Motion To: Whereas, on January 27, 2016, City Council endorsed that the lands at 175 Main Street (former Oblates property) (Schedule “R” attached) and the former Rockcliffe Air Base (Schedule “S”) attached would be removed from the lands subject to the parks component of the development charge; and Whereas the then Ontario Municipal Board approved this modification by order dated February 17, 2016; and Whereas through inadvertence this modification was not carried forward into the draft development charges by-law; Therefore Be It Resolved that the draft by-law be amended by the including of the following provision as subsection 5(7) 5(7) In respect of the lands shown on Schedule “R” and “S”, the parks development component of the development charge imposed by this by-law shall not be payable. Be It Further Resolved that the by-law be further amended by adding Schedules “R” and “S” attached to this motion.

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
S. Blais
J. Harder
R. Brockington
A. Hubley
G. Gower
J. Leiper
T. Tierney
L. Dudas
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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2019-05-09 regarding agenda item 2019 Development Charges Background Studies and By-Laws.

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