 2013-01-01
A-2013-00005 Building. renovation permit for 1 Daly Skeet 2013-01-01
A-2013-00004 Rapport eeveenement service inczendle 14 Dec 2012 8h23 12 83154. eeareenement an 340 Laurier West. Ottawa 2013-01-01
A-2013-00002 A compiete copy of the mairzeeenance and repairs records for the Tunny s Pasture transit station from September 17, 2012 to and inciuding October 2. 2012. 2013-01-01
A-2013-00001 Anything reiated to my Ottawa Poiice Services application le. 2013-01-01
A-2012-00845 Bell Canada Claim On or about Sept 12, 2011 Carling Avenue Kirkwood Avenue NW cor Fibre Cable 2013-12-29
A-2012-00841 1 total number ofpeople trained in first aid and CPR by the OPS for the years 2010, 2011, 2012 to date includes City of Ottawa employees, general public, etc. ,... 2013-12-29
A-2012-00838 Rules pertaining to eligibility I for daycare fee assistance and payments ofthe childcare fee subsity. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00833 All records associated with I complaint 2012 013 76121 from November 11, 12 2013-12-29
A-2012-00831 Event plans, including drafts, I ofthe announcement for the winning LRT bid on December 5, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00828 Correction of Personal Information on the City of Ottawa Contract lSD11 5027 Including Change Order 6 2013-12-29
A-2012-00826 Obtenir copie complet de tout I document que detient le service de Police de la ville d 0ttawa et montrant Ie nombre d heures supplementaire qui ont ete travaillees par les policiers de la ville d Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00825 Information regarding City of I Ottawa case 2012 01247521 including emails, reports, and notes regarding the boundary tree issue between 1540 Weyburn St. and 587 Bathurst Ave. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00823 Obtenir copie complet de tout document que detient la ville d 0ttawa me permettant de voir tous Ies vols qui ont ete faites au sujet de materiel electronique tels que portable, ordinateurs, video, televisions, argents, etc 2013-12-29
A-2012-00822 Copies of complaints from 376 I Brittania Rd and associated notes. 2011 case no. 00809849 and 2012 case no. 00826378. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00821 Maintanance and defect reports on OC Transpo buses dealing with fumes on board since January 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00820 All complaints against me and I my rental property 66 Laval St, Vanier madue during October and November 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00819 Police calls from service in I Blackburn Hamlet area 2013-12-29
A-2012-00818 All information pertaining to by law complaints against us at 212 Rosemere Avenue 2013-12-29
A-2012-00817 All Ottawa Police Service records related to the Occupy Ottawa protest that took place between October 15, 2011 and November 23,2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00815 Maintenance and inspection I records pertaining to the sewer system ofthe property located at 5701 Watterson Street, liilanotick, ON ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00814 Any and all records, including but not limited to e mails, brie ng notes, memos, text messages. P Ns, notes or databases prepared for or by the City Manager Ken Kirkpatrick on the estimated revenue from naming rights at the Lansdowne redevelopment 2013-12-29
A-2012-00811 Obtenir egalement copie de tout document montrant le taux d absenteisme des pompiers de la ville d Ottawa et ce pour chacune des 7 dernieres annees an ce jour, Ie 22 novembre 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00810 Obtenir copie complet de tout document que detient la ville d 0ttawa au sujet des pompiers de la ville d Otawa me permettant de voir le nombre de pompiers at Ottawa qui ont subis des chocs post traumatiques 2013-12-29
A-2012-00809 All architectural structural drawings on file for 1192 Meadowdands Dr. E., Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00808 A copy of all correspondence I between the City of Ottawa personnel and the Morley Hoppner Group, FoTenn Planning, or legal representatives of Morley Hoppner about the 2 the Parkway developers application D02 02 11 0101 from Nov 23, 2012 to Dec 11, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00807 registered business name I name s of owners and addresses of Stars4Cars, 365 Forest St., Ottawa K2B 7Z7 ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00806 Parking complaints made on I the property at 653 Bowercrest Crescent from January 1st, 2012 to today 2013-12-29
A-2012-00804 Any and all correspondeancefrecords between Economic Development Manager, Saad Bashir and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp on a proposed new casino between Sept 1, 2012 and Oct 31, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00801 All records in all elds in the database of police use of force statistics 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00800 Re existing plan to realign Greenbank Rd. to the west starting south of Jockvale Rd. going as far as Cambrian Rd., then fruther south to Barnsdale Rd., meeting Barnsdale Rd. somewhere between the current Greenbank Rd. and Cedarview Rd. Request all reco 2013-12-29
A-2012-00799 1 Copies of all recordsidocuments of Progressive Discipline Policies and Procedures ofthe City of Ottawa, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00798 I would like to viewa copy of a I sample business case that the City would consider the best for an infrastructure project and that would be considered a model for Business Cases. I would also like to see the business case used to recommend the purchase o ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00797 Copy of all Public Health reports and orders for 63 Costello Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00796 Copy of the complete ambulance call report pertaining to S.14 1 s.14 1 mm December 20, 2009 2013-12-29
A-2012-00795 Information in regards to the I sewage and stormwater from the 2705 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa, Ontario Facility 2013-12-29
A-2012-00793 A copy of the traf c camera I video at Richmond Pinecrest between the time of 7 20 8 00 am on November 1st, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00792 Request for anyfall records about by law enforcement calls against of 933 Sheenboro Cres. since January 1, 2008 2013-12-29
A-2012-00791 Ottawa fire report and notes of I investigating officer 1241 Kilborn Place November 6, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00790 Correspondence to or from I Dan Chenier or Steve Kanellakos regarding changes to the project schedule for the expansion of Arts Court, since May 1, 2012 ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00789 Correspondence to or from Dan Chenier, Debbie Hill or Nicole Zuger regarding federal funding for the Arts Court expansion, since April 1, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00788 Complete copy of the Ontario Works file for 5.1 4 1 s.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00787 All info reported against 933 Sheenboro Crescent All info reported against 935 Sheenboro Crescent 2013-12-29
A-2012-00786 I am requesting that the video ofthe line trace that was performed by Clean Water for the City on the drain for properties at 111 and 109 Glenora be sent to me. This was done in August 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00785 Road. traf c assessments completed under the Safety Improvement Program since January 1, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00783 How many accidents or I collisions were deemed at fault or preventable by OC Transpo drivers since 2007 Year by year breakdown. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00782 Obtenir copie complet de tout I document que detient la ville d 0ttawa me permettant de voir le budget prevu et aussi depenses pour Ies cours en francais et en anglais, etc. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00781 A Iistfdescription of all complaintslcharges for pets dogs located at 84 Belmont Avenue, Ottawa, ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00779 Copy of Call 201201224665 I 2013-12-29
A-2012-00778 Video footage of Smyth Station on October 16, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00776 All building fconstruction permits since July 18th. 2012 for 119 Charlotte Steet, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00772 Internal Consultation Documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel project completed between March 2011 and September 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00769 Complete copy of 5 14 1 14 1 social assistance le. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00768 Service Request 2012 00851414 by Iawincident over neighbours encroaching cedar hedge 2013-12-29
A-2012-00767 Consultation All documents I related to the potential construction of underground tunnels connecting the National Arts Centre to other government buildings in the area, authored between January 2008 and September 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00766 A copy of all records where requests were made by the builder to deviate from the plans or speci cations submitted to the City of Ottawa for 149 Glenora St. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00765 Ottawa Fire Services Fire I Marshals Report O.F.S Incident 11 3299, January 18, 2011 3363 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ONT, K1 C 1T1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00764 Documents related to two 911 calls made on Feb 13, 2007 and the associated re captain s notes related what was seen and done in response to the calls. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00763 Plans on microfiche for 2740 I Marie Street, Ottawa ON. Reel 114 Filmstop 183. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00762 All les pertaining to complaint I to property standards, claim 5 2011 524641, 2011632605, 2011 509484 2013-12-29
A-2012-00760 Original Simpson Sears architechtual drawings, 1200 St. Laurent Blvd Ottawa ON, from 1966 67 2013-12-29
A-2012-00759 Records inclusive 2007 2012 of I marijuana grow ops locations as published by Ottawa Police Services. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00758 A copy of the incident that I happend on 7 5 12 at O Connor and Gladstone. The incident was filled up by OC transpo officer. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00756 Police case 12 300867 I regarding 114 Lebrun St, in Ottawa ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00753 All reports or orders relating to I 2352 Malone Crescent by Property Standards or Public Health 2013-12-29
A-2012-00752 Need a copy of City of Ottawa I inspector for the trial tribunal, for s.14 1 for the address of 1480 Triole Street, apt. 1. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00751 Footage. pictures of an accident on the corner of Isabella St and Bank St. on Saturday, October 28, 2012 around 7 55 8 00 am, and any information regarding the accident case 12 315381. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00750 A full history of complaints made by third parties ie. noise, public health, re, etc from 2009 to present for Mambo Restaurant 2013-12-29
A-2012-00749 I am requesting a full history of I complaints made by third parties i.e. noise, public health, re, etc. from 2009 to present October 15, 2012 for Kinki restaurant 41 York Street . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00748 Records relating to the sewers I at or around 20 Apple Creek Crescent in Kanata from January 1997 January 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00747 Documents pertaining to the I redevelopment of Lansdowne Park authored between January 2011 and September 2011. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00745 Inspection video of the 174. Jeanne d Arc culvert that would later collapse, from 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00743 Records of vehicular accident I on Hwy 31. Bank St., on Nov 4, 2009 in front of Findlay Creek. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00742 Request for mechanical plans for 22 unit building done by Everest Engineering Ltd. Project 89 217 at 215 St Patrick Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00741 All documents and correspondence regarding 0ccupy Ottawa between October 1, 2011 to November 23, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00739 Work order for the replacement I of a new sanitary lateral done on or around October 7, 2002 2013-12-29
A-2012-00738 A written report of the filming I results of our sanitary lateral on or around September 26, 2002. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00736 Fire report from re on July 22, I 2012 at 201 Rochester St, Ottawa ON. Incident report number 12 47145 2013-12-29
A-2012-00735 Current food safety inspection I reports for the various location Gabriel Pizza 2013-12-29
A-2012-00734 Bylaw and Police complaints I notes for 140 Ron Kolbus from April 2009 to present. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00733 Nous demandons Ies informations suivantes pour Ie contrat actuel de remplissage et Iivraison de cylindre d oxygene pour Ie service ambulancier de la ville d 0ttawa la duree du contract, le prix, Ie fournisseur, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00731 Copy of all records related to I By law offence no. D4D5997C 2013-12-29
A-2012-00730 Any and all communication between Ottawa City Councillor llllaria llllcRae, Environmental Service Gilli, Dixon Weir, DC City Operations Steve Kanellakos, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00729 The Detailed Functional Building Program referred to in the attached extract from the Building Condition Audit and Structural Assessment for the Main Library 2013-12-29
A-2012-00728 All Ottawa Police Services OPS documentation and records including but not limited to my records of arrest, information gathered concernign me, profiling of me including photograhs and videos. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00727 On or about June 26, 2012, a I sewer back up occurred, causing water to enter into a property located at T1 Avocado Street, in Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00726 Request for records held by I Property Standards Section and Fire Prevention Work Group related to inspections at 502 Kent St. in September 2012 ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00725 All information contained in the re report including interviews, pictures etc. for re at 1732 1740 Woodward Drive on December 1, 2008 2013-12-29
A-2012-00724 Copy of any records with respect to a dog bite which occurred on May 31,2012 at 1584 Old Montreal Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00723 A copy of all records where requests were made by the builder to deviate from the plans or speci cations submitted to the City of Ottawa for 151 and 153 Glenora St. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00722 Video surveillance from OC Transpo Hurdman Bus Station on September 16, 2012 from approx 4 00 p.m. to 10 30 p.m. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00721 Access to By law File No. 2010 360327 Of cer Chris Warren Re 658 Edison Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00720 Related to the City of Ottawa s I plans for a Western light rail line, between May 1, 2012 and August 16, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00719 Requesting a copy of the I Investigating Of cers field notes and any witness statements regarding the Motor Vehicle Accident January 20, 2012 involving s.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00718 Please give me reports and I documents of complaints from July 2012 to October 11, 2012 on 1130 Woodroffe Avenue. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00717 A complete copy ofthe police I file in relation to the Motor Vehicle accident that occured on June 29, 2009. Accident number 09478904 2013-12-29
A-2012-00716 Copy of all complaints made by 1238 Heron Road regarding a dog at 1233 Anoka Street for the period of May 2011 to October 2012. Include all records and actions taken by by law services on this matter. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00715 All recordsfinspection reportslpermits and letters pertaining to 1171 Ambleside Apt 1009. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00714 OFM report, fire incident report I and Ontario Fire marshal report for fire at 17 Deslodge Pvt on May 16, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00713 Report by Derek Petch on the I 2nd of May at apt 2 344 Daly Ave, Ottawa ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00712 City of Ottawa maintenance records and claims le for incident on Goulbourn Forced Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00711 Request for copy of the fire I investigation report for 5 14 1 S.14 1 Fire occurence number is 12 34318 2013-12-29
A-2012-00710 Reports and records related to I the incident response plan done by Landsdowne Technologies Inc. in response to the February 2012 crash on the Transitway. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00709 Travel expenses for the Chairs I and Vice Chairs ofthe Board of Health and the Library Board for the current term of council. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00708 Complete copy of 5 14 1 s.14 1 Ontario Workslsocial Assistance le. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00707 All by law records made against 947 Elsett Dr from November 1, 2011 to October 10,2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00706 Lists of City employees who have attended training programs offered by the Niagara Institute since Jan. 1, 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00705 Any all documents relating I to 30 Rosemount Avenue drawings etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00704 copies of rooming house permits which could be published in licensed houses or printed confirmation that no license exist. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00703 Travel records and travel I expenses for all chairs and vice charis of standing committees, whether paid for by city departments or any related boards of associations for current term of council 2013-12-29
A-2012-00702 A copy of the by Iawincident I report with respect to a dog bite injury, which occurred on September 17, 2012 at the dog park located behind St. Paul University on 223 Main Street, Ottawa ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00701 All traf c accidents for the past 10 years on the public road opposit 2244 Innes Road. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00700 Full re investigation report for I the re at 911 Richmond Road, Ottawa ON, that occurred on August 3, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00699 Property standards report 2 1201104698 2013-12-29
