Motion To: WHEREAS the City of Ottawa’s zoning by-law sets parking standards for employment uses based on the physical size of a building (parking spaces required per square metres of gross floor area); AND WHEREAS the General Manager of Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development has concerns that this method of calculating parking is leading to certain uses having an over-supply of parking which has negative environmental consequences and could lead to over-built infrastructure; AND WHEREAS non-office employment patterns are changing, based on space utilization, automation, and more use of shift work; AND WHEREAS when City Economic Development staff pursue employment opportunities, potential applicants find the process of seeking a variance or rezoning to customize parking to their uses as a disincentive to picking sites in Ottawa; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Planning Committee recommend to Council that staff be directed to bring forward a scoped review of the methodology f

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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2020-04-09 regarding agenda item Notices of Motions (for Consideration at a Subsequent Meeting).

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