Motion To: That the Transit Commission recommends that City Council approve the following motion: WHEREAS the fares that come into effect on July 1, 2013, provide for different prices when single-ride fares are paid by different means; and WHEREAS staff are currently preparing information for customers on the July 1, 2013, fares; and WHEREAS the Presto e-purse fare prices are not available to customers who travel on Para Transpo; and WHEREAS customers who travel on Para Transpo should have access to the same discounted single-ride fares as customers who travel on conventional OC Transpo services; and WHEREAS temporarily reducing the Para Transpo cash fares to be the same as the e-purse fares on conventional OC Transpo services would reduce fare revenue by approximately $150,000 in a full year ($75,000 for each six month period) between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014; and WHEREAS with the discontinuation of the penny in Canada, it is appropriate to set cash fares to the nearest five cents; THEREFORE BE IT RES

R. Bloess
S. Blais
S. Qadri
D. Deans
K. Hobbs
T. Tierney
B. Crew
M. Johnson
M. Wilkinson (a)
K. Egli (a)
J. Ferrabee (a)
E. Rahn (a)
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Vote recorded from Transit Commission on 2013-05-15 regarding agenda item OTHER BUSINESS.

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