A-2012-00698 The Proposal is the Zoning I By Law and Site Plan Control Applications for 1 D50 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00697 1 The total number of funeral I approvals made by Employment and Social Services in 2011 2 The total number of Type A approvals made by Employment and Social Services in 2011 and their maximum approval amount per case, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00696 A copy of all records where I requests were made by the builder to deviate from the plans or speci cations submitted to the City of Ottawa for 69, 71, 73 and 75 Herridge Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00695 Traffic light camera records around the Heron and Riverside intersection on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012 ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00694 A copy of the traf c camera video at St. Joseph Blvd. and Jeanne D Arc for Friday, September 28, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00693 Copies of an OC Transpo incident response, report and recommendations prepared with the help of Lansdowne Technologies Inc., following a collision on the transitway on Feb. 7, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00692 Provide from the last 60 months, for a property located at 316 llllontfort, copy of all documents available including fire incident report, investigation reports, inspection pertaining to building services, plumbing inspection 2013-12-29
A-2012-00691 Details of communications crises as declared by the chief corporate communications from December 1, 2010 to present day, September 27, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00690 Internal meeting minutes from I Ottawa Public Health regarding the endoscopy clinic operated by Dr. Christiane Farazli 1081 Carling Ave, Suite 606 between May 1, 2011 and Oct 31, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00689 Copies of building plans, I building permit, and plan sheet in relation to 310 Cote Royale Crescent, Orleans. Copy of blueprints in relation to the aforementioned property. ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00688 History of res at 207 209 Murray St, Ottawa, since 2000 up to this date 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00687 Copy of Building Records for I 372 376 380 Blake Blvd. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00686 Copies of all maintenance and I inspection records pertaining to the sewer system at 5701 Watterson Street, liilanotick 2013-12-29
A-2012-00685 All wnrk orders, reports and any list of de ciencies for 1 902 ii oorvale Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00684 Requesting order of inspection I of 50 Russell Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00683 All ambulance call reports where I 5 14 1 was the patient. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00682 Request a copy of By I aw Services occurence report 201200776163 and all documents related to it including records referred to as previous S.R. in said occurence report. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00681 Complete re report for fire on I July 1, 2012 at 52 Ashpark Cres, Ottawa ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00680 Request odometer readings for I 3 described taxi vehicles as separately listed ts Plus Requests Cl Summary 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00679 A complete copy ofthe le relating to the construction of a sewer extension to Fairview Avenue to service 260 Cloverdale Road. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00678 All complaints made by5 14 1 1 14 1 302 139o Lepage Avenue since March 1, 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00677 Provide 2011, 2012 records on the status of plans for LeBreton Flats and records on display, problems encountered in developing speci c parcels of land and revised timetablesfbudgets, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00676 Copy of any formal contractual I agreement made between City of Ottawa and MERX 2013-12-29
A-2012-00675 To obtain a copy of the fire report at 1713 and 1715 Old Montreal Road, Ottawa ON. Date of re is unknown. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00674 Blue Line Taxi Chit ofthe amount 450 service request No. 2010 245204 2013-12-29
A-2012-00673 All records and correspondence related to the selection of exhibitors, presenters and third party representatives at the Ottawa Youth Summit in 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00672 How many complaints and from whom I against our dog Teddy registered at 2413 Walkley Rd for two described time periods. 3 Plus Requests Closed bet tmmary Status 2013-12-29
A-2012-00671 All noise By law related to my address at I 4 370 Belisle Street between the period of December 1, 2011 until the end of August. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00670 Any and all records related to proposed changes to building drawings referenced in a named Development Agreement. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00669 Tunney s Pasture redevelopment proposals. I 2013-12-29
A-2012-00668 Transfer in for Mayor s letter from Mayor Watson to Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the redevelopment of the former US Embassy on Wellington Street. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00667 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu Fire Marshal report for fire at 202 Desrosiers Street, occurring on December 2013-12-29
A-2012-00666 All emails, memos, speaking notes, briefing notes and correspondence in the Mayor s Office regarding the collapse of a sewer pipe under Highway 174 at Jeanne D Arc Boulevard and resulting sinkhole between September 4, 2012 and September 12, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0, d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00665 All emails and correspondence regarding the . collapse of a sewer and sinkhole under Highway 174 at Jeanne D Arc Boulevard between September 4, 2012 and September 12, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00663 All correspondence between staff in the infrastructure services department and representatives of Louis Bray Construction regarding the sewer pipe and sinkhole at Highway 174 and Jeanne d Arc Boulevard between August 23, 2012 and Sept 6, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00662 All inspection reports, assessments and follow up reports, work plans and videos from inspections, regarding the sewer pipe under highway 174 at Jeanne D arc Boulevard 2013-12-29
A-2012-00661 All documents of public record related to the flooding in Kanta in 1996, 2002 and 2009. Including but not limited to minutes from council meetings, council documents, reports and investigations etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00660 I would respectfully request any and all I informationfrecords relating to my name or by law file 201201103528 in relation to the above noted civic address address referred to is 1034 Normandy Cres., Ottawa, K2C 0L4 2013-12-29
A-2012-00659 Contract values for the current Capital I Security contract and contract values for the current Commissionaires contract including total hours for each contract 100 Constellation Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00658 1 Nombres de plaintes de violations de stationnement sur la rue Marrissa entre Indigo et Steel dens Ies derniers 12 mois, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00657 Records related to a report to the Fraud and I Waste Hotline 2013-12-29
A-2012-00656 A detailed accounting of the spending for all I Protocol events in 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00655 List of major potholes in the city and anticipated repair date 2013-12-29
A-2012-00654 Looking for documentation showing which roads in the City are plowed more than others how often each road is plowed for winter2010, 2011 and 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00653 Looking for sewer inspection reports for the top 10 sewers most in need of repair work over the past 18 months. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00652 Any and all records related to the sinkhole sewer including emails on its condition, meeting minutes and any and all analysis done by city staff or private contractors. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00651 L uurnrnuu 5 LIE Lu uernun 13 All receipts for expenses claimed by Osgoode Councillor Doug Thompson for his 2012 travel to Las Vegas and Banff. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00650 Copy of responsive records from a I previous Access to Information request. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0s d Summary I C n........ n ... . ,L. In ,l . ....n... IJII 2013-12-29
A-2012-00649 Internal consultant on Information related to beaver management in the National Capital Region 2013-12-29
A-2012-00647 Budgets and projects briefs or summaries for the Barbara Ann Scott Archives Exhibition at City Hall 2013-12-29
A-2012-00646 All records, including but not limited to, correspondence, reports, memos, presentations, budgets and audits created since January 1, 2011 related to Invest Ottawa s financial statements. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00645 All records related to, and including any correspondence between City officials and qualified consortia members created on or after October 21, 2011 related to the request for proposals for the Ottawa Light Rail project. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00644 Requesting odometer readings available from 200 2011 for taxi vehicles 2013-12-29
A-2012-00643 All City reports, notes, etc. Related to the property of 379 Cooper Street pertaining to infrastructure and property standards and safety for the period August 1, 2012 to September 12, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00642 Home address andlor contact information for 5 14 who formely resided at Apt. 510, 1660 Walkley Road, Ottawa area an Ottawa Community Housing Unit . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00641 Copy of the report from summer 2011 that was done in response to the inspection in the summer of 2011 dealing with the 3.6 meter storm sewer pipe located under the eastbound lanes of Highway 174. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00640 Any and all information and communication from the City of Ottawa, or between the City and third parties, pertaining to the contract to re line the 3.6 metre storm sewer pipe under the eastbound lanes of Highway 174 at the Jeanne d Arc exit. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00639 Any and all communications between GM Infrastructure Services, Manager Asset Management, City Manager andlor the office of the Mayor dealing with the collapse of a storm sewer pipe and sink hole located underthe eastbound Jeanne d Arc exit of Highway 174 2013-12-29
A-2012-00638 A list of all calls andlor requests made to 311 concerning flooding at 1 Leacock Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00637 Grading and drainage plan for 1 Leacock Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00636 Copy of City of Ottawa Contract ISD11 5027 including CO 6 2013-12-29
A-2012-00635 Complete copy of 5 14 1 Social Services file 2013-12-29
A-2012-00634 Copie du rapport de agent des normes foncieres de la Ville d Ottawa portant le numero de dossier 2012 01112406. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00633 Number of trips taken and transit passes I sold by OC Transpo by month 1995 to 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00632 All files related to property standards, and dog bylaws for 200 Clearview Ave from November 1969 to present. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00631 Building Code Services access to building records Permit 862039 16 2450 Lancaster Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00630 Request for Building Department file with respect to 346 Cunningham Ave., including all building permits, plans, inspection reports, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00629 Request for Fire Report copy about fire at 150 MacFar ane Rd on January 26, 1987. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00628 All pictures taken by By Law Services on May 23, 2012 of the cedar hedge located at 477 Pleasant Park and the property located at 483 Pleasant Park. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00627 Copy of all property standards reports and orders for 63 Costello Ave. Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00626 Information regarding work done on water main orthe road in front ofthe house at 2364 Ogilvie Road in Feb 2009. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00625 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Signal light timing and sequencing for St. Joseph Blvd. and Old 10th Line Road, in particular August 11, 2012. Inspection and repair reports from July 1, 201 2 for the same intersection to date 2013-12-29
A-2012-00624 Please provide copies of all documentation I related to fire incident 12 45313 that occurred 2012f07l14 at 306 Kinghorn Crescent Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00623 Need my time of birth DOB May 1, 1947, born in Ottawa at the Grace Hospital 2013-12-29
A-2012-00622 Complete copy of 5 14 S.14 1 Social Services Welfare 2013-12-29
A-2012-00621 The fire investigation report pertaining to the fire at 52 Ashpark Cres, on July 1, 2012 in Ottawa Ontario. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00620 Lesley Collins Office All information pertaining to 19 Kindle Court and Briarcliffe Heritage Designation study area 2013-12-29
A-2012-00619 All internal meeting minutes associated with salmonella outbreak March April 2013-12-29
A-2012-00618 All documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s light rail project authored in November and December 2011, January and February 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00617 Looking for the owner s licence for 1315 Avenue 0 to be used as a boarding house 2013-12-29
A-2012-00616 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu 1 474 Elgin Street Ottawa Police Station I Copy of current maintenance contract for the elevators, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00615 A copy information held bythesewer Use Program Branch for 1220 1228 Old lnnes Road, 1230 Old lnnes Road, 1240 Old lnnes Road, 1250 1260 Old lnnes Road, 1280 1290 Old lnnes Road, 101 lnnes Park Way and 201 lnnes Park Way Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00614 Copy of the Ontario Works file for s.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00613 Consult All documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s light rail project authored in November and December of 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00612 Summary of property or city by law complaints, investigations on the above address 6101 Forestglen Cres. . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00611 Copy of the report for File 201201052054 2013-12-29
A-2012-00610 A copy of Ottawa Fire Services records concerning an accident on January 23, 2012 between a snow plow and a 2013-12-29
A-2012-00609 Architect I Engineer contact information for I 1650 Comstock Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00608 Architect I Engineer contact information for I 1209 Algoma Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00607 V Architect I Engineer contact information for I 2625 Queensview Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00606 Architect I Engineer contact information for I 2340 St. Laurent Boulevard Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00605 Architect . Engineer contact information for 100 Bayshore Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00604 Architect . Engineer contact information for I 2220 Walkley Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00603 Architect I Engineer contact information for I 2204 Walkley Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00602 Provide a copy of the sewer related services records for 60 Grassy Plains 2013-12-29
A-2012-00601 All records with the Ottawa Police Service, excluding records solely related to Criminal Record Checks, between 2005 and 2012. In particular, records and information obtained through my encounters with police officers 2013-12-29
A-2012-00600 rovide 2009, 2010 briefing notes, risk assessments on infrastructure Bui ding Canada funding issuesfpressures given representations on the Ottawa area. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00599 Obtain a copy of all documents, records and reports pertaining to the dog attack that occurred on May 8th, 2012 in Brookside Park. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00598 V Inspection report from Chuck Zito occurred I on August 14, 2012 inside and outside 3 380 Crete Place, Vanier 2013-12-29
A-2012-00597 Complete copy of S.14 1 social assistance file. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00596 In building permit file for 1080 Marchant Drive with Sarah Newell in Zoning , copy of engineering survey dated February 25, 2002 stamped by Glenn Duncan on March 11, 2002. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00595 blues prints, plans for 8180 Victoria Street, Metcalfe and 8184 Victoria Street, Metcalfe. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00594 Any 31 1 calls noise complaints for restaurant at 442 Preston. Finding of by law officers upon inspection. Time period November 2008 through to August 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00593 A copy of the fire report from a fire that occured on March 16,2011 at 15 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00592 The following records for 141 Withrow Avenue Fire report for July 1, 2012 Site SurveyfProperty records, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00591 How much revenue did the City collect via OC Transpo fare inspections from 2007 to present Year by year breakdown. How many fines were handed out each year 2013-12-29
A-2012-00590 Copies of complaints against OC Transpo fare inspectors from 2007 to August 1, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00589 All notes, reports from the City of Ottawa concerning the premises of 201, 211 and 219 Bell Street North, Ottawa one complex . Limited to property standards, health and fire safety within the last three years. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00588 All memos, briefing notes, briefing books, reports, guidance studies and similar records prepared for the Mayor andfor City Councillors andlor the City Manager regarding Beacon Sports Capital Partners andfor the future of baseball at Ottawa Stadium 2013-12-29
A-2012-00587 Full copy of the prosecutors file in case 0460 999 03983042 00. Highway Traffic Offence dismissed February 7, 2011, original ticket issued November 15, 2010. Records inlcude those created by the Ottawa Police Service 2013-12-29
A-2012-00586 Request to obtain all existing permit drawings for 324 Cambridge Street North, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00585 Copy of the 2012 budget for Ottawa Public Heath and a listing of all public health campaigns along with the budget of those currently being undertaken by Ottawa Public Health. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00584 Copies of any correspondence between Ottawa Public Health and other municipal, provincial, or federal public health authorities or health organizations regarding sugar sweetened beverage consumption and advertising or education campaigns, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00583 Documents and correspondence regarding Ottawa Public Health in relation to Obesity, Health Wellness and Nutrition campaigns. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00582 request for access to microfilm of Ottawa, I Ontario, 220 Laurier building permit architectural drawings Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00581 Request for civil, structural, mechanical electrical drawings for 116 Lisgar St. all base building drawings Reel 92, Film Stop 287 2013-12-29
