Motion To: WHEREAS currently the City of Ottawa Noise By-law provides a complete exemption for snow clearing and removal and; WHEREAS the Noise By-law review identified that 59% of residents indicated that snow clearing and removal are too important to restrict and that any changes to the by-law would have adverse effects on their lives and; WHEREAS even with understanding the importance of snow clearing and removal, many residents find that these operations can be disruptive to nearby homes and difficult to mitigate and; WHEREAS staff has stated that they will continue to look at ways to limit the noise impact of snow clearing and removal operations through discussions with the industry, reviewing best practices, and researching the use of broadband back-up alarms; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Fleet Services review the feasibility of installing broadband back-up alarms on appropriate City vehicles and report back to Council with options and the associated costs for consideration in 2

R. Chiarelli
M. Fleury
G. Darouze
S. Qadri
K. Egli
D. Deans
T. Nussbaum
M. Qaqish
R. Brockington (a)
J. Mitic (a)
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Vote recorded from Community and Protective Services Committee on 2017-05-18 regarding agenda item NOISE BY-LAW REVIEW.

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