Motion To: WHEREAS the Chateau Laurier is an iconic, prominent, and much beloved architectural and historic landmark in the City of Ottawa and the National Capital, and; WHEREAS the Chateau Laurier is an Historic Place designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, a National Historic Site, and an irreplaceable element in the visual setting of the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Parliamentary Precinct, Majors Hill Park, Confederation Square and Confederation Boulevard, and; WHEREAS City Council adopted the Parks Canada’s document “Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada” in 2008, and; WHEREAS Standard 11 of that document states that additions must be “physically and visually compatible with, subordinate to, and distinguishable from the Historic Place”, and; WHEREAS “compatible” is generally agreed to mean “able to exist or work together without conflict”, and; WHEREAS City Council approved an application to alter

R. Chiarelli
B. Padolsky
R. Brockington
C. Quinn
C. McKenney
A. Conforti
J. Halsall
G. Gower
S. Moffatt (a)
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Vote recorded from Built Heritage Sub-Committee on 2019-06-03 regarding agenda item SITE PLAN APPROVAL - 1 RIDEAU STREET.

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