Motion To: WHEREAS it is appropriate that rooming units are subject to the same development charge rate as bachelor or one-bedroom apartments; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Planning Committee recommend that Council that the draft development charge by-law be amended such that dwelling rooms, subject to the provisions of 4(3)-4(7) (grandparenting of projects with site plan approval, nursing homes and similar development, buildings which contains three or more residential units, where each unit has a single entrance and contains between not less than 2 but no more than 4 bedrooms) pay the rate established for an apartment with less than two bedrooms.

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
S. Blais
J. Harder
R. Brockington
A. Hubley
G. Gower
J. Leiper
T. Tierney
L. Dudas
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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2019-05-09 regarding agenda item 2019 Development Charges Background Studies and By-Laws.

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