Motion To: WHEREAS the Official Plan is a foundational document that informs several other critical City of Ottawa planning documents such as the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and the Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP); and WHEREAS a timely update of the Official Plan, TMP, and IMP is necessary to inform the Development Charges Background Study that will be the successor of the 2019 DC By-law; and WHEREAS a timely update of the Official Plan, TMP and IMP is necessary to inform the City’s Long-Range Financial Plan; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the tasks of Milestone 4 as outlined in the report be realigned so that the analysis of urban land requirements to meet the projected 2046 housing and employment needs and the criteria by which land will be selected (if required) comprise the core of Task 4; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the report which recommends new land selection criteria evaluate and provide commentary on the following: • Locations that will be financially sustainable

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
S. Blais
J. Harder
A. Hubley
G. Gower
T. Tierney
L. Dudas
J. Leiper (a)
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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2019-02-14 regarding agenda item OTTAWA NEXT: BEYOND 2036.

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