Motion To: WHEREAS the existing single detached residential dwelling at 129 Smirle Avenue was severely damaged by a fire in October 2015; and WHEREAS the Owner and Applicant are in the preliminary stages of re-designing and constructing a new building on the subject lands; and WHEREAS the building to be demolished is located within the Area of Demolition Control defined by Schedule 1 of the Demolition Control By-law 2012-377; and WHEREAS a demolition permit cannot be issued unless a building permit application for a replacement building on the site has been issued; and WHEREAS the dilapidated condition of the building represents a hazard to the community; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in order to expedite removal of the hazard, Council approve the demolition of the existing building prior to the issuance of a building permit. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Council’s decision be subject to the following: a) The Owner shall demolish the entirety of building and remove it from the property; b) If a building p

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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2016-04-12 regarding agenda item NOTICES OF MOTIONS (FOR CONSIDERATION AT A SUBSEQUENT MEETING).

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