Motion To: WHEREAS according to the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the most common developmental disabilities in Canada with 1 in 66 children diagnosed and approximately 1% of the Canadian population affected by ASD, which means there are approximately 100,000 Ontarians on the autism spectrum; and, WHEREAS ASD is a life-long neurological disorder that affects the way a person communicates and relates to the people and world around them; and, WHEREAS the Provincial Government introduced new service delivery approaches intended to address waitlists for treatment and other challenges within the existing ASD support system in February; and, WHEREAS considerable concerns have been expressed about these funding and program changes by a broad variety of stakeholders in the City of Ottawa including physicians, educators, therapists, clinicians, parents; and, WHEREAS these concerns speak to such matters as th

E. El-Chantiry
S. Blais
M. Fleury
J. Cloutier
R. Brockington
J. Watson
M. Luloff
J. Sudds
G. Gower
J. Leiper
K. Egli
D. Deans
T. Tierney
L. Dudas
C. Meehan
S. Menard
C. McKenney
T. Kavanagh
R. King
R. Chiarelli
S. Moffatt (a)
J. Harder (a)
G. Darouze (a)
A. Hubley (a)
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Vote recorded from City Council on 2019-05-22 regarding agenda item MOTIONS OF WHICH NOTICE HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY GIVEN .

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