A-2012-00580 Any documents showing how much revenue I the City of Ottawa lost in 2011 because of the fraudulent use of disabled parking permits. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00579 Provide copies of e mails sent or received by Environment Canada Wildlife Enforcement Division operations manager Martin Thabau t martin.thabau t 2013-12-29
A-2012-00578 Please provide a copy of the Ottawa Fire Services report for 202 Presland Road, Ottawa ON , including but not limited to, report and photographs. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00577 I would like to receive a copy of the fire report which took place at 1346 Lindenshade Drive, K2J 5R5 on May 24, 2012. Unit 136b was also cited as where the fire 2013-12-29
A-2012-00576 Copies of notice of violation under file A 2012 00436 and 201200899655 showing that the file is now closed 2013-12-29
A-2012-00575 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu Requesting by law officer reports regarding I noise complaints for 360 Frank Street Apt 403, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00574 Plaintes a endroit du 1232, boul. Orleans au cours des cinq 5 dernieres annees. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0e d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00573 Complaints made to or about 241 Walkley Road, starting in year 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00572 All information about a collision that happened on the Transitway at Tunney s Pasture on Feb 7, 2012 between two OC Transpo buses 2013-12-29
A-2012-00571 I need my personel file with City and OC Transpo. Anything with my name on it. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00570 City of Ottawa OC Transpo used oil collection and disposal 2013-12-29
A-2012-00569 Pool Enclosure permit for 71 Ruskin St, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00568 All hard copy and electronic communications between Caivan Developers or their agents and the City of Ottawa as pertains to the Richmond North South Projects from Nov 1, 2011 to Aug 2013-12-29
A-2012-00567 Obtain a copy of file pertaining to the dog attack that occurred on Jun 16, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00566 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All emails, letters, documents pertaining to the request for alterations to 19 Kindle Court Briarcliffe Heritage Conservation District Study 2013-12-29
A-2012-00565 Regarding City Sewer System copies of City inspection, maintenance and trouble shooting policies, showing frequency and intensity of inspection I maintenance in effect between 1 Jan 2007 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00564 Copies of all documents regarding City Sewer System maintenance inspection reports, trouble shooting reports, incident reports concerning sewer backups, spills, overflows or sewer floods for Avocado Street from January 1, 2007 to July 20, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00563 Minutes of the November 22, 2011 meeting of the MMQCDC relating to the Board s approval and direction to staff to proceed with the Zoning Bylaw amendment application. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00562 A copy of the daily spare board rules for Bus drivers at 0C Transpo. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00561 All Ottawa Police Services reports on resourcing, staff requirements, costs, etc for missing persons cases involving people who go missing from various health care 2013-12-29
A-2012-00560 Communications between the Mayor s office and the Canadian Football League since January 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00559 Communications between the Mayor s office, Beacon Sports Capital Partners and representatives of Minor League Baseball. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00558 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Copies of all documents regarding complaints bythe Embassy of Saudi Arabia about activities near their Embassy on July 3, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00557 Inspection and maintenance activities I sheets for a slip and fall on sidewalk on Metcalfe near Lewis on May 30, 2011. Injured 5 14 1 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00556 Requesting a complete copy of all original I information pertaining S.14 1 address 625 Glastonbury Walk, Ottawa ON , K4A OP6 , plate AZRB 417 and second address, 224 Camelia Avenue between April 2012 to July 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00555 All by law reports in 2010 2011 and 2012 until July 20,2012 related to 380 Crete Place. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00554 Total costs Invoiced to company, Balloon It I Boutique, for its services and supplies related to Canada Day celebrations, 2012, at Aberdeen Pavillion, Landsdowne Park. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00553 Traffic camera recording at Industrial and Riverside on July 18, 2012 between the time 9 20 pm 9 30 pm 2013-12-29
A-2012-00552 Any and all development plans including rezoning applications, permits andlor demolition permits for the property located at 841 Grenon Avenue, Ottawa ON. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00551 Any and all information pertaining to the property or owners of 236 Crerar Ax e., Lot111 in relation to by law complaints, property standards, rights of way and all non conforming rights. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00550 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl you but vpulsauplavpu Any and all information pertaining to the property or owners of, 232 Crerar Ave Lot 110 , in relation to all non conforming right held or registered to the property. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00549 Full copy of Fire Report 11 39502, I structural fire at 249 251 Richmond Road Whispers Bar Eatery , date of fire June 24, 2011 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00548 All correspondence, reports and emails with respect to the lease on the Nepean National Equestrian Park and proposals with respect to the Nepean National Equestrian Park from outside organisations 2013-12-29
A-2012-00547 Various documents and information regarding warnings and traffic tickets issued by the Ottawa Police Services. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00546 Property standards reports or orders relating to property at 804 Grenon Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00545 Fire reports or orders relating to property at 804 Grenon Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00544 March 1, 2011 to July 12, 2012. Telephone, I texts, email records for all correspondence between Rick Chiarelli and Beacon Sports Capital Partners, LLC Richard Billings or Gerry Sheehan 2013-12-29
A-2012-00543 Records related to clean up at 23 Palsen, Nepean including photos. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00542 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Lists of all locations for which license stickers were issued for the permit years 2011 2012 and for 201232013 for Customer Services Boxes 2013-12-29
A-2012-00541 Copy of fire investigation report, all field I notes and photos from first responders as result of fire at 841 Grenon Avenue on June 24, 2012. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00540 I would like to get full disclosure of my file regarding the barking dog by law offences I have been accused of since December 2011 156 Waterbridge Drive, Unit E . Please include all by law officer reports and complaints with dateitime . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00539 Copies of Police Reports with respect to 5 Ralph Street, Ottawa issued within the last year and a half 2011 present 2013-12-29
A-2012-00538 Telephone, texts, e mail records for all correspondence between Mayor s Chief of Staff Serge Arpin and Beacon Sports Capital Partners LLC Richard Billings or Gerry Sheehan May 1, 2011 to March 30, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00537 5 14 1 of 2 277 Montreal Road, Ottawa ON K1 L 6C2 or of 1 309 Rue Champlain, Gatineau QC JBX 383, for January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00536 All documents complaints and other information regarding garbage complaints, complaints of messy front lawn, property standards and notes about 132 134 Osgoode St. Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00535 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu All documents dealing with any complaint or I concerns regarding 75 Daly St. Documents much include zoning, rooming house complaints and property standards. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00534 All documents and notes discussing 71 I Daly St, including zoning, licensing, property standards and tenant complaints. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00533 All documents regarding complaints about 132 134 Osgoode St and graffiti on the building. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00532 All documents, notes and commentls regarding 5.14 and 5 4 1 related to by law property standards 2013-12-29
A-2012-00531 Correspondence, emails, memoranda and meeting notes pertaining to wastewater servicinglscorning of what in OPA76 is described as Area 2 2013-12-29
A-2012-00530 Copy of complaint June Ju y 2012 related I to construction work against 206 James Street, Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00529 Information for all City of Ottawa unclaimed cheques drawn and issued between January 1, 2011 and December 31st, 2011and still outstanding by June 2013-12-29
A-2012-00528 Seeking records that document all the physical changes to the cellblock, of the Central Division, of the Ottawa Police Services, subsequent to September 6, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00527 Full complaint and all associated documents from service request 2013-12-29
A-2012-00526 A copy of Fire Investigation Report 11 81480, 1755 Woodward Drive Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00525 All emails, memos, progress reports, sticky I notes, pertaining to the Strandherd Armstrong bridge between March 13, 2012 and July 9, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00524 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Correspondence between the legal department and OC Transpo regarding Metrolinx andfor the Presto smart card project. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00522 Lists of attendees at conflict resolution workshops supplied by Jacobsen Consulting since January 1, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00521 Access to all emails, documents and reports sent or written by MayorJim Watson which make mention to the selection of a new police chief after Vern White s 2013-12-29
A-2012-00519 Tranfer in from Environment Canada 2013-12-29
A-2012-00518 Complete fire report for fire on July 1, 2012 I at 52 Ashpark Cres, Ottawa ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00517 All documentation that outlines all out of court settlements that resulted from matters or actions brought against the Police Services Board andfor the Ottawa Police Services. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00516 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu Access to all complaints regarding my address at 7A Woodvale Green, and any and all complaints regarding my dogs. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00515 Access to Information request to determine I whether my personal information was provided to Richcraftf FoTenf Soloway Wright, via an email or other method, by an employee of the City of Ottawa without my consent Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00514 All documents relating to the sewer back up affecting 90 Pentland PI, including any documentation concerning this sewer main from 1980 to present. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00513 A list of all by law infractions I complaints and charges as well as services requests including calls generated against 2120 Forest Edge Rd or by 2120 Forest Edge Rd from January 2010 December 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00512 Maintenance, inspection, servicing records, also records pertaining to repair procedures relating to the subject water system for a period of 10 years prior to the date of loss October 14, 2011 for 2420 Georgina Drive Ottawa . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00511 Copies of any building permit or related documentation relating to the heatinglventing, plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work performed at Unit 1, 1547 Merivale Road, Ottawa, Ontario 2013-12-29
A-2012-00510 Documents pertaining to disabled parking permits being bought and sold in the City of Ottawa, authorized between July 2011 and June 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00509 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu A copy of all correspondence between the City of Ottawa personnel and the Morley Hoppner Group, FoTenn Planning, or legal representatives of Morley Hoppner about the 2 the Parkway developers application 2013-12-29
A-2012-00508 A copy of the City Planners Reports on 2 I the Parkway D02 02 11 0101 as released internally on or about the week of June 10 through June 29, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00507 Copies of all contracts, undertakings and. or I invoices between Bob Plamondon and the Mayor s office, as well as the output from these contracts and undertaking, from Dec, 1, 2006 to Jun 11, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00506 On or about June 24, 2011, a break in the Sewer Lateral Public Portion caused water to back up into 1 Leacock Drive. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00505 The site plan application file and building permit application file for the Royalton Retirement Residence 2013-12-29
A-2012-00504 Witness report or complaint or incident report relating to offence 0405752C issued to s.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00503 I received a by law infraction notice for failure to register a dog 2003 77 section 7 1 a and, I don t own a dog. I would like to know who name, address lodged this complaint so that I can clarifythis issue with them. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00502 Documents showing complaints to the City about by law officers filed during April and May 2011. Please also include responses from City officials regarding ongoing complaints that were written during that time period. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00501 gvgieere currently conducting a Phase 1 ESA I for the property located at 3374 Ride au Road. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00500 All reports and orders pertaining to 65 I Costello including any records related to parking garage Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00499 Results of the investigation by any agency into the causes of the fire at 1755 Woodward Avenue on December 12, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00498 Nous avons besoin des plans originaux pour Ie modeelez 1880 Florida Ave. Ottawa maison a eetee construite 14 mai 1965 permis 56619 2013-12-29
A-2012-00497 Photocopy of pool inspection pool enclosure records permits at 1956 Belcourt Blvd. ref. GL 36783 2000 0632 . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00496 Requesting the witness statements from the incident on April 19th 2012 involving two dogs. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00495 Status updates on Presto deployment sent by John Manconi, Robert Delage or David Pepper from May 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00494 Emails sent by Ernest McArthur to Jane Wright in March and April 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00493 Communications to or from the City Manager s office regarding the delay of final reports and council votes on the Lansdowne Partnership plan until autumn 2013-12-29
A-2012-00492 . A JI.Il llclll Ialivlvl la you but you Jauplavpu Communications between the mayor s office or the office of Diane Deans, and Metrolinx regarding the Presto deployment, from June 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00491 Copy of the building permit and any I inspection documents relating to the parking lot garage on 2700 Saratoga, Ottawa, ON PIN 04336 0023 Closed Between 2012 Jan 00 d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00490 Request for information regarding by law complaint about 1501 Reindeer Way on June 18, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00489 Any and all information related to the warrantyfmaintenance of various contracts 2013-12-29
A-2012-00488 A copy of the traffic signal timing chart for the intersection of Clyde Merivale on July 7, 2011 and any record of display malfunction during that day. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00487 I wish to have copies of building designs, drawings permits for 67 Sweetland Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00486 I wish to have copy of building design drawing permits for 65 Sweetland. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00485 Copy of the Ottawa Fire Department Report related to the April 27, 2012 fire at 404 Daly Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00484 Complete list of all MFIPPA requests made I to the City for one full year from June 26th. 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00483 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Notes de breffages de la ministre des Travaux publics du 25 juillet 2011 au 5 aout 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00482 Une copie de tous Ies dossiers de I preesentation qui ont eetee deeposee avant Ie juillet 2011 et qui sont eeligibles pour Ies fonds restants dans Ie cadre du fond pour Iginfrastructure Verte Closed Between 2012 Jan 0s d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00481 Any by law or property standards inquiries against the property 2013-12-29
A-2012-00480 Copies of documents, reports and communications related to any financial assistance including loan guarantees given to Villa Marconi from City of Ottawa since 2002 2013-12-29
A-2012-00479 All communications between the City Manager s Office and Alain Mercier regarding the Presto Contract, since 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00478 All communications from or to the City Manager s office regarding Presto since May of 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00477 Copy of the entire files for 58 Florence Street Ottawa and 435 Gladstone Avenue Ottawa . Including but not limited to all reports, orders, correspondence, memorandums, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00476 Je veux avoir accees aux informations me concernant et figurant dans la demande d aide sociale de 5 14 Je risque d eetre injustement Ieeseee dans mes inteereets peecuniaires ou autres. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00475 . DUPTIITIEIIFE H8 H EIEITIEIII HE By Law incident report dog bite which occurred on May 31st, 2012 at 1593 Old Montreal Road, involving S.14 1 s.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00474 Traffic camera videos for Bank Chamberlain, Bank Fifth, Bank Colonel By, Bronson Raymond, and Bronson Carling on 2012 05 26 from 9am g, 12pm Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary I 1 ... . .... ... .1 I... .l... .... .. l.. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00473 Contribution list of donors and sponsors over 10 for Ms. Caroline Rioux a Green Party candidate 2013-12-29
