Motion To: WHEREAS a coalition of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) and the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario have successfully applied to have a review of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process conducted under Part IV (Section 61) of the Environmental Bill of Rights Act, 1993 (EBR Act); and WHEREAS impact studies and public meetings required by the MCEA process often take two years or more to complete before construction can commence; and WHEREAS the MCEA requirements to evaluate alternatives are often not well aligned with prior or municipal land use planning decisions; and WHEREAS analysis by the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) has demonstrated that the time to complete an EA rose from 19 months to 26.7 months and costs went from an average of $113,300 to $386,500; and WHEREAS the Auditor General of Ontario has tabled recommendations for modernizing the MCEA process; and WHEREAS in spite of written commitments

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Vote recorded from Transportation Committee on 2018-03-07 regarding agenda item .

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