Motion To: MOTION NO. 31/10 Moved by Councillor E. El-Chantiry Seconded by Councillor T. Tierney WHEREAS the requirement set by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and the Ontario Traffic Manual to use police officers to direct traffic and close highways imposes direct and indirect costs on taxpayers in light of the significant amount of road and associated construction undertaken by and on behalf of municipalities; and WHEREAS this requirement is often met through the use of paid duty assignments undertaken by off-duty police officers in addition to their existing shifts; and WHEREAS such work could likely be undertaken by properly trained and authorized persons who are not also police officers (including Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers, Peace Officers or Special Constables), at a significantly reduced cost, provided that the necessary legislative and other changes were made by the Provincial Government; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Ottawa City Council petition the Province of Ontario to amend the nec

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
E. El-Chantiry
D. Chernushenko
S. Blais
M. Fleury
B. Monette
J. Harder
J. Cloutier
R. Brockington
G. Darouze
M. Wilkinson
S. Qadri
K. Egli
D. Deans
J. Mitic
T. Tierney
J. Leiper
A. Hubley
C. McKenney
T. Nussbaum
M. Qaqish
M. Taylor (a)
J. Watson (a)
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Vote recorded from City Council on 2016-05-25 regarding agenda item CITY COUNCIL - 11 MAY 2016.

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