Motion To: WHEREAS The City of Ottawa has two mechanisms used for community-based funding of special projects known as Special Area Levies pursuant to Subsection 326(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, and Local Improvement Charges pursuant to Ontario Regulation 586/06, “Local Improvement Charges – Priority Lien Status”; and WHEREAS a Special Area Levy requires no formal public consultation outside of the notification provided according to Subsection 81(10) of the Procedure By-Law; and WHEREAS a Local Improvement Charge requires specific criteria be met in order to achieve approval including a petition signed by two-thirds of the owners in the benefitting area representing fifty per cent of the assessed value; and WHEREAS a Local Improvement Charge also includes an appeal process to the Ontario Municipal Board and the Special Area Levy does not have any avenue for appeal; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Finance and Economic Development Committee direct staff to develop a recommended

S. Moffatt
E. El-Chantiry
D. Chernushenko
S. Blais
M. Taylor
B. Monette
J. Harder
K. Egli
D. Deans
A. Hubley
J. Watson
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Vote recorded from Finance and Economic Development Committee on 2016-10-04 regarding agenda item SPECIAL AREA LEVY AND LOCAL IMPROVEMENT CHARGE.

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