Motion To: That the Environment Committee recommend that Council, sitting as Committee of the Whole, approve the Environment Committee 2014 Draft Operating and Capital Budget (Tax-supported) as follows: 1. Infrastructure Services as follows: i) User Fees (p. 13-14); ii) Operating Resource Requirement (p. 7). 2. Environmental Services as follows: a) Environmental Policy and Programs Operating Resource Requirement (p. 18); b) Solid Waste Services as follows: i) User Fees (p. 29-30); ii) Operating Resource Requirements (p. 24); iii) Capital Budget (p. 48) [individual projects listed p. 49-50]. 3. Public Works-Forestry Services as follows: i) User Fees (p. 37); ii) Operating Resource Requirement (p. 34). 4. Environment Committee Capital Budget as follows: i) Environment (p. 43) [individual projects listed p. 44-45]; ii) Fleet Services (p. 46) [individual project listed p. 47].

S. Moffatt
D. Chernushenko
S. Desroches
M. Fleury
D. Holmes
A. Hubley
P. Hume
M. McRae
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Vote recorded from Environment Committee on 2013-11-19 regarding agenda item 2014 DRAFT OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE.

Full meeting details.

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