Motion To: WHEREAS under the Clean Water Act, a Source Protection Committee representing multiple stakeholders is required for each source protection region in Ontario; and WHEREAS the Source Protection Committee (SPC) oversees the source protection program and the composition ensures that a variety of local interests are represented at the decision-making table; and WHEREAS the City of Ottawa is a member of the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee (SPC); and WHEREAS the City of Ottawa has had one member on the Mississippi-Rideau SPC since May 2017, and previously had two members since 2007; and WHEREAS the Mississippi-Rideau SPC membership is undergoing a renewal in 2018 and 2019 to ensure that it remains in compliance with Ontario Regulation 288/07, the regulation that governs Source Protection Committees under Ontario’s Clean Water Act; and WHEREAS the City of Ottawa received a letter from the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region on January 29, 2019 requesting the

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Vote recorded from City Council on 2019-02-27 regarding agenda item NOTICES OF MOTION (FOR CONSIDERATION AT SUBSEQUENT MEETING).

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