Motion To: WHEREAS Report ACS2013-PAI-PGM-0008 recommends approval of amendments to the Zoning By-law regarding the zoning of lands within the 26 villages; and WHEREAS an amendment is needed to limit the application of caps on gross leasable floor area in the RC-Rural Commercial and VM-Village Mixed-Use zones that are proposed in the above report; and WHEREAS a technical amendment is needed to delete reference to minimum required lot area in exception [350r] as it applies to Constance Bay in order to properly implement the intent of the legal non-complying lot provisions proposed in the above report; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council approve amendments to report ACS2013-PAI-PGM-0008 as follows: 1. Amend Document 2 – Details of Recommended Zoning by deleting the text in section 4 of Document 2 and replacing it with the following text: 4. Amend Section 229 (1) regarding the VM - Village Mixed-Use zone by adding language similar in intent to the following, (h) No single commercial use will occupy more

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Vote recorded from City Council on 2013-02-13 regarding agenda item VILLAGE ZONING.

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