A-2012-00472 Documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel project between March 2011 and September 2013-12-29
A-2012-00471 Copies of all submissions to Ottawa Public Health s Sex It Smart Campaign 2013-12-29
A-2012-00470 Building permit drawings for 1505 Laperriere I Street. Building permit from 1967. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00469 Copies of bylaw officer reports during 2007 2009 taken by Andrew Marchard regarding 5.14 484 Tisdale Cres issues with Neighbour, . 5.141 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00468 Copy of By law Reports pertaining to noise I disturbances at 706 248 Brittany Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00467 Drainage plan for site at CCC69 Reaney Court all units or units with civic address 40 54 2013-12-29
A-2012-00466 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu Request for stamped architectural plans external and internal for 328 Woodroffe Avenue. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00465 A copy of the dispatch and Ottawa Fire I Summary fire report for June 1st and 2nd when Fire department was called to put a fire out at Apt 2 1 9 Deschamps Street, Vanier ON. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00464 I need the traffic signal display chart for a signalized intersection of Woodroffe Avenue and the Nepean Sportsplex 1701 Woodroffe for Monday November 3 2008 in relation to a pedestrian accident between the hours of 4 p.m. To 8 pm. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00463 I need the traffic signal display chart for the intersection of Carp Road and Richardson Side Road on January 30 2011 between the hours of 7 00 pm. And 9 pm. Also would like to know any record of 2013-12-29
A-2012-00462 Various records related to the City of Ottawa contract for wildlife control services, including the management of beaver in the City for the years 2012, 2011 and up to May 31,2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00461 Documents related to the 1975 easement over the lands at Carleton Condominium Corporation No.62 and the maintenance and repair of the underground cable vault or otherwise. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00460 Records of Fire inspections, Public Health inspections and Property Standards inspections forthe Rooming house at 353 Lyon St, Ottawa ON. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00459 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu All staff records and correspondence regarding trees being cut down along Holmwood Avenue, near Sylvia Holden Park, between May 28, 2012 and June 11, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00458 All correspondence between City staff and Ellisdon Corporation regarding the Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Project, between May 1, 2012 and June 11, 2012. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00457 I seek documentation which indicates the names and job titles of City officials who have requested translation services for the City during the period April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00456 Email communications from or to the office of Rick Chiarelli, including the Councillor s own email address for the period Jan 1, 2009 to June 12, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00455 How many times EMS is called to the I Ottawa cell block at 474 Elgin St. Within the last year May 31, 2011 to June 1, 2012 and the reason forthe call. I would also like documentation showing the cost of these specific EMS calls 2013-12-29
A-2012-00454 Fire Report and fire prevention officer s notes for 2075 Richardson Side Road Carp, Ontario 2013-12-29
A-2012-00453 Request for consultation, all documents, correspondence, memos, brainstorming notes and reports reqarding smoking bans on NCC property from June 2011 to the present March 23, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00452 Request for Consultation, documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s light rail project from March 1, 2011 to March 1, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00451 The copies of the individual Para Transpo I yearly datalstatistics. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00450 The copies of the two Para Transpo Taxi contracts 2013-12-29
A-2012-00449 A copy of all records and correspondence between the Mayor, Serge Arpin, Kent Kirkpatrick, Steve Kanellakos, Dan Chenier and correspondence between the City of Ottawa and the NCC relating to the Equestrian Park 2013-12-29
A-2012-00448 All records regarding 39 Vaughn. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00447 Garry J. Armstrong Home and Allan House I Redevelopment projects 2013-12-29
A-2012-00446 Disclosure of all maintenance logs and repair records of the sidewalk along Rideau St., in the City of Ottawa around 510 Rideau St. between Cobourg St. Augusta St. from September 1, 2009 to December 2013-12-29
A-2012-00445 Reel 149, Stop 5 Structural engineering drawings of 219 Laurier Avenue West 2013-12-29
A-2012-00444 A copy of the City of Ottawa s contract, signed in 2010 and assigned to Metrolink in 2011 for the Presto system. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00443 V To receive a copy of the records of personal information held bythe Ottawa Police Services ByLaw Enforcement. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00442 Would like a all information on myself and my property at 9 Emery Crt., held by by law and City of Ottawa relating to complaints and alleged infractions. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00441 Any and all documents regarding Health Safety, Fire complience issues at 455 4551f2 Preston Street, Meadows Lunch Restaurant 2013-12-29
A-2012-00440 Requesting any orders from the City of Ottawa in regards to renovations due to fire code violations or property standards violations 2013-12-29
A-2012-00439 City of Ottawa Property Standards Work Order for 74 Willard Street for the landlord Norman Nahas 2013-12-29
A-2012-00438 Truss drawings for 418 Muirland Avenue, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00437 Truss drawings for 509 Harvest Valley Avenue, Orleans 2013-12-29
A-2012-00436 Copy of violations that were given to landlord Danny Arriola by inspector Mr. Luc Peroux for 1336 Labrie Avenue Ref No. 2012 00899640 2013-12-29
A-2012-00435 All documents regarding bike lane data in other Canadian cities, their courts, and street names, in comparison to Laurier Ave. Pilot project and its tally of users. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00434 All executed agreements andlor contracts I between the City of Ottawa and the Orleans Town Centre Partnership in regard to the Shenkman Arts Centre Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00433 How many compaints have been made to 311 regarding the Laurier Avenue bike lanes since July 10, 2011. Top 5 list of nature of compaints, and method used to register phone, e mail, etc. . Copies of all complaints, excluding personal info of complainants. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00432 All documents regarding the Legal status of I the property land currently occupied by the Central Lawn Bowling Club BronsonlGladstone 2013-12-29
A-2012-00431 Records related to Westwood Park since off lease designation 2013-12-29
A-2012-00430 Please provide all by law calls for my property 5 Thornhedge Court and parking on the street of Thornhedge Court for the past 3 years 2009 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00429 All plans related to building permit application 9023 available on microfilm Real 19, Stop 154 2013-12-29
A-2012-00428 All records with my name re by laws, complaints, other, filed by myself or which hav been filed by others, on which my name appeared. Please search back from 1996 to 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00427 V All records on which my name appears by law, complaints etc. Either filed by me or which have been filed by others on which my name appears. Search 1996 to 2013-12-29
A-2012-00426 Records of communications between City staff and Ashcroft Homes with respect to the implementation of the decision by the Ontario Municipal Board case no. PL080119 in regards to the site at 330 Gilmour Street, Ottawa Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00425 Copy of the architect drawings for 204 Bruyere, Building Permit 70061 2013-12-29
A-2012-00424 Installation date of the watermain that broke I on or about January 5, 2011 at O Connor Street and Gloucester Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00423 see above 2013-12-29
A-2012-00422 Truss drawings for 5787 Clayton Road, Navan 2013-12-29
A-2012-00421 Truss drawings for 455 Harvest Valley Avenue 2013-12-29
A-2012-00420 Truss drawings for 246 Flodden Way 2013-12-29
A-2012-00419 V Production of the following documents and I information regarding the regulation, funding and oversight of maternity homes and maternity homeswhich operated in the City of Ottawa from 1940 to 1980 2013-12-29
A-2012-00418 The identity of bus operators of bus 1 12 and 8 and the identity of any other bus operators that may have been in the vicinity with respect to the motor vehicle accident that occurred on January 28, 2010 on Walkley Road bus stop 5818 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00417 All documents related to any permits acquired for a pool on 16 Highpark Cres. property Any by law complaints received about pool. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00416 Copies of any reports concerning property standards violations with respect to the premises of 46 Nelson St, Ottawa K1N 7R2 2013-12-29
A-2012-00415 Copy of building inspection completed by Inspector Ju ieEaston at 1 Marco Lane, Ottawa ON. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00414 Information about a house fire at 395 Larouche Street, Ottawa on November 20, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00413 Full Fire investigation Report for 2850 Cedarwood Drive, Ottawa Ontario that occurred on January 9, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00412 Transfer in QP notes et meemorandums creeees ou transmis 5 la ministre de Travaux publics, due 17 au 26 octobre 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00411 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All documents, reports, communications, emails and P Ns involving Brian Guest with regards to LRT, the LRT tunnel alignment and the moving of LRT stations. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00410 All documents pertaining to a review of ward boundaries andfor reducing the number of council seats in the possession of the City Clerk s Office or the Mayor s Office since Jan. 1, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00409 Information regarding Steve Brown from OC Transpo and Para Transpo. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00408 Request a copy of all reports, notes, and photographs relating to the fire at 460 Metcalfe St., Ottawa on 8 December 2010 Beaver Barracks by CCOC Ottawa Fire Occurence No. 10 81045 2013-12-29
A-2012-00407 Case reports 2011 208149 and 2012 00881301 re neighbour draining his pool onto our backyard, as well as making alterations to the drainage system 2013-12-29
A-2012-00406 Incident 12 17634 390 Montreal Rd Apt. 1010 on March 23, 2012,11 30 a.m. Copy of Fire Investigation Report 2013-12-29
A-2012-00405 Copy of records pertaining to roof construction at 249251 Deschamps including City s inspection andfor citations, orders etc. Copy of legal survey of 252 Marier Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00404 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu Loyal Kigabiro voudrait que la ville Iui fournisse histoire de la plaque de veehicule BDXD819. Cela veut dire, tout document que la ville posseede tickets, infractions, etc. de cette plaque surtout de mai 2009 jusqu a son annulation Ie 14 avril 2013-12-29
A-2012-00403 All cells, charges, tickets and complaints I received or generated for 2014 Forest Edge by By law Services from Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2011 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0s d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00402 Traffic camera footage from Island Park Scott and Richmond Kirkwood for April 20, 2012 from 0700 0845 2013-12-29
A-2012-00401 Copies of records for any incidents reported to OC Transpo Security between April 10, 2012 and April 13, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00400 Copy of the Access to Information log paper or e spreadsheet since April 1, 2012 including requests filed to the Ottawa Police Service 2013-12-29
A-2012-00399 All documents, correspondence and records related to the Strandherd Armstrong Bridge residing with Councillor Steve Desroches between March 1, 2012 and May 14, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00398 Copies of all documents and correspondence regarding financial concerns and receivership of ConCreate 2013-12-29
A-2012-00397 A copy of the Fire Report for 1276 Cousineau Street, Orleans, Ontario, Incident No. 08 42953, Date of Fire July 2013-12-29
A-2012-00396 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Traffic video from Lincoln Fields Station Ottawa River Parkway, Pinecrest Richmond, Algonquin Woodroffe, and Baseline Greenbank for the time periods of8am 9am, 9pm 10 pm 2013-12-29
A-2012-00395 All correspondence to and from Federal and Provincial staff and or politicians and City staff regarding the Strandherd Armstrong Bridge Project between March 1, 2012 and May 14, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00394 Copy of fire report for fire at 15 Beechwood Avenue March 16, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00393 All correspondence with and internal city documents I memos I notes referring to the Guarantee Company of North America Between March 1, 2012 and May 14, 2012 regarding the Strandherd Armstrong Bridge project. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00392 List of properties identified as incurring more than three false fire alarms as a result of malicious behaviour or equipment malfunction in 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00391 OC Transpo Incident reports and records related to 5 14 and operator 5797 possibly 5779 including the OC Transpo Code of Conduct. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00390 Any and all memos, correspondence, briefing notes on the OC Transpo management reorganization announced April 30, 2012 commencing Feb 22, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00389 Copies of complaints against OC Transpo special constables from 2007 to May 1, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00388 Copies of building permit plans for 51 Antler I Model Balchin, Model S 02, Lot 13 . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00387 Summary list of all OC Transpo accidents I involving pedestrians on the Mackenzie King Bridge since 2006 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00386 All final versions of documents generated in preparation for the NHL All Star game 2013-12-29
A-2012-00385 We require a copy of all engineering and architectural plans to address maintenance concerns relating to building at 400 Stewart St. Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00384 Correspondence from the Minister from July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00383 Current Ottawa Police Services internal policy documents relating to the Special Investigations Unit. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00382 Copies of all correspondence, electronic or I otherwise, between the Special Investigations Unit SIU and the Ottawa Police Services OPS 2013-12-29
A-2012-00381 Records related to the proposed development of 450 Churchill 2013-12-29
A-2012-00380 Records related to the pre application for 2 I proposals for 450 Churchill 2013-12-29
A-2012-00379 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Total number and copies of actual complaints regarding City of Ottawa s policy to charge 6.00 for tax bills that it sends out or prints since inception of said 2013-12-29
A-2012-00378 Total number and copies of actual I complaints regarding bike path on Lauier Avenue since 2011. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00377 All documents dealing with rats in buildings I on Bank Street from civic address 534 to civic address 4 between March 2011 and March 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00376 All documents, records, and reports pertaining to the dog attack on S.14 1 14 1 by two dogs April 9, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00375 All documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s light rail project authored in January and February 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00374 A copy of all signed legal documents and supporting documentation to make payments pertaining to an out of court settlement file to the City of Ottawa in the amount of 659, 457 2013-12-29
A-2012-00373 All expenses as listed in the months of Oct, Nov, Dec of 2011, found in the general ledger of the water, fire hydrant and sewage accounts. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00372 All the yearly statisticsfdata on file from the three individual Para Transpo contracts This would include First Bus Para Vans, First Bus Sedans and Taxis 2013-12-29
A-2012-00371 V To receive a copy of each individual taxi contract as well as the term of the contract starting with the start date and final date, if the release of the contracts are refused. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00370 A copy of fire at apt. 815 2201 Riverside Drive for help to pay for smoke damage May H2012 was when the fire was. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00369 A copy of the complete fire report 11 51994 concerning my single vehicle motorcycle accident on August 16, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00368 A list of all police officers and special constables employed by the Ottawa Police Service, including name, rank and cadre 2013-12-29
A-2012-00367 Copy of statement I provided the Ottawa Police Services in relation to Ottawa Police Services General Occurrence report number 2010 105555.. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00366 Copies of any records or violations pertaining to any health code violations at the City s MFIPPA Office located on Cyrville Road since 2007 2013-12-29
A-2012-00365 Copy of by law reports records for the property located at116 Boteler Street in Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00364 All correspondence and documents regarding the City of Ottawa s long term contract with Plasco Energy Group between December 16, 2011 and May 8, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00363 Traffic camera footage from Carling Kirkwood North, facing east, May 8,2012 between 15 20 15 41 2013-12-29
A-2012-00362 Eeoords for Fire Report that took place I January 25, 2012 on Hwy 416 near HWY 41 , approx 3 00 pm involving a Mercedes B200, V N WDDFH3EB6BJ634088 2013-12-29
