Motion To: Moved by / Motion de: Councillor C. McKenney WHEREAS on April 24, 2019, Ottawa City Council voted to declare a Climate Emergency in order to deepen our commitment to protecting our economy, our ecosystems, and our community; and WHEREAS City staff, Members of Council and the community are about to develop a new Solid Waste Master Plan for the City of Ottawa to guide waste diversion and waste reduction measures for decades to come; and WHEREAS the City should lead by example in all waste diversion and reduction measures and, where possible, ensure that it follows circular economy and green procurement practices in all its services and programs; and WHEREAS, although it is recognized that some single-use plastics are necessary in City programs and services (for accessibility, emergency and medical purposes and where there is no practical alternative), also the City runs programs and services using single use and foamed plastics for which there is an environmentally responsible

S. Moffatt (a)
J. Cloutier (a)
R. Brockington (a)
G. Darouze (a)
A. Hubley (a)
K. Egli (a)
S. Menard (a)
C. McKenney (a)
R. King (a)
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Vote recorded from EPWWM on 2019-06-18 regarding agenda item SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES AT CITY FACILITIES.

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