Motion To: MOVED BY: Councillor S. Qadri WHEREAS in 2008 the City put forward an ultimate rapid transit network showing long-term plans for rapid transit services across the City including future conversions of Bus Rapid Transit corridors to rail across the bulk of the transit network; AND WHEREAS an affordability analysis has been completed as part of the draft 2013 TMP that has identified the Affordable Rapid Transit and Transit Priority (RTTP) Network, a group of priority projects to be implemented before 2031; AND WHEREAS the City’s Official Plan continues to protect the right of way for all future transit projects included in the Affordable RTTP Network, as well as the RTTP Network Concept; AND WHEREAS all RTTP projects are designed and built in order to allow for seamless future technology conversion; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Ottawa Transit Commission recommends that Transportation Committee recommend that the ultimate RTTP network, which highlights all future conversions to rail, be incl

R. Bloess
S. Blais
M. Wilkinson
S. Qadri
K. Egli
D. Deans
K. Hobbs
T. Tierney
E. Rahn
M. Johnson
B. Crew (a)
J. Ferrabee (a)
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Vote recorded from Transit Commission on 2013-11-04 regarding agenda item TRANSPORTATION MASTER PLAN, OTTAWA PEDESTRIAN PLAN AND OTTAWA CYCLING PLAN UPDATE.

Full meeting details.

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