A-2012-00361 Release of the architectural drawings of I 1025 Merivale Road, Ottawa. The original plan was designed by Dominion Bridge Company Ltd. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00360 Copies of all by law visits to our residence with dates, complaint info, of cergs report or managergs report, and all pertinent info from 2009 to current date. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00359 Complete fire report for fire at 1276 Cousineau St, Orleans ON on April 7th, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00358 All records with respect to any agreement between the City of Ottawa and any private company with respect to the collection and disposal of biosolids since October 1, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00357 Results of fire inspections dont at 70 Fieldrow, Nepean. Building owned by Tiny Tots Montessori Inc ois Canadian Montessori Academy. Request inspections between 2009 2012 April 10 2012 last inspection. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00356 All records, including correspondence, emails, notes, minutes, memos, requests for tenders, proposals, and other documents, with respect to the Biosolids Beneficial Use Program Agreement between GSI Environment Inc. and the City of 2013-12-29
A-2012-00355 Any and all recordsfemails pertaining to a complaint against the operator of bus 436 , bus operator 5576 2013-12-29
A-2012-00354 All copies of records for building plans, I permits, inspection documents, etc. relating to 106 Southam Way, Nepean, ON Closed Between 2012 Jan 0, d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00353 All copies of records for building plans, permits, inspection documents etc. relating to 104 Southam Way, Nepean, ON Piccadilly . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00352 Access to all correspondence including memos, emails and reports regarding the size of stretchers and gurneys used by Paramedic Service from September 201 1 until the present 2013-12-29
A-2012-00351 All copies of records for building plans, permits, inspection documents, etc. relating to 102 Southam Way, Nepean ON Westminister 2013-12-29
A-2012-00350 Looking for anything pertaining to the possibility of the province granting Ottawa a full fledged Casino including emails, minutes, correspondence, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00349 Looking for how much the City spends annually on its indoor plants including purchases and maintenance 2013-12-29
A-2012-00348 All records related to removal of tree that straddles 27 29 Douglas Ave. in 2008. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00347 Any and all documentation from Communications or to Communications or, from the City Manager s office, to the City Manager s office, regarding any matter or issue relating to any of Susan Sherring s stories or her of cial Requests May 2011 to May20 I2 2013-12-29
A-2012-00346 Looking for all material showing comunications between staff and politicians leading up to the report on changes to the taxi industry. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00345 Dog attack that occurred on February 9th 2012. Would like all reports and records that the City of Ottawa s by law services has on record for the incident 168 Briston 2013-12-29
A-2012-00344 A fire occurred at 44 Catherine Street on or about July 3,2011. A member of the Fire Department conducted an inspection of work being done at 3 447 Catherine Street to ensure that renovations complied with the Ontario Fire Code. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00342 Invoices regarding Economic Action Plan 2009 stimulus project City of Ottawa, local road infrastructure, pedestrian, new sidewalks City wide. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00341 A list of the number of by law infractions per parking bylaw between January 1, 2001 and Dec 31, 2011, divided by year. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00340 All correspondence, including emails and letters between employees of the office of the Mayor Jim Watson and employees of the Office of Federal Affairs Minister John Baird between May 18, 2011 and March 2, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00339 V All information that is available regarding a fire on March 29, 2012 at 67 David Drive, Nepean ON K2G 2N4. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00338 Copy of all existing architectural and engineering documents for 85 Range Road Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00337 Building plans of 474 Wilbrod Street need to get copies of plans 2013-12-29
A-2012-00336 Requesting complete file for building located at 82 Beausoleil Drive, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00335 All correspondence documents exchanged between the Salvation Army Booth Centre and the City of Ottawa in the time period of August 1, 2011 to April 26, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00334 Odometer reading for 2008, 2009 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00333 Request a copy of the Investigating Officer s field notes and any witness statements motor vehicle accident on 2013-12-29
A-2012-00332 Records of all by law calls, police records and human society calls for 2417 and 2413 Walkley Road from July 2011 to April 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00331 Records related to Ottawa Paramedic Services reports 2013-12-29
A-2012-00330 lllllclll IaI .vI l la you but vpulsauplavpu Water main inpsection and maintenance records for area servicing 280 Dalehurst Drive from January 14, 2008 to January 14, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00329 Documents showing complaints to the City I about Bylaw Officers for the Month of March, 2012 only. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0s d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00328 All information regarding an incident on April I 9th, 2012 involving my dogs. Case 2012 02 09 38 2013-12-29
A-2012-00327 Fire report for the fire that occurred on January 6,2010 at 60 Cobourg Street, Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00326 Copy of the traffic camera located at the Jeanne D Arc and St. Joseph roundabout for March 23, 2012 between 13 55 and 2013-12-29
A-2012-00325 I would like the full fire report for the fire of 13 19 Beechwood and 419 McKay on March 16th, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00324 Property information for the municipal address 116 Doanne St. Ottawa K2B 6G9 2013-12-29
A-2012-00323 Property information for the municipal address 118 Doane St. Ottawa K2B 6G9 2013-12-29
A-2012-00322 To access all drawings of Alistair M. Ross, architect for 100 Hinchey Ave. and 89 Forward Ave a subordinate address 2013-12-29
A-2012-00321 Obtenir copie complet de la Iiste de tous Ies I contrats en construction octroyes par la ville d Ottawa depuis Ie 1 janvier 2005 jusqu au17 avril 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00320 Obtenir copie complet de la Iiste de tous Ies I contrats informatiques octroyes par la ville d Ottawa depuis Ie 1er Janvier 2005 jusqu au 17 avril 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0e d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00319 Access to letter signed to grant permission to cut trees 1118 Parisien, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00318 I am requesting a copy of the Order to Comply of the City requiring the landlord to install a fire door at 971A Meadowlands .14 1 Complaint filed on April 28, 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00317 Copies of all complaints filed against us 2013-12-29
A-2012-00316 By law Infraction Notice 201 1 527 575 concerning position of shed at 210 Rosemere too close to the property line. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00315 We request a softcop of your contract with Verrus R FP No. 00310 95800 P01 2013-12-29
A-2012-00314 Records that provide information on the current status of 102 and 104 Hobart and the extent of the remediation required to bring the properties into full compliance. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00313 All documents, including correspondence, presentation materials and maps, regarding possible routes for major north south bicycle route downtown since Jan 1, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00312 Information on the National Capital Commission s plans and projects for Canada s 150th anniversary in 2017 2013-12-29
A-2012-00311 All complaintsfcalls made against 1956 I Ronald Avenue including by law, forestry, sewer and fire. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00310 By law and police records pertaining to an incident November 24 25, 2012 at 973 Charlton Drive and any relevant records preceding and superseding that event including search warrants and affidavits 2013-12-29
A-2012-00309 All complaintlcalls made by 1960 Ronald Ave towards 1956 Ronald Ave. Including by law, forestry, sewers and fire 2013-12-29
A-2012-00308 Company s namefproduct name of the GPS I software provider in use with Para Transpo and howthe GPS will increase the efficiency of Para Transpo s schedules 2013-12-29
A-2012-00307 All the Para Transpo monthly yearly statistics for the three individual contract starting in 2000 thru to 2007. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00306 Complete copy of 5 14 Welfare file from 2004 to present April 03, 2012 . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00305 A copy of all correspondence in 2011 between the mayor and event promotion firms promoters 2013-12-29
A-2012-00304 Records showing the number of cell phones I issued to employees of the municipality and the cost of cell phone use for the two most recent completed budget years 2013-12-29
A-2012-00303 Records related to any initiative over the past year to improve processing time and efficiency of handling of freedom of information requests 2013-12-29
A-2012-00302 A list ofthe vehicles in the municipality s passenger vehicle flee Closed Between 2012 Jan 0s d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00301 The total number of hours and dollar value of all overtime paid to transit operators drivers in 2011, and the total number of operators receiving overtime 2013-12-29
A-2012-00300 All contents of files, emails, notes etc. In relation to 6825 Snake Island Road that are in possession or control of Donald Proulx, Brad McLeod, Bob Loper, Tony D Angelo, Arlene Gregoire and other City of Ottawa officials including file 05 03 etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00299 Full pages colour copies of all photos taken as part of the fire investigation report from 2105 Avebury Drive, Ottawa On January 4, 2009 2013-12-29
A-2012-00298 A copy of any and all building permit applications since July 27, 2010 to the present date March 21, 2012 , etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00297 Application for informatin related to the Community Design Plan for Centretown. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00296 Access to detailed receipts and reimbursement documents for the most recent out of province trip by the mayor. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00295 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu Access to an electronic list of all payments made by the municipality for goods andfor services in the last fiscal year. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00294 Access to an electronic list of land I transactions municipality purchased or sold land during the last year, April 2011 to present. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00293 Copy of the priority list for municipal road repairs for the current year 2013-12-29
A-2012-00292 A copy of the 200 adjustement policy or program in effect on January 23, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00291 I would like a copy of the previously released file A 2001 00102fRB. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00290 Correspondence, including e mails and PINS, voicemail and meeting schedules between the office of Deputy City Manager Nancy Schepers and anyone representation Cadillac Fairview since 2013-12-29
A-2012-00289 Correspondence, including e mails and PINS, voicemail and meeting schedules between the office of the Mayor s Office and anyone representing Cadillac Fairview since November 1, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00288 Please provide me with the total number of I parking tickets issued between specified dates at specified location 2013-12-29
A-2012-00287 . A .vI.I J . J . aI. J la you but you lsauplavpu Correspondence including e mail and PINS, voicemail and meeting schedules between the Rail Implementation Office and anyone representing Cadillac Fairview since November 1, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00286 Incident report for OC Transpo collision dated February 7, 2012 near Tunney s Pasture including incident report file pertaining to 5 14 in relation to accident Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00285 All information in respect of the contract which previously existed between the Ottawa Carleton Regional Transit Commission and Zesty Market 2013-12-29
A-2012-00284 Fire records for any fires house or barn fires located on Emmett Road, Cumberland, ON from 1980 to present 2013-12-29
A-2012-00283 All documents dealing with rats in buildings resulting from road construction projects in the City authored between January 2010 and March 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00282 Final version of any reports authored on the light rail project in March 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00281 All final versions of documents dealing with I pay for police officers. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00280 Annual costs and revenues over the past ten years for the black box, blue box, green bin and standard garbage pickup programs as well as the amounts of waste each program has dealt with annually 2013-12-29
A-2012-00279 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu A copy of all reports, notes, and photographs relating to the investigation of a fire at 424 Metcalfe on December 8,2010 Beaver Barracks by CCOC OFS Occurrence 10 50402 2013-12-29
A-2012-00278 Architectural lstructural Plans on Reel 117 I F8 59 Permit 55708 Nov. 23, 1964 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00277 All documents related to Occupy Ottawa . All documents related to Confederation Park that are dated between October 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00276 Any and all photographs taken by the building inspector in regards to a fire which occurred on March 16, 2011 affecting properties 13 thru 23 Beechwood Ave in Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00275 Copy of the most recent Standing Offer Contracts, with the City of Ottawa for Stump Grinding, Chipping, Pruning, and Tree Removal services. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00274 Copies of all recordslreports regarding a call made to the Ottawa City Police regarding an incident report about and 2013-12-29
A-2012-00273 Copies of all recordslreports regarding a By law incident involving a dog being attackedlmauled by another dog on March 18, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00272 Building Plans stamped. For Maple Hall at I 2452 Yorks Corners Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00271 V Information regarding Dow s Lake Pavilion 2013-12-29
A-2012-00270 Copy of Paramedic Services, Police I Services and Fire Services reports for accident that occurred near Bayshore and Richmond Road in November 2010 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00269 Correspondence between the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission regarding possible western routes e.g. Carling RichmondfParkway for the Light Rail system, since Aug. 1, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00268 All the tenders for the Cumberland of Museum for the Christmas Horse Drawn Wagon Ride program. The person s , company ies tenders and the amounts of the tenders. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00267 Presenation materials, such as Power Point I decks, regarding possible western routes for expansion of the planned light rail system, since Sept. 1, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00266 Documents pertaining to Central Park Subdivision on Merivale Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00265 Toutes Ies suggestions de noms recues par I la Ville d Ottawa y compris celles des personnes qui ont complete Ie formulaire suite 3 la consultation publique de 30 jours qui a pris fin Ie 30 juin 2012, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00264 1 What is Hydro Ottawa doing to recover from the parties responsible for the damages caused by them to Hydro Ottawa assets and its customers , etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00263 EEE11 Jest for Reel 129, Film Stop 146 345 Laurier Ave. East 2013-12-29
A-2012-00262 All e mail and regular correspondence, and telephone calls, received by and sent from Cllr. Mathieu F eury s office by Cllr. Fleury or any of his assistants from 12 01 a.m.Monday, March 26, 2012 to 11 59 p.m. Thursday, March 29, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0r d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00261 All documents, correspondence, emails and memos regarding the decision to move a planned Light Rail Transit station Rideau to a location close to Rideau and Waller 2013-12-29
A-2012-00260 A copy of any by law complaints and any Police Reports between 01 August 2011 to present against 43 665 Hochelaga Street, and a copy of Fire Report for Incident 11 55147 2013-12-29
A-2012-00259 A copy of the Ottawa Fire Service s records concerning a motor vehicle accident on October 30, 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00258 I require all the files with respect to the incident that occurred on March 24th, 2011, which incident, the tenant 5 14 1 314 1 was fined by by law for dropping pampers and excrements from her window while I was walking my dog. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00257 Property Standards and orders, and their details for 14 Spruce Street since 2002 2013-12-29
A-2012-00256 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All grant applications minus supporting materials made between Jan 1, 2011 and March 22, 2012 by the following City Departments Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Community and Social Services, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00255 A copy of fathers work record with the City I of Ottawa. Timeldate started, date employment terminnated as well as his jobs and what he did. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00254 Obtenir copie Ie document contient au moins 3 pages du modeele de maison CG 572C Plan 889 de la compagnie Costain Estates Limited. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00253 Statistical information regarding OC Transpo drivers. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00252 All records pertaining to S.14 1 held bythe Ottawa Police Guns and GangsfDART unit. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00251 Architectural structural drawings 2920 Fairlea Crescent, Ottawa Reel 233 Filmstop 211 2013-12-29
