Motion To: That the Transit Commission recommend that Council approve the recommendations to delegate authority to the General Manager of the Transportation Services Department to negotiate, execute, and finalize including any amendments thereto: 1. A one-year extension to the existing Presto Fare System Operating Agreement under the same terms and conditions to October 27, 2017; 2. A new Presto Smartcard Fare System Agreement for a term of ten (10) years from 2017 to 2027 (the “Successor Agreement”) based on the three key business terms identified in this report; and, 3. A Memorandum of Understanding with Metrolinx based on the same terms and conditions of the existing Presto Fare System Operating Agreement for the services and costs associated with integrating the new OC Transpo fare control system with the Presto fare payment system as described in the report.

S. Blais
J. Cloutier
M. Wilkinson
K. Egli
T. Tierney
J. Leiper
T. Nussbaum
F. Malo
B. Crew
M. Qaqish
G. Milner
S. Burt (a)
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Vote recorded from Transit Commission on 2016-12-05 regarding agenda item PRESTO SMARTCARD OPERATING AGREEMENT.

Full meeting details.

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