Motion To: WHEREAS the Built Heritage Sub-Committee (BHSC) recommended Council approve the application to alter the Chateau Laurier Hotel at its June 18, 2018 meeting, conditional upon the applicant working with staff to make the proposed addition more visually compatible with the existing structure prior to Site Plan Approval; and WHEREAS Council approved Motion No. BHSC 31/2, attached, gave delegated authority to the General Manager of the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department to approve design changes to the heritage permit; and WHEREAS the Heritage Permit to alter the Chateau Laurier Hotel was issued July 3, 2018; and, WHEREAS Motion No. BHSC 31/2 additionally directed staff to present the Site Plan Application to the BHSC for comment prior to it being tabled it at Planning Committee; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a summary of the Sub-Committee’s comments of its meeting on June 3rd be prepared by the BHSC Coordinator, reviewed by the Chair and Vice Chair, a

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
B. Padolsky
R. Brockington
G. Gower
C. Quinn
C. McKenney
A. Conforti
J. Halsall
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Vote recorded from Built Heritage Sub-Committee on 2019-06-03 regarding agenda item SITE PLAN APPROVAL - 1 RIDEAU STREET.

Full meeting details.

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