Motion To: WHEREAS the recommendation to approve the extension of the temporary zoning for a parking lot was lost at the Planning Committee meeting of January 23, 2020; and WHEREAS the Planning Act process provides for the formal refusal of a item together with the reasons for refusal; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council approve that: 1. The application for an amendment to Zoning By-law 2008-250 for 1426 Scott Street to permit the continuance of a non-conforming parking lot for the period of two years be refused. 2. The reasons for the refusal of the zoning amendment are: a. The site is in proximity to the LRT line and therefore a transit supportive use rather than a surface parking lot is appropriate for this location; b. The Scott Street Secondary Plan encourages the redevelopment of parking lots; and c. While a short-term presence of a surface parking lot was acceptable in the past as a mediated solution, this continuing presence of a non-conforming surface parking lot is not cons

S. Moffatt
E. El-Chantiry
S. Blais
M. Fleury
J. Harder
J. Cloutier
J. Watson
J. Sudds
J. Leiper
G. Gower
A. Hubley
R. Brockington
G. Darouze
M. Luloff
K. Egli
T. Tierney
C. Meehan
S. Menard
L. Dudas
C. McKenney
T. Kavanagh
R. King
R. Chiarelli (a)
D. Deans (a)
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Vote recorded from City Council on 2020-01-29 regarding agenda item ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT - 1426 SCOTT STREET.

Full meeting details.

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