Motion To: WHEREAS report ACS2018-PIE-PS-0074 recommends authorizing the expenditure from the Stormwater Drainage Development Charge Reserve Fund and delegates authority to the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development department, to enter into a Third Party Infrastructure Agreement with South Kanata Development Corporation for the design and construction of the Hope Side Road storm sewer diversion pipe as described in this report to an upset limit of $346,520.78 plus applicable taxes; and WHEREAS Report ACS2018-PIE-PS-0074 requires comments on the implications of report recommendations from City departments; and WHEREAS comments regarding the Financial Implications were still being considered at the time of public issuance, and therefore, not completed; and WHEREAS the comments for the Financial Implications section have been finalized; and WHEREAS the report recommendation needs to be amended to reflect the detailed financial method of fulfilling the third pa

S. Blais
J. Harder
J. Cloutier
R. Brockington
S. Qadri
J. Leiper
A. Hubley
T. Nussbaum
R. Chiarelli (a)
T. Tierney (a)
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Vote recorded from Planning Committee on 2018-06-12 regarding agenda item HOPE SIDE ROAD DIVERSION PIPE.

Full meeting details.

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