A-2012-00250 All e mails, memos and correspondence regarding various amendments and a review of the City s taxi by law, from January 1, 2011 to March 22, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00249 Documents schematics and information contractors and materials regarding City of Ottawa infrastructure projects, new sidewalks city wide as a result of federal economic stimu us2009 Economic Action Plan 2013-12-29
A-2012-00248 V The accessible Taxi permits that were delivered 4000 series . Need the date of final pick up of the permits especially the last 10 permits the exact date of delivery and all info about taxi permit 4075 for the driver 480. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00247 Correspondence and memoranda and I reports regarding problems with GPS technology on OC Transpo buses, sent to or from Diane Deans, Alain Mercier, John Manconi or Vincent Patterson, since January 1, 2011. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00246 Records relating to an accident on February 7, 2012 involving two OC Transpo buses 2013-12-29
A-2012-00245 All planning reports, agency correspondence, notice to public, approval report concerning Bylaw 2008 408 approved by council on October 22, 2008. Only documents that post date June 11, 2008 are requested. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00244 We request a copy of all reports, recordings and personal notes from the officer s involved on March 29, 2010 report number 85597 10. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00243 Complete copy of the Ottawa Fire Services I file concerningoccurrence no 10 50402 and all other fires at 424 Metcalfe on or about December 2010. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00242 Information related to the City of Ottawa s Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel project between March 2011 and September 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00241 Access to Information Request Information related to Lago Restaurant 2013-12-29
A-2012-00240 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All records on file with the City of Ottawa andfor OC Transpo regarding an incident of January 28, 2010 that occurred near 1570 Walkley Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00239 Number of collisions involving OC Transpo I buses in the last 5 years, and the number of passengers injured by OC Transpo buses in the last 5 years Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00238 A copy of Transcript 1 2 8787, call made to I 911 on February 13 2013-12-29
A-2012-00237 Records from October 30, 2011 to present I concerning the lawful access legislation giving police increased power to carry out web surveillance. Including but not limited to emails, meeting minutes, and briefing 2013-12-29
A-2012-00236 Detailed reports from By law Services from I temperature readings and building inspection requests initiated by me on or about February 2012 two inspections . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00235 All correspondence including emails and letters between employees of the Mayor s Office and employees of the Prime Minister s Office between October 1, 2011 and March 2, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00234 Building permits for 60 Cobourg Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5R9, from 2008l01f01 to today including all relevant information such as plans, drawings and reports 2013-12-29
A-2012-00233 All records pertaining to traffic offence 03983042. Including an unidentified form filed with the Provincial Offences court in regards to the above mentioned. Any policy or guidelines pertaining to its use is also requested. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00232 All records contained in Sgt. Stephane Tracy s file into Joel Pierre Jean s claim before the OIPRD. The internal file is referenced as OPS PS8 FLE 11 0075 . Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00231 Accees E information me concernant moi et ma conjointe dans Ies dossier de aide sociale de ma fille, S.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00230 Information, including emails, memoranda, I and all other related correspondence, communication, or documentation, concerning use of Ottawa Police Headquarters for federal govt. announcements or media events by named Ministers on or about indicated dates 2013-12-29
A-2012-00229 Detailed information regarding Archaeological Assessments done for the City of Ottawa for the years 2006 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00228 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for 973 Wellington Street 2013-12-29
A-2012-00227 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2285 St Laurent Blvd. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00226 Documents sur un eventuel monument dans la region de la Capitale nationale commemorant Ies evenements ou personnages de la Guerre de 1812, et sur dgeventuels travaux sur des statues de Premiers Ministres sur la Colline, du 1er mai 2011 au 27 janvier 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00225 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu A list of all payments made by the City of Ottawa to Maurice Deschambault Vendor No. 339087 for snow removal between April 30, 2011 to March 6, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00224 Je veux Ies documents qui attestent que I j ai appelee Ie 311 E plusieurs reprises pour me plaindre du bruit et du chauffage. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0r d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00223 Copy of the Access to Information log paper or electronic spreadsheet since January 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00222 Number of people charged undertrasit law I by law 2007 268 in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00221 A full set of digital, colour copies of the photos taken as part of the fire investigation report from 2105 Avebury Drive, Ottawa on January 4, 2009. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00220 A full copy of the fire investigation report pertaining to the fire at 19 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa ON on March 16, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00219 All records of permitted exterior patios in Ottawa. Each record should include location, permitted capacity, status of liquor licence, if applicable. Please provide records in a machine readable format on a CD. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00218 All records of property tax revenue, collected by the City of Ottawa in 2010 for properties on Bank Street, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00217 L A UJ H.f.H.l .. l ..f 5 LIE Lu uernun LIE All records of city owned pipes installed before 1962. Each record should contain the pipe s location, age and projected replacement date. Please provide records in a machine readable format on a CD. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00216 Plans for building permit 822522 3 sheets I Lot 96 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary I C n........ n ... . ,L. In ,l . ....n... IJII 2013-12-29
A-2012-00215 Full fire investigation report pertaining to the fire at 146 Parkrose Private, Ottawa ON K4A 0N8 on January 25, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00214 All records of suspicious packages investigated by the Ottawa Police Services between Jan. 1, 2001 and December 31, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00213 All records of collisions on Parkdale Avenue between Gladstone Avenue and Sherwood Drive between January 1, 1022 and December 31, 2011, involving motor vehicles of all types, cyclists and pedestrians, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00212 Copies of all requests received by the city under MFIPPA legislation in 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00211 Various recordsldocuments from Ottawa Public Health, Cupe 503 and Outbreak Management Branch related to staffing. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00210 The Para Transpo 2011, 2009, 2008 budget actual budget broken down into three categories, Para Transpo administration, Para Transpo Van Contract as well as the Para Transpo Taxi Contract. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00209 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All calls made to by law in years 2010 2011 2012 regarding noise in the apt 5 380 Crete Place. Also include all calls regarding dogs file 2012 00 r 59790 running loose on the property. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00208 Copies of all complaints received by the City regarding the Municipal Election of October 25, 2010, as well as records related to the outcome of each complaint. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00207 statistical information and digital records that detail the incident reports of cyclists 2013-12-29
A-2012-00206 All records of 311 requests, divided by ward, type and forward sortation area, for the years 2006 2011. Please provide records in a machine readable format or a 2013-12-29
A-2012-00205 On or about December 9, 2010, a water main break occurred, causing water to enter into 1796 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. We request copies of documentation relating to the sewer backup, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00204 Ottawa Transportation Commission,Operator Bulletins, 1948 and 2013-12-29
A-2012-00203 All correspondence including letters and emails between employees of the Mayor s Office and employees of the Office of the Federal Heritage Minister, between October 1, 2011 and March 2, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00202 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu Any internal discussions including all communication with media regarding confirmation of complaint investigation of Alain Mercier using cell phone while driving, and advisement on how to handle the matter. March 8, 2011 to April 8, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00201 All correspondence between employees of I the Mayor s Office and employees of the Office of the Federal Foreign Affairs Minister, between May 18, 2011 and March Closed Between 2012 Jan 0e d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00200 House plans for 623 Northampton Drive. Plans to determine ndicating load bearing walls. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00199 Request for information related to Lago s restaurant 2013-12-29
A-2012-00198 Records detailing current and specific renovations, repairs, andfor retrofits needed at 0C Transpo Headquarters at 1500 St Laurent Blvd. In electronic form, if 2013-12-29
A-2012-00197 From the Ottawa Fire Department for a medical call report and personal notes and recording of incident at 1 381 Innes Road, Gloucester on March 29, 2010. 1048463 2013-12-29
A-2012-00196 I am tenant at above address 2017 Manotick Stn. Rd., Greely . City By law investigated problems regarding above address. File 201200771161 2013-12-29
A-2012-00195 All correspondence, e mail and reports relating to the NCC property situated on the east side of the Rideau River south of the Via Rail Bridge and north of the Huntclub Bridge, between the City of Ottawa and the NCC for 2009, 2010 and 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00194 Records related to the property known as the Marina situated on the east shore of Rideau River, north of Huntclub Bridge and south of the Via Rail Bridge for 2009, 2010 and 2011 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00193 RFT 10911 94130 T01, Installation of Cathodic Protection Anodes Details of completion of this program. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00192 Request list of information that was released through the Municipal Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act MFIPPA in 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00191 Any records, correspondence or communication relating to the relocation of Centre 454 to St. A ban s Church 2013-12-29
A-2012-00190 A copy of the fire investigation report for a fire that occurred on November 29, 2011 at 25 B Vaughan St. Ottawa Ontario K1 M 2013-12-29
A-2012-00189 The By law Officer took action against above address merchandise removed the last 3 visits above address is 23 2013-12-29
A-2012-00188 Briefing notes and presentation materials prepared for John Manconi to educate him for his job as GM of Transit 2013-12-29
A-2012-00187 Copy of City of Ottawa policy on use of City logo or Bilingualism policy clause 2013-12-29
A-2012-00186 All complaints and all communications regarding any complaints that were made since, or ongoing in 2010 against Gilles Larochelle, Michael Flanagan, Charles Bordeleau and Tyrus Cameron. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00185 Copy of my 2 calls to By Law complaining I about the heat being broken and an official document stating what the by law officer found when he visited 19 Springfield, apt. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00184 Copy of the reports in relation to a fire at 395 Larouche St, Ottawa ON K1L 7L1 Fire report 11 76250 and Police Report 11 349423 2013-12-29
A-2012-00183 A complete copy of the OC transpo file including accident report, notes, and witness statements 2013-12-29
A-2012-00182 We would like to request all information regarding reports of an unhealthy tree located at 498 Cooper Street, Ottawa, Ontario Basswood Tree 2013-12-29
A-2012-00181 All incident report on OC Transpo buses and Transitway stops in 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00180 Nous deesirons obtenir toute Ies communications courriels, rapport, messages entourant Ies circonstances et Ies conditions entourant Ie congeediement d A ain Mercier, du poste de directeur geeneeral d Oc Transpo, annoncee Ie 22 feevrier 2012, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00179 Correspondence to or from Kent Kirkpatrick I regarding the sale or lease of air rights at Lansdowne Park since September 1, 2011 including P N s 2013-12-29
A-2012-00178 Correspondence, memos and briefing notes I on the management reorganization announced February 22, 2012 commencing January 1, 2012 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00177 All records related to incidents in which the Ottawa Police Service responded to involving staff or representatives of foreign embassies, consulates and high commissions, from 2009 to present. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00176 Report from an inspection done at 2777 J Innes Rd. by a property standard officer. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00175 A search for a copy of the emergency demolition permit for the building at 135 Rivington Street, Carp. The demolition took place around July September 2010 by the City of Ottawa as the building was deemed unsafe. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00174 38734 Reel 79 FS 125 2 pages 30270 Reel 340 FS 0120 2 pages 93557 Reel 456 F8 0002 6 pages 2013-12-29
A-2012-00173 All copies of records for 151 153 Glenora Ave. This includes specs, floor plans, drawings, inspection reports, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00172 Requesting a complete copy of the City of I Ottawa and Oc Transpo file regarding the incident that took place on February 17, 2012, at approximately 8 20 a.m. at the corner of Bank Street and Arlington Street 512 Bank Street in the City of Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00171 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu File 2011 361333 whole file Property Standards and By Law All photos 4 sets , all e mails, all notes, all deficient list, copy of order 2013-12-29
A-2012-00170 Report from an inspection done in 2011 at I 2777 J Innes Road by a public health inspector Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00169 Copy of existing contract to sell bus stop shelter advertising for OC Transpo. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00168 Copy of the existing contract to sell Transit bus interior and exterior advertising on OC Transpo vehicles. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00167 Video from the E gin Laurier traffic camera Feb 8th 11pm to Feb 9th 14 00 as well as Feb 13th 18 00 to Feb 16th 11 00 2013-12-29
A-2012-00166 Para Transpo statistics for 2004 2005 2006 2007 2013-12-29
A-2012-00165 The full report or study completed by city staff last yearthat had evaluated potential use of small buses in the OC Transpo conventional fleet. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00164 For each individual year 2009, 2010 and 2011 1 total water revenue, total sewer revenue and total fire hydrant revenue 2 The exact amounts transferred into other accounts. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00163 Full discloser of all datafstatistics found in the Para Transpo worksheet for the years 2008 2009. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00162 ELvJi d ing permit file 370096 112 Nelson Street 3 specific correspondence items 2013-12-29
A-2012-00161 All environmental records, drawings, photographs, documents, reports including geophysical for 3705 Riverside Drive, Ottawa. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0, d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00160 Any documentfappraising fassessing the fair market value of a portion of Redmond Place as shown in document 1 attached. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00159 Documentation concerning 99 Greenfield Avenue, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00158 All records describing or referring to the manner or process by which the next phase of federal tobacco control following the expiry of the current Federal Tobacco Control Strategy in 2012 will be developed and implemented 2013-12-29
A-2012-00157 Redmond Place Lane 2013-12-29
A-2012-00156 Inspection reports or complaints relating to any contraventions of the Ottawa Property Standards By Law and copies of any legal notices issued at 279 Booth Street and 281 Booth Street, in Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00155 Any correspondence from Lisa Allaire and her office regarding policy on City staff talking to the Media. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00154 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Copies of all expenses hospitality and other for Chris Swail from January 1, 2010 to Feb 16, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00153 All correspondence between the Mayor s office and Lisa Allaire including emails, letters etc., from the date of her hire to present Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00152 Detailed accounting of all Protocol events held in 2010 including financial breakdown and reason for event 2013-12-29
A-2012-00151 Detailed accounting of all Protocol events held in 2006 including financial breakdown and reason for event 2013-12-29
A-2012-00150 Provide Blue Prints andlor arctectural drawings for my home at 6844 Sunset Blvd. Greely Ont. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00149 Plan on Reel 17 Film Stop 299 Permit 9491 329 Clifton Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00148 Request for proposal Towing Services 2013-12-29
