Motion To: WHEREAS report ACS2019-PIE-EDP-0022, 2019 Development Charges Background Studies and By-laws, details the revised development charges background studies and by-laws; and WHEREAS there are currently no methods by which to direct development charges to specific recreational facilities in order to upgrade older facilities; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Planning Committee recommend to Council to direct staff to review methods of increasing the amount of development charges that can be allotted to urban recreational facility upgrades or expansion taking into account the anticipated legislation changes as a result of Bill 108.

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
S. Blais
J. Harder
R. Brockington
A. Hubley
G. Gower
J. Leiper
T. Tierney
L. Dudas
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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2019-05-09 regarding agenda item 2019 Development Charges Background Studies and By-Laws.

Full meeting details.

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