Motion To: WHEREAS the Vehicle-For-Hire By-law currently regulates the provision of on-demand accessible taxicab service, including that such accessible taxicab service be available 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, and, WHEREAS complaints and concerns have been expressed about accessible taxicab services, including the quality and availability of accessible taxicab services and the cost to accessible taxi plate holders of providing accessible taxicab service, and WHEREAS a targeted study of these complaints and concerns is deemed necessary, and this study goes beyond a review of the current regulations and by-law, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the General Manager of Emergency and Protective Services 1. Review the feasibility of conducting a study of the complaints and concerns expressed regarding the quality, availability, and costs on-demand accessible taxicab services, including their causes, and recommending any potential solutions for improvements; and 2. In advance of the 2020 Budge

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Vote recorded from Community and Protective Services Committee on 2019-08-29 regarding agenda item 2019-2022 BY-LAW REVIEW WORK PLAN.

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