A-2012-00147 Records received by City of Ottawa from Ottawa Police since Feb. 1, 2008 that identify date, address, seizure and arrests related to the dismantling of marijuana grow operations. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00146 Vehicle Inspection Forms, Vehicle Transfer Information, Safety Standards Certificates and Taxi plate ownership for supplied list of individuals. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00145 A list of all addresses of residences built by Castle Stone Development Inc. Since they started building homes in Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00144 All copies of records for T1 73 Herridge Street, Ottawa, ON that exist with regards to any landscaping restrictions for the front and back yards Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00143 Inspection reports of rental unit in basement at 6937 Fourth Line Road between 2006 and 2010. Would also like confirmation that unit is grandfathered according to building permit dated 1996 2013-12-29
A-2012-00142 All communications between OC Transpo, Diane Deans and the Mayor s office on OC Transpo s U Pass referendum campaigns at University of Ottawa and Carleton 2013-12-29
A-2012-00141 Any statistics regarding the quantity of salt used in municipal winter de icing programs from September 2007 to April 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00140 A copy of Fire Report 12 273 for incident dating January 15, 2012 at 446 2013-12-29
A-2012-00139 Plans for building permit 79468 issued October 17, 1975 drainage, structural 2013-12-29
A-2012-00138 Need a copy of the construction blue prints of my residence 51 Dalehurst Dr. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00137 I wish to obtain a copy of the original subdivision file 23 24.08 including but not limited to any other related document to this date suchc original pictures of the farm and dwelling 2013-12-29
A-2012-00136 Police Report 1242628 from Ottawa Police Services for incident dating to January 15, 2012 at 446 Fraser Ave. Closed Between 2012 Jen 0i d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00135 A list of repeat offenders whose names repeatedly appear in the collections database and are well known by staff to continue to have significant outstanding 2013-12-29
A-2012-00134 Request the release of the plans and any other permits applicable to my current home at 1193 St Moritz Court. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00133 I would like all the reports that were written by By law for my address 105 Glennview Place, Carp all the complaints 2013-12-29
A-2012-00132 Application s by Centre 454 for additional funding supplemental to their annual sustained funding, to include any app ication s by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa for renovations to St. Alban s Church for future housing of Centre 454 2013-12-29
A-2012-00131 Toutes Ies reponses recues par la Ville d Ottawa suite a la consultation publique de 60 jours qui a pris fin Ie ier novembre 2011 pour la preposition de nom commemoratif Archives, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00130 All records related to the investigation, management and communications by Ontario s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of infection control lapses at the Ottawa endoscopy clinic operated by Dr. Christiane Farazli 2013-12-29
A-2012-00129 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu Please provide the sandlsalt records in detail date and time for my address, 1989 Neepawa Ave. Ottawa ON, for November and December 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00128 Sewer line inspection, maintenance and I service records for 208 Black Sage Crescent since 2000 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00127 All records relate to the fire alarm and attendance of Ottawa Fire Department at 24 York Street, apt 304 on September 28, 2011, including but not limited to, dispatcher comments and witness statements. Incident 11 62910. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00126 Any and all records related to OC Transpo accidents involving pedestrians on the Mackenzie King Bridge 2013-12-29
A-2012-00125 Require copy of house plans addition to 24 Kirkstall Ave. permit 13220 2013-12-29
A-2012-00124 A copy of the Notice of Violation served to the residents of 2449 Ogilvie Road this 2013-12-29
A-2012-00123 As a contractor vendor 0000302259 for the City of Ottawa we are requesting a copy of all GPS positioning for our grader 1 on December 26, 2011 and December 2013-12-29
A-2012-00122 By law records from Nov. 2011 to Feb. 3, 2012 including by law of cer notes, by law officer s recommendations for 415 Arrisdale Court, Kanata 2013-12-29
A-2012-00121 A copy of all records for 323 Montreal Road I AJA Market held by the Building Code Services Branch including but not limited to contact information for the property manager, the age of the building, and any documents that relate to the building s 2013-12-29
A-2012-00120 Records produced since 2009 that study, I consider andfor explore parking control measures including but not limited to pay and display machines on Wellington St. West Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00119 Phase 1 Study for an Environmental Assessment prepared by AECOM on Oct 1, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00118 Records related to certificate of approval 5190 YLBRRY 2013-12-29
A-2012-00117 Requesting updated Richardson Ridge SWM report or in the event of multiple updates, the most recent version prepared by IBI Group for Regional Group and the City in August 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00116 Documentation including, but not limited to contracts, agreements and letters of expectation, regarding the City s contribution of 40 million of capital toward the Ottawa Convention Centre Redevelopment Project begun in 2008 09. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00115 All Iettersfcomplaints made to the City of Ottawa by 58 Westwood Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00114 I seek access to all complaints filed against OC Transpo in the month of January 2012. I propose that the information be released electronically. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00113 A copy of Accident Report invo ving5 14 1 14 1 which happened on Monday, January 23, 2012 at the Eva James Centre Closed Between 2012 Jan 0e d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00112 How many OC Transpo drivers have taken stress leave or missed work due to stress from 2011 to present month by month breakdown , How much has it cost taxpayers 2013-12-29
A-2012-00111 How much revenue did the City collect from ticketing cars in Park Ride lots from 2008 present Year by year breakdown, as well as, the top 5 lots with most tickets. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00110 All complaints filed involving Ottawa Community Housing from Jan. 1, 2011 until Dec. 31, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00109 Fire Investigation Report, Report 12 3087, for 1170 Old Innes Road, Date of Incident January 1 , 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00108 We want to know the watermain problems that occurred at 3240 Southgate Road on 25 01 12 and 3260 Southgate Road and who requested the water to be turned off by the City. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00107 Please supply a copy of all drawings for the original build and any subsequent changes for 1010 Arnot Road, Ottawa ON . 2013-12-29
A-2012-00106 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu A copy of Ottawa Public Health records involving eight workers who became ill from improperly prepared food 2013-12-29
A-2012-00105 Red light camera at Bronson and Carling on Wednesday February 1, 2012 between 12 00 AM and 12 00 PM midnight of Jan 31 Feb 1 to Midnight Feb 1 Feb 2, 24 hour period . Also, information if the camera was installedioperational, etc. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2012-00104 Records related to Patent 2013-12-29
A-2012-00103 RCMP Port Mann Traffic Services Report 1003 2010 5401 and Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service Report 1002 2010 4680 2013-12-29
A-2012-00102 All copies of e mails to and from the Mayor s Office and, within the Mayor s Office regarding the state of the City address to Council delivered on January 25, 2012, as well as all drafts of the 2013-12-29
A-2012-00101 Maintenance and repair reports for storm sewers on Brierwood Ave, particularly in the area around 675 Brierwood and 688 Brierwood and copies of all supplemental data sheets for all the structures. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00100 All documents and correspondence regarding the Rink of Dreams project between Oct 8, 2011 and Jan 25, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00099 Names of the fireman, from single vehicle accident at 530 King Edward on August 16, 2011. Report 11 51994 2013-12-29
A-2012-00098 V Surface operation records for Wyldewood, I Alderwood and their intersections from Jan 18 Jan 21, 2012, and all 311 service calls for same locations from Jan 3 Jan 30, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00097 Information related to the City of Ottawa s I Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel project between March 2011 and September 2011 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0o d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00096 reports, memos from August 2011 to January 2012 on the status of the Horticulture Building relocation at Lansdowne Park 2013-12-29
A-2012-00095 All correspondence to or from Darlene Conway regarding stormwater storage capacity of Beaver Pond or Kizell Drain since April 1, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00094 The DRAFT 2012 Business Plan OC Transpo Management provided to Councillor Diane Deans on January 17th, 2012 2013-12-29
A-2012-00093 First DRAFT s of OC Transpos 2012 business plan, and any and all correspondence between Alain Mercier, Diane Deans and Mayor Jim Watson or his office pertaining to thatlthose draft s . Include e mails and memos. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00092 All correspondence, drafts and documents related to all advertising and promotion of the light rail trade show 2013-12-29
A-2012-00091 All archived 560560 OC Transpo requests and their responses from September 2011 to today. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00090 n v ee location data for OC Transpo buses in August and September 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00089 Information related to jammedlmalfunctioning fare boxes from January 1, 2011 to January 1, 2012. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0a d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00088 Full fire report for fire at 6034 Red Willow Drive, Orleans ON on December 30, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00087 Any report by the fire departmentlpersonal, I ambulance and police regarding the following accident December 31st, 2010 on Walkley Road and Sheffield between 3 30 and 4 00p.m. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00086 Documents relating to 5 14 5 14 1 relating to his participation in the after school program at Convent Glen Elementary School. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00085 Ambulance report for Motor Vehicle Accident occurred on September 30, 2008 , location RR 29 Galetta Side Road, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00084 Requesting all copies of records for 149 Glenora Avenue 2013-12-29
A-2012-00083 All building permits and construction drawings and related documentation for BP 04 10725 , 3147 Klondike Road West 2013-12-29
A-2012-00082 A copy of all plans and drawings for 912 Walkley Road 2013-12-29
A-2012-00081 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavpu Maintenance and service records for watermain break on Woodroffe Avenue, January 14, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00080 Records documents from meeting I minutes network account request forms for 5.141 1 and all documents related to the designation of Bilingual Positions all from Ottawa Public Health, Outbreak Management Branch from Jan 1, 2011 to Jan 1, 2012. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00079 All architectural and structural plans on reel I 290 F899, Building permit 921675 for subsurface investigation report SF 4099 Laundry building addition and architectural drawing A 1 as built. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00078 Letter from fire department issued in 2010f2011 pertaining to the residence at 156 Buell St re installation of firefsmoke detectors and egress. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00077 Copy of internal report not released to Police Services Board Ottawa Police Servic Role Overload study, including executive summary. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00076 Odometer readings for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the following taxi vehicles 1 VIN JHMCP26468C016629, PLATE BFPW481, 2 VIN 1FAFP56U16A152794, PLATE BBEB998, 3 VIN 2G1WF55K4Y9344327, PLATE AXSF92B. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00075 Obtenir copie de tout document incluant Iiste montrant Ies contrats et Ieur valeur moneetaires octroyees depuis 2004 5 Ce jour, Ie 26 janvier, 2012 par anneee pour enrayer Ia vermine tels que rats, coquerelles, et autres problemes de vermines. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00074 Grading Drainage plan information for I Lot 132 Reg Plan 4M 285 to show lot and abutting lots as well as information on City easement inst. LT446176, plan 4R 5107 as it related to backyard abutting yards. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary lS0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00073 Full copy of the prosecutors file in case 0460 999 03983042 00. Highway Traffic Act offence dismissed February 7, 2011, original ticket issued November 15, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00072 All communications including PINS, between Councillor Maria McRae and any member of the EnviroCentre staff or EnviroCentre Board of Directors regarding the EnviroCentre since 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00071 All communications including PINS, between Councillor Holmes and any member of the EnviroCentre staff or EnviroCentre Board of Directors regarding the En IiroCentre since 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00070 The title, more specifically the directorate and sectionlunit including his mandate and years of service in that unit for Officer Tim J. Karwaski Badge 1714 on November 15, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2012-00069 All correspondence involving Eli El Chantiry, Serge Arpin, Jim Watson, Jim Durrell or Jan Harder regarding the process of replacing Vern White as police chief, since January 1, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00068 . DUPTIITIEIIFE H8 H EIEITIEIII HE I am requesting my complete employment file and any other correspondence or documentation with the City of Ottawa on which my name appears. Any severing should be supported with precise explanation as they will be reviewing carefully. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00067 Road maintenance history for all work performed on Baseline Road from Greenbank Road to Heron Road since 2010 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary I 1 ... . .... ... .1 I... .l... .... .. l.. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00066 A list of all permanent and temporary person s employed in the City s MFlPPA s ATlP unit since 2009. Salary ranges based on seniority is also sought 2013-12-29
A-2012-00065 By law report and investigation findings from a noise complaint called in by 399 Haileybury St, on neighbouring property at 401 Haileybury St. Would like copy of noise levels, and what action were taken. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00064 The amount of money the City of Ottawa spends for the MF PPNE ection office on Cyrville Road annually and in total since its lease commenced. Also wanting to know how long the lease is for. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00063 Kindly send me e mail is fine the date of I the last or more recent sale, ownership and amount paid or current value of the following lots in the Carp Hills 1 04533 0583, 2 04533 0521, 3 04533 0542, 4 04533 0519 2013-12-29
A-2012-00062 All messages sent or received by B ackBerry PIN by Nancy Schepers, since June 1, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00061 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu All messages sent or received by B ackBerry PIN by Kent Kirkpatrick, since 2013-12-29
A-2012-00060 All messages sent or received by I B ackBerry PIN by Steve Kanellakos, since June 1, 2011 Closed Between 2012 Jen 0s d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00059 All messages sent or received by B ackBerry PIN by Serge Arpin, since 2013-12-29
A-2012-00058 All messages sent or received by B ackBerry PIN by Jim Watson, since 2013-12-29
A-2012-00057 Any and all documents in respect of the Hunt Club Pathway Connection including all test results and reports from August 1, 2011 to January 20, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00056 OPS procedures that set out the rules and responsibilities of members of police service in providing assistance to victimes of crime as set out in Regulations to Police Services Act Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00055 All building permits and building permit violations for 236 Crerar Ave, Otttawa and all by law complaints done by against 232 Crerar Ave, by and for 236 Crerar Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00054 A copy of the funding request grant application for the last approved grant for the Ottawa Jazz Festival 2013-12-29
A-2012-00053 Third Ave, Ottawa ON. Request all records I from February 2006 to January 2012. Last complaint on October 22, 2011 reference 2011 346391 or 282557 2013-12-29
A-2012-00052 MVA Report of your file No. L08 07 10 28238 D.O.L January 28, 2010 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0e d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00051 I would like to obtain a record of all the pot hole complaints on Prince of Wales Drive from March 19, 2010 March 19, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00050 Copy of complete file in relation to services provided to 5 14 motor vehicle accident which occurred on November 1, 2007 2013-12-29
A-2012-00049 Documents pertaining to the City of Ottawa s Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel project between Match 2011 and September 2013-12-29
A-2012-00048 A complete copy of the fire department file with respect to their attendance at the accident on Dec 29, 2077 at Castlefrank Rd and Lord Byng Way in Kanata. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00047 Unpublished or not fully on the NCC I website NCC Commission, Executive Committee and Executive Management Committee meeting minute records, July 30, 2011 to December 16, 2011. Provide advisory group or tripartite minutes as well. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00046 All documents concerning the City of Ottawa and the Envirocentre since 2009 2013-12-29
A-2012-00045 All documents concerning Ottawa Community Housing and the EnviroCentre since 2006 2013-12-29
