Motion To: BE IT RESOLVED that pursuant to subsection 89(3) of the Procedure By-law, this motion be added to the agenda be added to the agenda for today’s meeting, to be considered in conjunction with the 2019-2022 By-law Review Workplan report. Whereas in 2016 City Council approved flexible pricing for taxicab service that does not exceed the prescribed maximum fare set out in the by-law, to be used under certain conditions when an app is used by a taxi broker to connect passengers to taxicab service; and, Whereas alternative technologies to the traditional taximeter may be available to the taxi industry to implement flexible pricing, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Vehicle-For-Hire By-law (2016-272, as amended) be amended to authorize the Chief License Inspector to: 1. Approve the use of alternative technologies for taximeters to allow the implementation of flexible pricing for taxicab service when an app is used, in accordance with Section 90 of the by-law, provided that the a

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Vote recorded from Community and Protective Services Committee on 2019-08-29 regarding agenda item 2019-2022 BY-LAW REVIEW WORK PLAN.

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