Motion To: BE IT RESOLVED that pursuant to subsection 89(3) of the Procedure By-law, this motion be added to the agenda be added to the agenda for today’s meeting, to be considered in conjunction with the 2019-2022 By-law Review Workplan report. WHEREAS the proposed 2019-2022 By-law Review Workplan sets out the by-law reviews for this Term of Council in accordance with the Council-approved By-law Review Framework, and provides for a mid-term Minor Amendments Report scheduled for Q1 2021 for those items that are minor, of an administrative nature, or are limited in scope but that still require a by-law amendment; and, WHEREAS the staff report and Document 3 recommend the review of a number of potential minor amendments to the Vehicle-For-Hire By-law (2016-272, as amended) as part of the Minor Amendment Report process scheduled for Q1 2021; and WHEREAS there is a desire that some minor amendments to the Vehicle-For-Hire By-law be implemented immediately; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that t

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Vote recorded from Community and Protective Services Committee on 2019-08-29 regarding agenda item 2019-2022 BY-LAW REVIEW WORK PLAN.

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