A-2012-00044 EB of the Draft oc Transpo 2012 Business Plan sent to Diane Deans on January 17, 2012. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00043 Seeking documents and correspondence I emails, memos, notes letters since October 1st. 2011 associated with Ottawa s Greenhouse Gas GHG targets Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00042 Seeking documents and correspondence emails, memos, notes letters since July 1st. 2011 associated with Ottawa s Greenhouse Gas GHG inventory 2013-12-29
A-2012-00041 Copy of all property standards reports for 53 Costello Ave, Ottawa ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00040 Documents recuslpreepareesfenregistrements I fait par Ies Services Municipaux ou Ies Services de Police de la Ville d Ottawa entre e1erjuin 2011 et Ie 17 janvier 2012 concernant s 14 1 et Ie 180 croissant Borealis. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00039 Grow Op information from Ottawa Police provided to the City of Ottawa each time a new address is posted on the police website, including address, seized product, arrests, charges and date. Please provide data in digital form such as xls or csu. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00038 I am looking for the contact information of the person who has been administrated the permit for the protest on Parliament Hill on the date of April 20th, 2012, to propose him a project. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00037 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Copies of all reports, studies and momorandum of understanding regarding the use of the Western Parkway on Ottawa as part of the Ottawa municipal rapid transit system during the period April 1, 2010 to date December 13, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00036 All information regarding the tree in front of I 57 61 Fairmont Ave from January 1990 to October 2009. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00035 Final report on City of Ottawa lC l Waste Study dated February 2010 by Dillon Consulting 2013-12-29
A-2012-00034 Obtenir copie complete des OP notes et des memorandums qui ont ete prepares ou transmis a la ministre de TPSGC entre Ie 29 juin 2011 et Ie 19 aout 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00033 Copy of drawing for Garange Built on 184 Beech Street K1Y 3T2 beside house V R 2012 001 Laurier 2013-12-29
A-2012-00032 Requesting a copy of memolreportfbackground information sent by Rick O Connor to the Mayor s office going back to October 2007 2013-12-29
A-2012-00031 Complete fire report from incident 10 57350 for a fire on September 3, 2010 at 384 Citiplace Drive, Ottawa ON 2013-12-29
A-2012-00030 Speeding and safety records from March 1, 2011 to present concerning speeding and traffic management on King Edward Ave. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00029 Overall numbers from March 1, 2011 to present regarding OC Transpo bus drivers taking anger management classes. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00028 Statistics from March 1, 2011 to present regarding OC Transpo bus drivers on leave, either paid or unpaid, including medical leave and stress leave. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2012-00027 Electronic Extract from MAP 2013-12-29
A-2012-00026 Are all residences and businesses within a 250 metre radius of 3726 Richmond Road supplied with potable water via the municipal supply system 2013-12-29
A-2012-00025 Incident report requested for December 12, I 2011 at approximately 5 30 am at 24 O Hara Drive 2013-12-29
A-2012-00024 Requesting a report listing of non IT I professional service contracts and standing offers, temporary help and testing standing offer and Library Services standing offers all issued in 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00023 Complete copy of the City of Ottawa and OC Transpo file regarding OC Transpo incident that occurred at approximately 3 00pm on October 31, 2011 at Tunney s Pasture regarding S.14 1 2013-12-29
A-2012-00022 Internal Transfer re Records from September 16, 2011, to present, pertaining to the request by the Ottawa Board of Health from dental benefits to be extended to low income families 2013-12-29
A-2012-00021 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Records held by the Planning Growth Management Department relating to zoning and proposed amendments to Zoning By law 2008 250 for the property at 335 Roosevelt Avenue 2013-12-29
A-2012-00020 C0341 of fire report with respect to 5 14 I 5 1 for a vehicle accident which occurred on May 15, 2009. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00019 List of briefing notes, deck presentations, and memorandums submitted to the Minister, for October 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00018 Fire investigation report for the Statistics Canada trailer fire from November 19, 2011 at 1020 Cummings Road, Ottawa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00017 Copies of Vio enceAgainst Transit Employee VATE forms, from OC Transpo between January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2013-12-29
A-2012-00016 Fire Department Incident Report for 24 O Hara Drive, December 12, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2012-00015 2010 201 1 Para Transpo monthly statistics fdata spread sheet and the 2011 Para Transpo budget and the real budget for each individual contract. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00014 I would like a copy of the complaint made to by law regarding my barking dog by neighbours during the week of December 26 to 31st, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00013 Inspection report done on 2477 Yorks Corners Rd, Edwards ON KOA 1V0 in August 2009. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00012 . A .vI.I J . J . aI. J la you but you lsauplavpu Correspondance regarding efforts to make I money off OC Transpo data, particularly by finding sponsors for web pages or smartphone apps that would feed next stop information to the public. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00011 Correspondence within the Parks, Recreation and Culture departments regarding safety concerns or improvements at City owned sledding hills, since October 1, 2010. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2012-00010 Permit 2529 Reel 6 F8 285 2013-12-29
A-2012-00009 Any comflaints to Ottawa Police against 5. 4 1 for the period of Jan. 2011 through Dec. 2011. Also, results of Ottawa Police case file 11 25960 of which 5 14 were the complainants. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00008 A list of tablet computers e.g. Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook and others purchased bythe City in 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00007 Any complaints to the City of Ottawa glr alleged bylawinfractions against 5 4 1 5 1 1 or 700 Everlasting Cres, Orleans ON for the period of January 1, 2011 through Dec 31, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2012-00006 A list of all requests for records and information filed in 2011 underthe Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, including those filed to the Ottawa Police Services 2013-12-29
A-2012-00005 V Food, beverage and other catering costs for each meeting of the following City bodies in 2011 Ottawa Police Services Board, Ottawa Public Health Board, Ottawa Library Board, Ottawa Community Housing Board, Ottawa Transit Commission 2013-12-29
A-2012-00004 Complaints made to OC Transpo customer I relations between May 1, 2011 and Nov 1, 201 1 concerning singing bus drivers Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2012-00003 Memos sent between Aug 1, 2011 and Dec I 1, 2011 by OC Transpo to the Mayor of Ottawa andlor Members of Council concerning the New Flyer D60 articulated buses 2013-12-29
A-2012-00002 Request all information regarding complaints filed against this property. Copy of all by law reports, orders, pictures, videos, notices to do with 1038 Gladstone 2013-12-29
A-2012-00001 Multiple pages from permit 981590 and permit 29444 2013-12-29
A-2011-00697 Identification of the party ies requesting information on File A 2011 00161 2013-12-29
A-2011-00696 Fire investigation report for fire loss on September 4, 2011 1945 Stonehenge Drive in Ottawa. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00695 All documents related to property standards I order 2009 314216 for 2477 York s Corner Road 2013-12-29
A-2011-00694 Copies of all recordsfdocuments from Ottawa Public Health Inspectors meeting minutes from March 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00693 Fire Department complete report and Police I Department complete report for a fire that occurred at 1174 Morrison Dr, Ottawa on March 9,2011. Fire 25H18187 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0o d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2011-00692 All records mentioning the union ATU 279 and OC Transpo bus drivers from Sept 1, 2011 to Dec 1, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00691 Any reports or orders from Property Standards or Public Health regarding 713 Broadview Avenue, K2A 2M3 2013-12-29
A-2011-00690 Invoices paidloutstanding between the City of Ottawa and Boxfish Group andlor Brian Guest for 2010 201 1, etc. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00689 A copy of all documents in relation to Permit 86600, Reel 374, Film Stop 44 December 15, 1978 2013-12-29
A-2011-00688 Fire report for 13 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa on March 16, 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00687 Any police report related to the fire report incident number 10 22907 2013-12-29
A-2011-00685 All records related to the issuance of the 2011 temporary encroachment permit for 67 Clarence Street. Including inspectors notes and reports 2013-12-29
A-2011-00684 . A JI.IllI lJIuIaI .vI l la Irlvlu pup vpulsauplavp Staff have evaluated the potential use of small buses in the OC Transpo conventional fleet. This evaluation includes a cost benefit analysis, operational requirements of potential small bus fleet, and a look at experiences in other Canadian 2013-12-29
A-2011-00683 Copy of traffic video at the intersection of St. Laurent Blvd. and Belfast Rd. on December 14, 2011, between 13 45 14 15 Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2011-00682 As per my letter enclosed I request information with respect to violationslnotices regarding by law 2013-12-29
A-2011-00681 Fire Incident Report 11 79241. All information and documentation pertaining to this incident 2013-12-29
A-2011-00679 A copy of the Ottawa Fire Department report, Incident No. 11 76174, where the Ottawa Fire Department served S 14 1 2013-12-29
A-2011-00678 Request for all records regarding case 2011 304878 October 11, 2011. Including all photos and court related documents 2013-12-29
A-2011-00670 An aggregate number of employees who were required to change positions as a result of being charged or convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada 2013-12-29
A-2011-00668 All documented incidents of OC Transpo operators physically or verbally assaulted in 2010 and 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00667 Any and all information, documentation andfor commentary pertaining to complaints and by law occurrence reports made against or in connection with 1787 Heatherstone Crescent, Orleans, Ont. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00666 All incident reports or other documentation related to OC Transpo buses falling off hoists in any Transpo garages in 2011. Would also like any documents with results of investigations into these incidents. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2011-00665 A detailed breakdown of all expenses, including hospitality for Alain Mercier in 2013-12-29
A-2011-00664 A detailed report regarding any and all complaints against 69 Winthrop Pvt, its occupants and myself in the last 6 months. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00662 Any and all internal communications, minutes, emails, all correspondence related to revealing how the City arrived at the required tonnage for the green bin contract 2013-12-29
A-2011-00661 Geotechnical Report 0 9672 from Feb. 1989 for property at 2220 Walkley Rd. Ottawa, ON Report prepared by Fondex Consulting Engineers now lnspecsol Engineer Solution located at 179 Colonnade Rd. Nepean, ON. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00656 A detailed breakdown of all councillors expenses in 2010, showing the same breakdown as now found online 2013-12-29
A-2011-00655 A detailed breakdown of the City Protocol budget from December 2010 to present 2013-12-29
A-2011-00654 A JI.IllI lJI Ialivlcl la you but vpulsauplavpu Any and all records concerning ice rental contract 434074 between City of Ottawa and Keith Brown Laroche Park Community Sports Association and complaints leading to termination. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00653 Building permit file for 195 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 7 .Qnmmnfro Ho In fomnn fa 2013-12-29
A-2011-00652 Each year of the garbage contract, for the four contractors provide the total cost of each recycling service separately blue, black box and green bin program. Amount paid by the province of Ontario into each recycling program listed above and also 2013-12-29
A-2011-00651 Digital records that document name of dog, I breed and first three digits of postal code for dog registration or renewals with the City of Ottawa .April 30, 2010 to April 30, 2011 .XLS format or SCU. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00648 To have access to all records relating to airport plate 711 from October 15, 2011 to present, including all correspondences electronic or otherwise . 2013-12-29
A-2011-00647 City of Ottawa response sent to Ontario Ministry of the Environment MOE in 2010 responding to the Dec. 2009 Part II Order request for a bump up Environmental Assessment EA 2013-12-29
A-2011-00646 Ottawa Fire Report for 860 Cahill Drive 75 I for fire on September 26, 2011. All notes, statements, photos, reports. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00645 . AJUIIIIJLLLLI Cc LC l. l. l. l. l. CJ I .l. l. I .l. l. Cu We request the following information The monthly amounts the City has given to the Booth Centre, the Mission and the Shepherds of Good Hope in 2009, 2010, 2011. We also request to know the amounts budgeted for each 3 shelters for 2012 and 2013. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00644 facts, figures, other supporting documents I proving my proposal is open ended and my analysis is wrong regarding my proposal. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0i d Summary 2013-12-29
A-2011-00636 Records from July 25, 2011 to present regarding the July 2011 Transit Implementation report for the Ottawa Light Rail LRT Project 2013-12-29
A-2011-00635 Provide a list of industrial dischargers that are sampledlmonitored for sanitary sewer discharges relevant to Sewer Use by law 2003 3554 2013-12-29
A-2011-00633 requesting from logged data OC Transpo complaints 2013-12-29
A-2011-00625 Correspondence between Kent Kirkpatrick andfor members of the City Manager s Office and Brian Guest since December 1, 2013-12-29
A-2011-00621 Meeting schedules including meetings between Jim Watson andfor Serge Arpin and Brian Guest since December 1, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2011-00620 Correspondence, including emails, between Jim Watson, Serge Arpin andlor George Young and Brian Guest since November 1, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2011-00619 Contracts between the City of Ottawa or its I representatives and Brian Guest or the Boxfish Group since November 1, 2010 2013-12-29
A-2011-00616 All records from Sept. 1, 2011 to Nov. 20, 2011 concerning complaints to OC Transpo Closed Between 2012 Jan 01 d Summary S0mmaire de la demcm de 2013-12-29
A-2011-00614 All records including but not limited to request and evaluation related to requests for new school crossing guards in 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00613 Copies of documentslcorrespondence between City of Ottawa staff and Stewardship Ontario Waste Diversion Ontario regarding Ottawa s household hazardous waste program and Ontario s municipal hazardous or special waste program between June 1, 2010 No .30 201 2013-12-29
A-2011-00610 All records including but not limited to emails, reports, statistics, briefing notes and handwritten notes regarding banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats that aren t from shelters from January 1st 2011 to November 30th 2011. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00609 Documentation, forms, photographs, correspondence, typed or hand written notes associated with any negotiation and purchase and sale of Con. 4RF PT Lot 8 Moodie Drive and Con. 4RF PT Lots 6 7 Moodie Drive 2013-12-29
A-2011-00608 We are requesting any documents which would indicate that construction of any kind was being accomplished at the intersection of March Rd. and Old Carp Rd. in October of 2009. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00606 All records, including but not limited to, emails, reports, briefing notes question period notes, handwritten notes on Ottawa Rink of Dreams at Marion Dewar Plaza April 1st. June 30, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2011-00605 All documents, notes of meetings, I correspondence email internal external related to the property located at 2261 John Quinn Rd. Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2011-00593 All correspondence between the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission and Ottawa Police Service regarding the Occupy Ottawa protest in Confederation Park. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00590 Records produced since 2008 that study, explore andlor consider the installation of parking meters on Wellington Street West 2013-12-29
A-2011-00587 A complete copy of all documents in relation to the construction of 18 Marlborough Avenue. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00583 All incoming and outgoing correspondence with St. Mary s Daycare 2013-12-29
A-2011-00542 All communications between Ottawa City Manager s Office and Plasco executives, or third parties acting on P asco s behalf for this calendar year. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00540 Copies of correspondence between Ottawa Public Health and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario government and the Canadian government with regards to Dr. Christiane Farazli. 2013-12-29
A-2011-00536 V All correspondence between City of Ottawa I staff and the National Capital Commission, Ontario Government, and Federal Government regarding the Ottawa River Action Plan, between January 1, 2011 to October 21, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2011-00519 Any and all e mails or letters exchanged between FIFA or the Canadian Soccer Association and Kent Kirkpatrick, Steve Box, Mayor Jim Watson Closed Between 2012 Jan 0t d Summary Nnmmaire de la demnnde 2013-12-29
A-2011-00508 All documents and correspondence regarding the Rink of Dreams project between April 1, 2011 and Oct 7, 2011 2013-12-29
A-2011-00478 Winning proposal for RFP18011 55840 P01 Supply and Delivery of six 6 Diesel Multi Unit DMU Train sets 2013-12-29
A-2011-00466 Any and all documents in respect of Rosphaltat the McKenzie King Bridge in Ottawa between June 2008 and September 2011 including test results and reports 2013-12-29
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