Motion To: WHEREAS the zoning details within Report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0126 recommends that a shelter use be permitted on the subject lands up to a maximum size of 900 square metres in gross floor area; and WHEREAS Council approved on November 22nd, 2017 a change to Document 3 – Details of Recommended Zoning of Report Report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0126 be amended by replacing the number “900” with “801”; and WHEREAS the proponent has identified that a maximum of 140 shelter beds are proposed; and WHEREAS the size of the use as well as the number of proposed beds is an important consideration raised by the community concerning the proposed use; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Document 3 – Details of Recommended Zoning of Report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0126 be amended to include the following additional exception: - The maximum number of beds for the shelter use is 140 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that there be no further notice pursuant to Section 34 (17) of the Planning Act.

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Vote recorded from City Council on 2018-01-31 regarding agenda item NOTICES OF MOTION (FOR CONSIDERATION AT SUBSEQUENT MEETING).

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